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Putin, 'beasting' the military and the G8

Kevin Anderson | 14:54 UK time, Monday, 10 July 2006

Vladimir PutinI know everyone wants to talk about what could have possibly provoked Zinedine Zidane to launch that headbutt against Italian defender Marco Materazzi. As a player, I know that 'trash talking', as we call it in the US, is part of the game. It can knock you off your game.

But today, we've got a World Have Your Say special. Vladimir Putin answers questions from around the world.

We also have a couple more special programmes this week. On Tuesday, we're going to be talking about bullying, or 'beasting', in the military. Is it an acceptable part of military discipline?

The issue came to head in the UK recently after a 22-year-old soldier Gavin Williams, died after a punishment exercise. Opinion is divided over the use of punishment exercise.

Simon Weston, who joined the Welsh Guards in 1978 said: "The media have latched on to this word "beasting" and they are going to grotesquely misinterpret this so they make it sound worse than it actually is."

Aaron Bishop, 20, recently left the Guards, and he said: "I got beasted before for being five minutes late. I ran about 10 miles with all my kit on, and that was quite a hot day. I think it's just a form of bullying. It's just a power trip."

What do you think?


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