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Motty's memorable World Cup goals

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John Motson | 18:19 UK time, Monday, 10 May 2010

Welcome to World Cup Motty.

I am delighted to announce I will be filing daily reports from my 10th World Cup finals in South Africa this summer here on the BBC Sport website.

You will also be able to follow me on Twitter. I will be sharing my favourite goals, players and match commentaries from previous tournaments with you leading up to the big kick-off on 11 June.

Here - for starters - are my most memorable goals from each of the last 13 finals, starting in Sweden in 1958.

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  • 1. At 11:01pm on 10 May 2010, MichiganFlicker wrote:

    Would love to watch it, but rights restrictions forbid it. Unfortunately the ENTIRE content is on the video, so people outside the video's valid audience are not even able to see WHICH goals Motty thinks are the best. Same ol' digital rights nonsense.

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  • 2. At 11:14pm on 10 May 2010, jam_boy wrote:

    come on motty ronalbeans free kick defo on purpose!

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  • 3. At 11:31pm on 10 May 2010, whatdoiknowaboutanything wrote:

    shame not to include Bergkamp's goal in 1998, given the significance of the game and when it was scored, the goal of 1998

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  • 4. At 11:48pm on 10 May 2010, Beatski - Save our 606 wrote:

    Same ol' digital rights nonsense.


    you think that's bad, we can't watch so much more american=only stuff.

    for exmple ANYTHING on hulu

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  • 5. At 11:57pm on 10 May 2010, Simon wrote:

    MichiganFlicker - I know it must be frustrating not being able to see the glorious Motty rattle out his memorable goals, but he is a BBC pundit, and his salary is paid by the licence fees that we are legally obliged to hand over in this fair country of ours. If you want top motty action, better jump across the pond!

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  • 6. At 00:14am on 11 May 2010, Sam Whiting wrote:

    1958: Pele (third goal of the final)
    1962: Garrincha Vs England
    1966: Hurst's third
    1970: That Carlos Alberto Goal
    1974: Cruyff's volley against Brazil
    1978: Kempes - opening goal of final
    1982: Marco Tardelli in the final
    1986: Maradonna Vs England (not the Hand of God)
    1990: Roberto Baggio Vs Czechoslovakia
    1994: Lechkov (sp? he's bulgarian) Vs Germany
    1998: Owen Vs Argentina
    2002: Ronaldinho Vs England
    2006: Cambiasso Vs Serbia

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  • 7. At 00:16am on 11 May 2010, Gregor wrote:

    Whats with the weird second camera? Very odd.

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  • 8. At 00:18am on 11 May 2010, Ahad Shaukat wrote:

    cannot see it . not available in my area .. :( .. it should have been in written form because some of us cant see the vid .. too bad ..

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  • 9. At 00:38am on 11 May 2010, G_K___ wrote:

    I like Motson - the guy's a proper football fan, a lover of the game.

    Memory must be going a bit though, if he's forgotten Gemmill's wonder goal against Holland in 1978! Kempes could only dream of pulling that one off...

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  • 10. At 00:47am on 11 May 2010, Liamjm wrote:

    Motty will you be Involved in commentary in this world cup? Or was euro 08 your last gig? Give us a world cup stat motty! They are the best!!!

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  • 11. At 00:56am on 11 May 2010, Ged Sweeney wrote:

    As I live in Australia it looks like I will have to rely on the SBS website for my online World Cup video coverage.
    I know there are rights issues but I do not see the BBC even attempting to provide a solution to this.
    Just because the Times will soon start charging for website access does not automatically mean I will have to come to the BBC
    I like the BBC, I defend its method of funding due to the quality of product it delivers but this increased inaccessible video content is starting to grate

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  • 12. At 01:55am on 11 May 2010, Phnom Penh Andy wrote:

    "Not available in your area". Great.

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  • 13. At 02:06am on 11 May 2010, jsfain wrote:

    And Flash? Come on BBC get with it. Open it up to geography and technology.

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  • 14. At 02:27am on 11 May 2010, Cal wrote:

    How can Archie Gemmill's goal against Holland in 78 , not be there !!!

