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Uganda, Turkey & Divorce

Anu Anand | 12:44 UK time, Thursday, 18 May 2006

We've set the agenda for today's programme. Is Turkey too secular? If you were leader of your country, would you consider negotiations with someone accused of hacking off the limbs of children? And does divorce (or marriage, for that matter) entitle you to your partner's money?

In Turkey, a judge was killed in Ankara this week, because he upheld a controversial ban on headscarves. Is freedom of religion as important as freedom FROM religion?

We also want to know if you think Uganda's president should do a deal with Joseph Kony, rebel leader of the Lord's Resistance Army. President Museveni is ready to negotiate, but the International Criminal Court says Kony should be held to account for horrific war crimes. Is it better for Uganda to compromise or prosecute?

And finally, after just four years of marriage, former Beatle Paul McCartney is splitting up with his wife Heather Mills. And the papers are already speculating on how much money she'll get. Gerry Boyce in Scotland wrote to us asking, "Is it correct that being married to someone for only 3 years entitles you to 25% of all they have amassed in their lifetime?" Which got us thinking.... Should marriage entitle you to your partner's money? What do you think? Let us know.


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