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A Chinese feast of dimsum and conversation

Fiona Crack | 16:28 UK time, Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Today we're in Glasgow at a Lebanese cafe. The staff baked us a cake for our arrival so we're hoping to facilitate some lively discussion before we dive in. We've taken a picture of it - and Richard assembling his first World Service banner - and we'll post those when we're back in London.

Yesterday at the Lee Gardens in Belfast we spoke to our audience of people with Chinese origins. Leung the manager and his staff treated us to some great Chinese food so I may have to go on a diet after this week on the road.

Yesterday we spoke, at our audience's request, about mixed marriages, racism, the diversity of the Chinese community, the potrayal of people of Chinese origin and the Beijing Olympics.

We had plenty of people willing to kick off our global conversation - both in our Belfast community and in panels from London and Vancouver - and they compared notes on the challenges and issues facing them.

We also heard from Lebanon, people fleeing from country and those at home in the UK and Canada waiting news from family and friends. We'll be talking about Lebanon again today and some other topics that have been suggested including the role of religion in the Middle East, segregation and integration, the good news from the region that they feel is under-reported, work ethics, the weather (some of our callers claim it's always raining in Glasgow but it's boiling hot today) and understanding the Northern Irish accent.

It's all happening in just over an hours time. Tune in to hear the Muslim and Arab communities of Glasgow take their turn on the World Have Your Say microphone.


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