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Motty's day 16 preview

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John Motson | 10:10 UK time, Saturday, 26 June 2010

It's the start of the third week of the World Cup and the knockout stage begins with Uruguay meeting South Korea and the USA facing Ghana in the last 16.

Commentating legend John Motson looks forward to both games and the players to watch out for.

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Motty's day 16 preview (UK only)


  • 1. At 11:09am on 26 Jun 2010, Sam wrote:

    Uraguay 2 South Korea 1 (aet)

    USA 2 Ghana 2 (aet USA on pens)

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  • 2. At 11:18am on 26 Jun 2010, LomanaTresorLuaLua wrote:

    Really looking forward to the Ghana vs US game. I think the Americans will shade it and then defeat Diego Forlans crew to advance to the semi final stage, where they will lose by the odd goal to Brazil.

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  • 3. At 11:53am on 26 Jun 2010, Mightyblooze wrote:

    Why is Motty wearing a bulletproof vest?

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  • 4. At 11:53am on 26 Jun 2010, Notasquick wrote:

    Urguay v South Korea 3-1 (Forlan, Swarez, Park)
    USA v Ghana 2-2 (2-3 AET, Donovan)

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  • 5. At 12:34pm on 26 Jun 2010, paradoxdog wrote:

    looks like somewhere in the French Riviera , almost expect edward fox to drive by after just shooting a melon .

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  • 6. At 12:55pm on 26 Jun 2010, sedgleywolf wrote:

    Any one noticed these omens, or is it just me.

    1966 and 2010
    france,mexico,uruguay in group one with the host nation.
    france finish bottom with one point and a minus 3 goal difference.
    Italy fail to qualify after losing to a minnow team making their world cup debut.
    portugal and brazil in same group.
    portugal tonk north korea.
    spain and switzerland in same group.
    spain were reigning european champions.
    world cup holders(brazil 1966, italy 2010) fail to make it out of the group stage.
    and yet to come hopefully, when we beat germany we will have argentina in the 1/4 finals and then portugal in the semis.

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  • 7. At 1:42pm on 26 Jun 2010, nomez wrote:

    Had me in stitches for about 5 mins mightyblooze haha quality!!

    SK & US to advance.

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  • 8. At 2:16pm on 26 Jun 2010, kyzajai wrote:

    mightyblooze - hahaha brilliant

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  • 9. At 2:46pm on 26 Jun 2010, Mightyblooze wrote:

    sedgleywolf - great omens, let's hope we've got Russian officials tomorrow too!

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  • 10. At 2:50pm on 26 Jun 2010, Fed_Borg wrote:

    I could not see the video Motty, but I still appreciate this blog.

    Some like England finished second in their group spoiling things further, but in my defense I did say that things rarely go as we plan in the WC.

    I got three out of five groups correct from my original predictions,

    As we enter the knockout stages these are my predictions.

    England v Germany; Germany

    Uruguay v South Korea; Uruguay

    Argentina v Mexico; Argentina

    USA v Ghana; USA

    Netherlands v Slovakia; Netherlands

    Japan v Paraguay; Paraguay

    Brazil v Chile; Brazil

    Spain v Portugal; Portugal

    Let me qualify the Spain prediction, I said from the beginning they were an overrated team, pretty football yes, but like Arsenal, they cannot find the net on regular basis. In 1990 the Netherlands went to the WC as reigning European champs, with the worlds most feared strike pairing, Gullit and van Basten, van Basten did not score a goal in the four matches they played and Holland went out in the second round. Does this ring any bells?

    This is the time to show heart and desire!!!

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  • 11. At 3:01pm on 26 Jun 2010, Mark wrote:

    It will be very interesting to see what will happen against Germany. I think England will come back very strong and beat the Germans.

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  • 12. At 04:06am on 27 Jun 2010, caro wrote:

    please stop calling it "Uraguay" it is Uruguay with a U not an A is VERY disrespectful !!!

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  • 13. At 07:47am on 27 Jun 2010, kwaku wrote:

    i feel Motty is very bias and in my view has no respect for the african game and certainly no respect for Ghana right from the word go in this tournament i have listend to his match previews and not once has he said anything good about ghana ruling them out right from the onset. i hope your eating your words now

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  • 14. At 10:09am on 27 Jun 2010, Asamoah wrote:

    I've followed the predictions by Motty and in all cases he never gave Ghana a dog chance to advance further into the games. I was waiting for Ghana to play Ebgland at the 16th stage to proof to Motty that Ghana did come just to add to the numbers but to win the trophy. I'm so sad because I have been praying for such an opportunity. Now that England is going out we may have to waite for another 4 years. Weldone Ghana, continue to play the purposeful game plan and with GOD on our side we'll go all the way .......

    Germany 3 England 1

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  • 15. At 4:56pm on 27 Jun 2010, hackneyed wrote:

    david james 7
    could have said to have been at faulyt for the 3rd goal but kept england in it witha couple of good saves withy his legs in the 1st half

    johnson 6
    up to his standard poor defender not helped by having to cover central defence because of terry and upson.but if he's in as a wing back where were the crosses?

    a.cole 6
    better but as a defender you can't ship 4 goals in a forward more but no limk up play with gerrard on the left.

    terry 4
    exposed on 3 occassions resulting in 3 goals far to slow for football at this level meaning his co-defenders games are affected by his lack of pace.

    upson 7
    got us back in it with his goal in the 1st half but as a central defender not up eo standard for this level of by the germans breaking from english set pieces.

    barry 5
    lost the contest with otzil? far to slow and poor international level the person in this position needs to be able to defend and distribute.

    lampard 6
    better crossbar and goal not allowed but still anonymous as the chelsea engine driver.

    gerrard 5
    once again 10 for effort but for all his effort it doesn't help the team.

    milner 5
    few crosses and little link up play with johnson on the right.

    defoe 5
    could do little to hold the ball up as the germans were physically stronger.the wrong sort of player for the way the team was set up

    rooney 4
    seemed to be playing in midfield back to his headless chicken display running around losing possession no chances on goal.

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  • 16. At 7:30pm on 27 Jun 2010, jazfan wrote:

    hi i think the only "goal line technology" needed in the world cup is an extra linesman on the line as they did in the europa cup

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