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  • 15. At 02:30am on 11 May 2010, tony wrote:

    wouldnt it be nice if the worlds' premier news service would actually present the news to the world

    I guess I'll have to find a british proxy to get around this - or down load it on bittorrent

    what a joke - you don't stop people, you don't encourage people, you just force people to get the information in an other way

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  • 16. At 03:24am on 11 May 2010, The Revolution will not be Televised wrote:

    Carlos Alberto has got to be my favorite! Considering at the time the Italians had the meaninst defence in the world. They lost the ball deep in the brazilians half. The brazilians worked it beautifully down their left, pulling all of the italians midfield up field and all of the defence to the left to stop the dribble of jarzinho, prevent pele from having room and marking the centre forward. As a result there's space down the right, pele gets the ball, waits for the perfect time to play the perfectly weighted ball to Carlos Alberto. The rest is history.

    I challenge anyone to find me a better goal! If you do, then you will make my day. I love this game!

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  • 17. At 04:10am on 11 May 2010, seventeenth wrote:

    Thank you Robbo 277; at least we get the list! Gemmel's goal was awsome thought was it not?

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  • 18. At 05:24am on 11 May 2010, Gordon Scanlan wrote:

    Archie Gemmil's goal in 78 against holland for Scotland should have been there

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  • 19. At 05:50am on 11 May 2010, Matt wrote:

    Re: Simon 11.57
    We do not pay the licence fee overseas but the content we see carries rather a lot of advertising which UK users may be surprised to hear. Since this represents an alternative income stream for the BBC this negates the argument that we shouldn't get the content because we don't pay for it.

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  • 20. At 05:52am on 11 May 2010, over_there wrote:

    #5 The license fee is largely irrelevant to this. There are plenty of us who would happily pay for a service from the BBC abroad, but at least up till now no-one is offering it. There is no radio license fee, but Radio 5 Live is always pulled from outside the UK when there's something interesting on. But don't blame the Beeb. I'm sure they don't care much who they broadcast to. It's the other copyright owners and the ridiculously protective DRM laws that prevent broadcast in other countries.

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  • 21. At 05:55am on 11 May 2010, cliveeta wrote:

    " not available in your area"
    In which case why put this on your website DweebeeSee????

    Sick of being poined to a site tha cannot deliver
    Wold love to se motsons pick

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  • 22. At 06:06am on 11 May 2010, over_there wrote:

    I just said "don't blame the Beeb", but you are right about the advertising. That particular policy gets right up my nose. I'd like to choose to pay for a service from the BBC rather than be watch it degenerate into yet another commercial broadcaster.

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  • 23. At 06:16am on 11 May 2010, Len Cobb wrote:

    Dear All and especially Simon!

    Some of us across the pond subscribe to BBC Canada and BBC USA so we are actually helping to pay Mottie's salary yet we still can't get to see most online UK video content!

    I also agree with the comments about Radio 5 live being pulled, espcially for the 6 Nations rugby!

    It gets even more rediculous when Radio 5 Live was blocked for a recent Ireland 5 Nations Game and yet I managed to listen via the BBC Ulster Service!

    Instead we have the delights of Setanta Sports! Subscribe to a monthly service, at a price greater than the basic cable subscription, and then suffer the indignity of not watching any of the major sporting action live!

    Great way to treat your (ex) customer Setanta! No wonder you are going to the wall!

    And the Beeb truely doesn't give a damm about the situation. I have emailed them many times and have never had a reply!

    If the wife didn't like Coronation Street so much I would even cancel my BBC Canada subscription!

    God I feel so much better after that rant!

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  • 24. At 06:24am on 11 May 2010, over_there wrote:

    Just to get back to the football for a moment, it really is sad to look back at the genius that was Michael Owen and wonder what happened.

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  • 25. At 06:26am on 11 May 2010, cameron murray wrote:

    not available in my territory!!??

    that's North Yorkshire, ENGLAND.

    Cheers BBC.

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  • 26. At 06:33am on 11 May 2010, over_there wrote:

    #25 Must be because the Yorkshire MPs are demanding independence in return for supporting a government ;-)

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  • 27. At 07:04am on 11 May 2010, Andi Eicher wrote:

    Perhaps the BBC website could be made a BBC Britain website - and you could make one for the rest of us who are not on your hallowed isles?

    It is intensely frustrating to see content which is then not given. In a small way it is a breach of trust - you put a link to something - I click it - but then I am told that I am not allowed to see it. Smacks of false advertising in a way.

    As for Motty's world cup goals... another day perhaps...

    Andi Eicher
    from India

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  • 28. At 07:10am on 11 May 2010, Cossy wrote:

    England this, England that.

