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What we're doing today

David Mazower | 12:48 UK time, Thursday, 20 April 2006

One of those days when there's one obvious story - the huge demonstrations in Nepal - and lots of other possible stories to be argued over at our editorial meeting.
We've come up with a varied and hopefully interesting mix of other topics, including the latest famine appeal for East Africa.

On Nepal, we want to hear from as many different voices as we can. There's the time difference and also the curfew to consider; it's frustrating that we can't get people to our correspondent's studio-quality phone line because the curfew kicks in several hours before our programme goes out, but people there are very keen to talk and tell the world what's going on.

We were also struck by a new survey in the British press about the threat facing traditional British cafes or 'greasy spoons' as they're often called here. Many are closing down as more and more of the big US coffee chains open up. We want to ask 'What aspect of your traditional culture would you fight for or be sad to lose?' and we'll be putting that debate up on the BBC website.

We'll also be taking a look at the latest Oxfam appeal to prevent famine in East Africa. We'll be trying to do two things - hearing from people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya about how bad the situation has become, and asking people outside the region whether they're going to put their hands in their pockets, or whether they feel jaded by the frequency of such appeals.

We also discussed the German decision to open up their huge archive of Second World War concentration camp records. We came up with the idea of trying to find one or two people who are going to get in touch with the archive, and getting them to talk to us at regular intervals about what they manage to find out. Not one for today's programme, but hopefully something for the weeks ahead.


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