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Friday's programme

David Mazower | 12:09 UK time, Friday, 2 June 2006

We discussed doing more on Iran, and the reports of another killing spree by US troops in Iraq, but decided against both of those stories on the grounds that the debates would be too similar to ones we've already heard this week. Were we wrong? If you disagree, let us know why.

So instead, we're going to look at female genital mutilation, hurricane preparedness in the US, and, on a lighter note, kick off the debate about World Cup football fever and how the non-fans among you are planning to avoid it.

Millions of young girls each year have their genitals mutilated. Now a new report from the World Health Organisation warns of the dangers they face later in life giving birth. We want to know whether you think it should be outlawed or if you think there's too much fuss made about the procedure; we want to hear how it affects women's lives, and we especially want to hear from you if you've been personally affected by it.

Why do people choose to live in areas where hurricans are an annual menace? If you're one of them, we want to hear from you as hurricane season approaches once again. What's being done to prepare for them in places like Louisiana and Florida? How much do you expect the authorities to do, and how much are you and your families doing for yourselves?

And for those of you who hate football, how are you planning to escape the endless World Cup coverage? Go on holiday? Rent another TV? Empty the beer down the sink? Or give up and join in? Let us know!


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