    The only reason we can be sure that there are other teams at World Cups is that England have to be playing someone.

    Archie Gemmill, Argentina, 1978.

    It won goal of the tournament, but Motty thinks Kempes' tap in was better?


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  • 29. At 08:33am on 11 May 2010, I_wasnt_there_when_they_made_brown_hair wrote:

    Guys chill out!

    6. Robbo 277 has kindly listed the goals for you so pop over to youtube, have a look, then come back and have a discussion. I think we have had enough political debate for one week!

    My view - Gemmil should be in there over Kempes, other than that it's pretty much spot on for me. Of course there is also Rooney's World Cup winning 30 yard volley from the 2012 final to add in....

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  • 30. At 09:06am on 11 May 2010, The El Dude Brothers wrote:

    Thanks Robbo 227. You have saved me 14 minutes of my life listening to Motty talk about the goals.

    I can only really remember as far as back as 1978 and of course my memories centre around England, Scotland, N. Ireland & the Republic. My choice would be:

    1978 Archie Gemmill vs Holland. There were some screamers that year, most notably Arie Haan. This was defo the best tournament for goals.

    1982 Gerry Armstrong vs Spain. Edges it over Bryan Robson vs France which I listened to on the school bus on my way home

    1986 Maradona 2nd goal vs England

    1990 Lineker vs Germany

    1994 Houghton vs Italy

    1998 Owen vs Argentina

    2002 Ronaldinho vs England

    2006 Cambiasso vs Serbia

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  • 31. At 09:11am on 11 May 2010, Henners wrote:

    Is anyone really surprised Gemmill's wonder goal is not on the list? It's exactly this kind of thing that encourages the 'A.B.E.' brigade in Scotland. For what it's worth, I'm Scottish and I usually hope England do well - for the players only mind you, not the hugely annoying media (including Motty) that cover the sport.

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  • 32. At 09:22am on 11 May 2010, Redallover wrote:

    God that second camera is annoying...

    Obviously it's a 'tool' of the industry to make short pieces like this seem more interesting. Believe it or not, it doesn't. It's just annoying.

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  • 33. At 09:32am on 11 May 2010, shotts56 wrote:

    I wonder if an Englishman has scored Archie Gemmil's goal in 1978, if it would have been omitted from the list then. Or instead would it have gone down in history as the greatest goal ever. I wonder ...

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  • 34. At 10:08am on 11 May 2010, Mac71 wrote:

    The availability of BBC content for world wide viewing is very much a problemm for those of us that live overseas, however, I feel estatic that I don't have to listen to the biased drivel produced by Motty. It's such a joy to listen to proper well-informed unbiased commentators from other countries. No sheep skin jackets in sight either!

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  • 35. At 10:13am on 11 May 2010, Iwilltellyouthis wrote:

    Archie Gemmill, 1978? If my memory is not faulty it was voted goal of the competition.
    By only picking one goal per location he will miss some great goals but Archie's really should be there.

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  • 36. At 10:21am on 11 May 2010, JoC wrote:

    Motty...Josimar's long range effort against N.Ireland in '86 is a much more worthy a mention than Ronaldinho's 2002 fluke that Seaman should have easily saved!Vasily Rats for USSR against France and Negrete for Mexico against Bulgaria all from the same Mexico'86 tournament also great.

    Boy did those balls really fly at altitude!

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  • 37. At 10:52am on 11 May 2010, Pierredelafranchesca wrote:

    I CANNOT believe that Bergkamp vs Argentina from 98 is not in there. The goal was so superior to Owen's goal, not only in technique and ability but also because it won the game, a world cup quarter final, in the LAST minute!!!! Owen's is a good goal, but not a patch on Bergkamp.

    This however is not unexpected, and is typical of how blindly patriotic and biased the English media become during these competitions

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  • 38. At 10:54am on 11 May 2010, lipstickgiraffe wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 39. At 11:21am on 11 May 2010, Jammie Dodger wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 40. At 11:21am on 11 May 2010, paulbevan wrote:

    My alltime hero, Sir Bobby Charlton, and THAT goal against Mexico in 1966. Those of us who were watching live will never forget it!

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  • 41. At 11:56am on 11 May 2010, George McGill wrote:

    Wee Archie Gemmil's goal voted best goal at 78 tournament.Where were you Motty ?????

