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Should child killers be put to death?

Kevin Anderson | 14:41 UK time, Monday, 3 April 2006

Italy is abuzz with talk of the kidnap and killing of 18-month-old Tommaso Onofrio. Three people have been arrested, and a debate has started in Italy if those convicted of killing children should be put to death.

What do you think? Is this such a heinous crime that those responsible should be put to death?

Although Italy is about to have a general election in just under two weeks, the story everyone is really talking about is the kidnap of 18-month-old Tommaso Onofrio from his family home near Parma one month ago.

Since then there has been feverish speculation as to who was responsible and why they kidnapped the toddler.

On Saturday, police discovered his dead body and have since arrested 3 people in connection with the murder.

The Italian President and the Pope have expressed their shock, and a debate has begun about whether the appropriate punishment for child-killers would be the death penalty. The death penalty was abolished for all crimes in 1995, and hasn't been used since 1947.

We will be hearing reaction from Italy. But what do you think? It’s a heinous crime. But do you believe that some crimes should be punished with the death penalty?


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