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School Violence & Calling Koreans

Anu Anand | 13:47 UK time, Wednesday, 4 October 2006

columbine.jpgHi Everyone, I think even Richard feels better after our meeting, where we discussed some top ideas, including ones you've sent in. Wesley and hopefully Mary will be joining us on air to throw our their suggestions. If you want to join them, get yourself down to the bottom of this page and post your own idea now. Or email us. So many of you called in on the gun debate. It's clearly an issue close to home, no matter where you live. Today, we're wondering how much security exists at your local school. President Bush will be talking about school violence. Can schools ever be totally safe?

And you can talk to South Koreans around the world about their brothers and neighbors in the North. How do they feel when Pyongyang threatens nuclear tests? If you're a Korean living anywhere in the world, contact us now to be part of the debate. It's not a part of the world we often get to talk to because of the time difference. But we'll do our best to extend the global conversation.

By the way, some of the other ideas we discussed this morning:
Iran's 'Little Schumacher' banned from racing
Fox News' 10th anniversary
Blood money
What is a bribe? Obviously, there's the normal back-hander, but what about business gifts, incentives, free trips, etc? Any of these ideas get you passionate? Don't forget to suggest your own. All the details are on the right.


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