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  • 42. At 12:13pm on 11 May 2010, lipstickgiraffe wrote:

    I cant believe my comment asking why 2 unworthy goals from Engerlund were in his list but not Gemmills from 1978?
    Sort it out BBC, you really are embarrassing yourselves as a supposed instituion!

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  • 43. At 12:35pm on 11 May 2010, Lance Hardy - Editor, BBC Sport wrote:

    Thank you for your comments and keep them coming. Of course blogs are subjective in their nature and this one is no different, that is why it is titled 'Memorable Matches'. There has been a lot of debate on here already and it will no doubt continue - that is the beauty of football.

    But, for example, while Motty considers Archie Gemmill's strike against the Netherlands in 1978 as 'a great goal' (as you will hear in a future blog in this series) it is Mario Kempes' strike against the Netherlands in the 1978 World Cup final in the Estadio Monumental with ticker tape all around the imposing arena that is his most memorable from that particular tournament in Argentina. Please bear that in mind while enjoying these blogs.


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  • 44. At 12:35pm on 11 May 2010, Lewis Wiltshire wrote:

    Hi all - I'm Lewis Wiltshire, the Editor of the BBC Sport website. I'm happy to answer the questions about restrictions on what content we can offer in which territories, and Lance Hardy, my colleague, will be coming on here to answer questions about the actual Motty video itself.

    The issue over the BBC offering action clips - whether that's World Cup archive, Olympics action, Six Nations or anything else mentioned in the comments here - is not with us. It's not a decision we made, because we do not care about our international users or cannot be bothered to set up some sort of subscription service.

    The issue is that the vast, vast majority of rights-holding governing bodies (virtually all of them) sell their rights by territory. Fairly obviously - and understandably - they want to sell them as many times as possible and therefore you buy them for your area (or country), on the understanding that you will do what's called 'geo-blocking' to ensure there is no leakage into other territories.

    If the BBC could offer all of our rights in all parts of the world, we would. That would be great for us and maybe the users (those that like our coverage) but it would not be great for other broadcasters in other countries or governing bodies, who make these decisions, not us.

    The mistake we made last night - and it was a mistake, which I apologise for - is that this video was promoted on the international version of our website. It shouldn't have been - usually we would never offer up something that would be of such limited, indeed negligible, use outside of the UK.

    I apologise for that. I also have no idea why it didn't show up in at least one part of North Yorkshire - that definitely shouldn't happen!

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  • 45. At 12:48pm on 11 May 2010, Glenn wrote:

    Of the goals you featured, my favourite will always be the 1970 choice. I put Kenneth Wolstenholme's commentary on this goal up alongside his commentary on the Hurst Hatrick goal.
    Of those you didn't feature, my favourite would be the Dennis Bergkamp goal against Argentina in 1998. That precision pass from Frank DeBoor, the nugmeg and clinical finish, made up for some of the disappointment of seeing England knocked out by Argentina.

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  • 46. At 12:50pm on 11 May 2010, The Great Eastern 67 wrote:

    43. Lance, if that's the best you can do in explaining the omission of Archie Gemmill's goal you'd have done better to remain silent.

    It was goal of the tournament and rightly so.

    The ticker tape tap in was a 'goal' that's all.

    The number of posts here with reference to Gemmill's goal says it all.

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  • 47. At 1:14pm on 11 May 2010, kingtoad wrote:

    Gotta be Nelinho from '78

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  • 48. At 1:16pm on 11 May 2010, IUTBDBNID wrote:

    Meat pie, sausage roll, come on England, name Joe Cole!

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  • 49. At 1:18pm on 11 May 2010, SaintJP wrote:

    Now if we are talking about memorable goals, how about the following:

    Sanon for Haiti to go 1-0 up against Italy in 1974.

    Lacombe's 1st minute header for France against Italy in 1978 or perhaps Luque's winner for Argentina against France in the same year. That was one of the most entertaining world cup matches I can remember.

    Loved that Negrete goal in 1986 too.

    As for 1990, I still think David Platt's last minute winner against the Belgians was the most memorable if not the outstanding goal of the whole tournament.

    Wondeful memories though.

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  • 50. At 1:21pm on 11 May 2010, glimmers wrote:

    Well said Lance - Motty is choosing his most memorable goals, not the best ones. How can we argue with anyone who shares their most memorable goals? We can't because the fact remains, whether great or average to us, they are Motty's most memorable goals.

