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Monday's editorial meeting

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 11:11 UK time, Monday, 30 October 2006

We're just beginning today's Morning Meeting. Click here to find out how the meeting works and how to contribute, or read on to see what we're talking about today.

1105: This is likely to be a short meeting. There are two major talking points which we're all keen to talk about and, judging by the what we're reading online, so are you. There's a major new report coming out in Britain on climate change and the impact it may have on the world's economy. Check out Peter's earlier post for a few extra links on this story. We're just trying to work out exactly which question will best frame what you want to talk about.

1120: Issue number two is negative campaigning. The front page of the Independent here in the UK asks 'Is this the dirtiest election ever?' That article is talking about the US mid-terms, but there's just been elections in DR Congo and Brazil, and we've major elections approaching in Nicaragua, and France's Presidential race is warming up with 6 months to go... and in all of them there's been no shortage of negative campaigning. So there's a strong feeling we want to hear if you think this kind of campainging is a legitimate part of politics... and whether it persuades you to change your vote, or maybe just puts you off voting entirely. Clearly some of you are very fed up.

1130: We're pretty set on these two issues but we're still open to persuasion. I'll confirm what we're going for in the 'running order' post in a little while. Thanks for your contributions.


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