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World Have Your Say EU special

Richard Bowen | 16:12 UK time, Thursday, 7 September 2006

eu_flag3.jpgAs you know here at WHYS we like to tell you, the audience, about any future projects we've got cooking. Well the next "biggie", so to speak, is coming up on September 20th. We're going to be doing a rather ambitious programme from three, yes, THREE locations at once. We'll be in...

...Bulgaria (at the CEE building), Romania (at the Terasa roof top bar) and Belgium (at Le Roy D'Espagne) discussing the possible entry into the EU of Romania and Bulgaria in 2007. The final decision as to their acceptance into the EU will be made at the end of September but we want to get in first and crunch through some of the key issues and concerns felt by the two nations and see if people really want to join the so called "elite European club".

We'll be talking to students, farmers, factory workers, business men/women, from not only Bulgaria and Romania but all across Europe, putting their questions to our EU experts.

Also, we want to go armed with some of your questions. What do you want to know about the Bulgarian and Romanian EU accession? Do you have any wider concerns, opinions and views about the EU? Who do you think should join next?

We want to know how you think this programmes should sound? What issues should we be talking about? Are you Bulgarian or Romanian? How do you feel about your possible entry into the EU? It's said that many people will leave the two countries and head to Britain, Spain and Italy. Are you in any of those countries how do you feel about migration where you live? Are you a migrant? If so why did you leave your native country? How were you received in your new country? Do you live in an area where there are lots of migrants? What's it like? You get the point!

As always if you want to get involved leave us your contact details and we'll get back to you, none of the personal details you leave will get published on the site.


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