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Your comments on today's programme

Peter van Dyk | 20:57 UK time, Thursday, 13 April 2006

Today we've been talking about Iran's announcement that it's successfully enriched uranium. In our one hour Iran special we spoke to a nuclear expert in the UK, heard voices from inside Iran, and from around the world.

Here's what you had to say

David from the US had this to say

If Iran is not going to play by the global rules regarding their Nuclear program, we had better do something drastic and permanent before they have a chance to create and use Nuclear weapons. We cannot afford to sit on our hands and use diplomacy with a country who, like Sadam's Iraq, lie about everything while doing the exact opposite of what they say. Once they launch, it's too late.

Maryam from Tehran says

As an Iranian Youth I am standing right behind my government on this issue because this is our pride and dignity which is attacked by Mr. Bush and his great friends. Don't even think of coming this way because you can't even imagine the consequences.

Ebisike's from Abuja

As long as the few nuclear nations refuse to rid themselves of Nuclear weapons, other countries will continue to strive to acquire these weapons which the world does not need. America and the west should come down from their high horse and face the fact that all parties must disarm be they in the west or in the east.

Paul in Cumberland sent this email

We should let the Iranians have a nuclear bomb. how can we tell them "no" after bush sanctioned nuclear programs in india and elsewhere.

Mervyn from Elgin in Scotland thinks

The crisis can be solved by sitting down and talking. I think the time has come for Bush and all the rest of his hangers on to wind down and even go home and shut the door. The world is nearer now to world conflict now than it has been since the 1960's.

But Andy from the UK says

Any nuclear attack by any country or organisation would have global consequences politically, socially and environmentally. The answer is for the west and the USA in particular to review their heavy handed aggressive foreign policy.

Abdelilah's from Marrakesh

The Iranians must consider the outcome of their intransigence. In case big countries like Russia turn a blind eye to a possible US nuclear strike against Iran, it is the Iranian regime that will loose. The world will not sacrifice its interests for the sake of Iran.

Chris is from Brazil, he writes

Is this really worth going to war over? Pakistan, India, North Korea, China & Russia all have nuclear weapons. All of them could be considered unstable states, if the wrong leaderships took over. What difference does it make if Iran joins them? For all their rhetoric, they are not likely to use a nuclear weapon, when they know what the retaliation would be. Mutually Assured Destruction, is still what underpins the policy of nuclear powers.

We had a probem with our text message system and we couldn't read some of your messages. The engineers are busy working on it and we hope to have it up and running tomorrow.

If you have any ideas for tomorrow's programme please contact us.


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