    My 2 most memorable goals were David Platt's superb volley in the last minute of extra time against Belgium in 1990 - what a brilliant moment that was!

    The other is Dennis Bergkamp's fantastic 2 touches and outside of the boot finish in the dying seconds against Argentina in the quarter-finals in '98. What a fantastic goal and what a fantastic moment to score it!

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  • 51. At 1:24pm on 11 May 2010, Ulstershaker wrote:

    Football is a game of opinions and, as usual, mine very from Motty's...

    Where is the goal by the Saudi player v Belgium in 1994 where he runs the entire length of the pitch? Where is Gerry Armstrong's goal for Northern ireland v Spain in 1982? Where are the goals from Robbie Rensenbrink and Arie Haan for the Dutch in 1978 or Dennis Bergkamp's exquisite take down and finish v Argentina in 1998? Where are any of the goals by the North Korean's in 1966? There is also another goal by a Brazilian (Edu or Marcelinho I think) v Holland in 1974 where the ball was bent in from a ridiculous angle.....

    Coem on Motty...I know you can only pickl one from each tournament but you've picked goals that have no business being in that list!

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  • 52. At 1:59pm on 11 May 2010, 2ndapril2006 wrote:

    No Archie Gemmell versus the Netherlands in 1978? Typical Motson, Scotland can't do anything in his eyes.

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  • 53. At 2:00pm on 11 May 2010, The El Dude Brothers wrote:

    #43 It's a pity Motty is not able to speak for himself on these blogs but to me it looks like a case of impartiality on his behalf when England are not playing in a tournament and bias when they are.

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  • 54. At 2:20pm on 11 May 2010, Ulstershaker wrote:

    Football is a game of opinions and, as usual, mine vary from Motty's...

    Where is the goal by the Saudi player v Belgium in 1994 where he runs the entire length of the pitch? Where is Gerry Armstrong's goal for Northern Ireland v Spain in 1982? Where are the goals from Robbie Rensenbrink and Arie Haan for the Dutch in 1978 or Dennis Bergkamp's exquisite take down and finish v Argentina in 1998? Where are any of the goals by the North Korean's in 1966? There is also another goal by a Brazilian (Edu or Marcelinho I think) v Holland in 1974 where the ball was bent in from a ridiculous angle.....

    Coem on Motty...I know you can only pick one from each tournament but you've picked goals that have no business being in that list!

    (Typo's corrected!)

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  • 55. At 2:27pm on 11 May 2010, Rob04 wrote:

    You are kidding, no Archie Gemmill?? And Kempes gets the nod because of the ticker-tape finale!!! As above the A.B.E. brigade on the BBC..again!

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  • 56. At 2:42pm on 11 May 2010, Jammie Dodger wrote:

    I made a genuine comment about how I thought Motty had passed away and it got removed. Nothing in it to upset anyone, no swear words or obscenities. Moderators on this site are unique, you wont find any people like them anywhere else on the net. Why? Because they are plain STUPID!

    Moderate that.

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  • 57. At 2:50pm on 11 May 2010, Le Gooner wrote:

    No Bergkamp in 1998? Last minute winner and an absolutely sublime one at that!

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  • 58. At 3:47pm on 11 May 2010, CardinalWolseley wrote:

    I too am stuck with "not available in your area". However, I read the explanation about it being funded by license fees, etc, and it doesn't hold water. First, there are people in the UK who choose not to pay the license fee (at least there were when I lived there 20 years ago!...), and I bet they get to see the on-line content. Second, I don't get the option to pay, even if I wanted to. Third, if the precious video content has to be withheld from overseas viewers, why is the rest of the BBC's web site made available? I'l bet pennies to your pound that it costs one hell of a lot more to create and maintain the web site's unrestricted content than it does to make Motty's World Cup Picks.

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  • 59. At 4:07pm on 11 May 2010, CDeWilde wrote:

    Re:Archie Gemmill - of course Motty will have his own best memory but put the two goals into context. Argentina by dint of a dubious result against Peru beat the best team in the tournament, and while the spectacle of that game is a great memory, it pales by comparison to the situation of Archie's effort. After the Willie Johnston debacle, the surrender to the old men of Peru and the missed penalty and subsequent draw against Iran, Scotland were in sight of a freak results against the best team in the world because of this truly fantastic goal. A better memory because of a lot of brightly coloured paper? Come On....

