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What's the talk where you are?

Kevin Anderson | 09:29 UK time, Thursday, 27 April 2006

US star Mia HammAnother long commute with lots of opportunities to catch up on my news and blog reading. I got an e-mail from Farid Pouya, who we've had on the programme several times to discuss Iran. He said the talk in Iran today is about whether women should be allowed to watch football matches? (OK, and I'll use this as a shameless excuse to put a pic of former US soccer star Mia Hamm on the blog. Women should not only be allowed to watch but also play, but that's another debate for another time.)

Petrol prices are still a hot topic in the US. And what's this asexuality movement?

Those are just some headlines and e-mails that caught my eye. What are you talking about? What do you want to discuss on your programme, World Have Your Say?

Teen Indian author in trouble. When does inspiration cross the line and become plagiarism? Is Sri Lanka teetering on the brink of open warfare?

Anu saw this. Are you mourning on MySpace?


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