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Is the Material Girl too materialistic?

Kevin Anderson | 14:39 UK time, Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Madonna's forthcoming Confessions tour is charging £160 ($280) for the top seats. It's fair to say there has been considerable reaction.

Is £160 (plus booking fee) simply a rip-off to see a woman in a leotard dance to rehashed disco tunes?
Or is it just the price you should pay to experience one of the world's biggest music legends?

Think that's expensive? Well, it's nothing compared to Barbara Streisand tickets back in 2000. One, that's right, just one ticket would have set you back $1530 (£870)!

Maybe it's to pay for all of those expensive music videos. Michael Jackson spent $7m to make the video Scream. He probably wishes that he had that money back so he could pay his bills at Neverland.

I digress. Madonna fans are going to be splashing out the cash this summer. Are you going to pull out the plastic for a couple of tickets?

Join World Have Your Say tonight. We'll have the UK promoter for Confessions on the line. It's your chance to tell him what you think.

Here is just a sample of what's being said online about it.

Choitoy writes from Washington, US

I got my tickets to Madonna's Confessions Tour. So I'll now be in Vegas in May. They aren't the greatest seats in the world (probably because I didn't pay the highest tier price of $375!!!!). But how many times in my life am I going to go and see Madonna live WOOOOOO!!!!

Kiki blogging from Belfast said:

Even if i did have 1000 quid, would you really spend it on HER? I mean, she's not short of a bob or two. Do you honestly think the richest woman in the world is doing it 'for the fans'? Get a grip, she needs the money to buy Guy a couple of sportscars so he doesn't leave her for an 18-year-old.

Flagellant writes:

I dont understand how Madonna sells the tickets to her shows. The price range for tickets start at $55.00 and go up to $350.00. Who are these people that are willing to spend so much money to see this old woman try and dance? Granted, I love her, but this is just absurd.


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