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Wednesday's show

David Mazower | 13:15 UK time, Wednesday, 21 June 2006

On the agenda today - Crime and the City, Saudi women bloggers, and those North Korea missiles. Read on.....

How bad is crime where you live? A couple of stories caught our eye today, and we're going to spin them into a sequence about crime and the city. New Orleans has recalled the US National Guard to patrol the city after a sharp upturn in violence and murder; get in touch if you live there and tell us what the mood is like. We're also chasing voices out of South Africa, where victims of crime have been protesting after the Security Minister called them unpatriotic whingers who should leave the country if they don't like it. We've invited minister Charles Nqakula to join the show and talk to some of the protestors. And to round it off, we're asking 'How does urban crime affect your everyday life, and how do you turn a crime-ridden city around?' Is it about tougher policing, community initiatives, policies on drugs, rape or gang warfare, or what? If you think you know the answer, do let us know.

Saudi Arabia seems to be in the midst of a war of the bloggers. On one side are some increasingly outspoken women bloggers, who are using the internet to make their voices heard. On the other side are the authorities and some conservatives who have started their own blog offensive. We've set Kevin a challenge - to get as many Saudi women bloggers as he can in the next 5 hours!

And I'll be pulling together more of your views on our main story from yesterday - how real is the threat from North Korea? You've posted hundreds more comments to our online debate.

And as always, get in touch to suggest an idea for a future programme, or with anything else you want to tell us....and we look forward to joining you at 1800 London time.


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