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  • 60. At 4:31pm on 11 May 2010, BenRhydding wrote:

    Archie Gemmell's goal should be there on the list, but since Motson's football interest stops short of Leicestershire what's the surprise? Try to use the 'Alternate Commentary' if you have to watch the games on BBC anything is better than than Motson's continual questions, because he can't hear us, the audience screaming at him, to actually describe what's going on. He's a commentator, so commentate.

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  • 61. At 4:49pm on 11 May 2010, Tmthyhrl wrote:

    I agree with whatdoiknowaboutanything (couldn't you have chosen a shorter name pal)that Bergkamp's goal in 1998 should have been included. As good as Michael Owen's goal was the timing of Bergkamp's goal and the way he controlled the ball gives it the edge.

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  • 62. At 5:00pm on 11 May 2010, OM wrote:

    "Not available..." Is these a new form of descrimination by the BBC fellows ?

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  • 63. At 5:29pm on 11 May 2010, glimmers wrote:

    Citizen JMS - Archie Gemmill's goal, great though it was, achieved nothing whatsoever: Scotland went home after that game. Kempes goal led to Argentina winning the World Cup - that's a tad more important. Gemmill's goal is only so memorable to us in the UK because we've seen it a million times.

    And besides, most of you are missing the point completely. These are the goals which are personally memorable to Motty. It doesn't matter which you think are better or worse, he hasn't chosen incorrectly because these are the ones that remain memorable to him.

    Share which are memorable to you, but don't complain that he got it wrong - he can't get it wrong, it's his memories.

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  • 64. At 6:03pm on 11 May 2010, The El Dude Brothers wrote:

    From 1978 onwards are Motty's memorable goals all games in which he was commentator (Maradona 1986 excepted)?

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  • 65. At 6:30pm on 11 May 2010, rigfoot wrote:

    Its clear that Motty watched all of these world cups in a dark cupboard with his head stuffed down the sleeve of his sheepskin.

    What a terrible piece with terrible selections.

    He and the BBC should be thinking of spending more time in that garden.

    Sell by date well expired.

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  • 66. At 7:34pm on 11 May 2010, Ahad Shaukat wrote:

    saeed owairan of saudi arabia scored a great goal in 1994 wcup against belgium , ran the whole length of the pitch .. those who havent watched it its a must watch i say ..

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  • 67. At 9:28pm on 11 May 2010, Amanda Cerasale wrote:

    Here are my 10 all time favourite world cup goals
    1.Dennis Bergkamp v Argentina 1998
    2.Dennis Bergkamp v Brazil 1994
    3.Zinedin Zidane v Brazil 1998
    4.David Beckham v Paraquay 2006
    5.Joe Cole v Sweden 2006
    6.Girrincha v Bulgaria 1966
    7.Eusibio v Brazil 1966
    8.Saeed Owarian v Belguim 1994
    9.Johan Cryff v Brazil 1974
    10. David Platt v Belguim 1990

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  • 68. At 10:21pm on 11 May 2010, Lewis Wiltshire wrote:

    That goal that Ahad mentions above can be viewed in this video There's a different selection of goals there, which again some will agree with and some will not!

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  • 69. At 10:22pm on 11 May 2010, Lewis Wiltshire wrote:

    Sorry - that link was undone by the full stop. Try this

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  • 70. At 00:45am on 12 May 2010, Ged Sweeney wrote:

    #44 Dear Lewis, thanks for taking the time to respond about overseas access.
    I don't have a problem with the rights issues but my problem is that much of the BBC website, too much perhaps, relies on embedded video content when a text based version would be suitable for overseas visitors to the BBC website.

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  • 71. At 03:10am on 12 May 2010, Ahad Shaukat wrote:

    BBC Best 10 goals of World Cup

    Lewis that link you gave is not functional in some territories so i have given a youtube link which everyone can watch . Cheers .

    Ged Sweeney, I completely agree with you . I live in Pakistan and i cannot watch the videos due to the rights issue . BBC is the website that I use for almost all the sports news and I am a very very regular user but unlucky at times as well like this topic's video is inaccessible to me but thanks to Robbo277 ...

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  • 72. At 04:56am on 12 May 2010, Sevenseaman wrote:

    "Not Available in Your Area" is a sad sticker that unfortunately does not apply to any spam or advertising videos!

    Liked Robbo277 selection at #6.

