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South Africa Have Your Say

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 15:24 UK time, Monday, 8 May 2006

Having got a little rest and recuperation after our trip to America last month, Mark, Fiona and I are getting ready to take the programme to Johannesburg in South Africa.

It's a trip I've been trying to get off the ground for a few months so I'm very excited it's happening. It's also great when you get to the stage that you can say 'see you next week' to people you're calling about the programme. I've just been chatting to Jackie in the Jozi FM newsroom in Soweto. Despite being very busy with all the Zuma verdict reaction coming in, she made a lot of time to talk and I'm really hoping she'll come down to see us.

We're going to be broadcasting from Nambitha restaurant in Soweto on Monday 22nd May, and from Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton on Tuesday 23rd May. Jackie tells me Nambitha is the best place to eat in Soweto, so Fiona has chosen well.

As always, we're very keen to hear what you think we should be talking about and who we should be talking to, so please do leave a post if you've any thoughts. Crime and race relations are two issues that always crop up in conversations about South Africa. I'm sure we'll cover them, but I wonder what else is getting talked about. Of course, if you can make it you're also very welcome to come along. I'll be posting more details of the trip as we get them over the next few days.


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