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  • 73. At 05:23am on 12 May 2010, Sevenseaman wrote:

    #36 JoC,

    your comment that "Seaman should have easily saved" fiddles with sacrosanct memories. The whole point in that goal was that David Seaman 'failed to save it' and not "Ronaldinho got it flying to him and beyond"; it was a goal that attained greatness via the circumstance rather than the two adversaries involved in it.

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  • 74. At 10:07am on 12 May 2010, Lewis Wiltshire wrote:

    Ahad - technically of course that YouTube clip is in breach of the BBC's copyright and Fifa's geo-blocking restrictions, but I don't intend to remove your comment and your link because we're having a conversation about this very issue and I think it's important to be aware of all of the complexities around this subject.

    Ged - I'm pleased you added the "perhaps" because I really don't think it is too much. Under the terms of our charter we have to provide all core content in written form. This has less to do with international users, to be honest, and more to do with people who have limited access to broadband content or disabilities which mean they have to use tools called site readers to access our website, and which do not display video. Because of this we always make sure the key content is in written form - video content is complementary, and therefore we don't HAVE to transcribe it, and even if we wanted to, we would not have the resources to do it for all video, but we do ensure we always do it for core stories. Does that make sense? Happy to explain further if not.

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  • 75. At 10:17am on 12 May 2010, lipstickgiraffe wrote:

    63. At 5:29pm on 11 May 2010, glimmers wrote:
    Citizen JMS - Archie Gemmill's goal, great though it was, achieved nothing whatsoever: Scotland went home after that game. Kempes goal led to Argentina winning the World Cup - that's a tad more important. Gemmill's goal is only so memorable to us in the UK because we've seen it a million times.

    Glimmers - If Gemmills goal, great though it was achieved nothing - then WHY is Owens goal of 1998 on there over several otehr goals, especially Bergkamps?
    I dont think you have thought your comment through. I have seen that average England goal a million times more than I have seen the world class goal of Gemmill.
    Why dont people just admit "good old" Motty has a thing against Scotland.

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  • 76. At 11:27am on 12 May 2010, Adrian Neale wrote:

    Motty obviously has a memory bias towards goals involving England matches and I'm sure sure that the Hurst goal he picks from 1966 is due as much to the famous commentary of KW as to the goal itself. The game and the cup were already won with or without that goal.

    I would instead pick the second Hungarian goal by Florian Albert in the 3-1 win against Brazil in 1966. Not only was it a brilliantly worked and executed goal, it was also hugely significant as it signalled the beginning of the end of Brazil's 8 year reign as World champions.

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  • 77. At 11:32am on 12 May 2010, cameron murray wrote:

    #44 - I apologise for that. I also have no idea why it didn't show up in at least one part of North Yorkshire - that definitely shouldn't happen!

    No it shouldn't!!!

    Not because I work for Sky Sports is it??
    Wouldn't be THAT childish a reason would it?
    Surely not!! Not in this day and age!!

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  • 78. At 12:57pm on 12 May 2010, Lewis Wiltshire wrote:

    Cameron, I am more than happy to confirm that it is not because you work for Sky Sports. I work on the editorial side of things, so I'm not an expert on the technology behind geo-blocking, but I am aware that there is a tiny percentage of slippage, and I am sorry that this very, very small margin for error affected you on this occasion. I am also unaware of any code written into the technology that checks the user's employer before serving the video! Are you still unable to play video on our site?

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  • 79. At 1:08pm on 12 May 2010, cameron murray wrote:

    Hi Lewis - thanks for prompt reply.

    Comment suggesting BBC blocking me cos I worked for Sky was very much said/written with tongue firmly in cheek!!

    No, cannot watch any BBC video from the website at all.
    The BBC website is the ONLY site I cannot watch video on, others such as Eurosport, ESPN,, etc etc all video content displays fine.

    No problem watching on PC at home.

    Maybe the issue is that Sky Sports are blocking me from watching you!!!

    That might be it!!!

    Anyway - if that's Motty's favourite MEMORIES of past World Cups then fair choice. Don't agree with any of his choices, but they are HIS CHOICES, and he's entitled to them.

    Look forward to getting home to watch any new video.....

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  • 80. At 2:18pm on 12 May 2010, Lewis Wiltshire wrote:

    Hey Cameron - thanks for reply and don't worry, I knew it was tongue-in-cheek as was my response to you. Sorry to say this but from what you have outlined here, the issue is with your work PC. I imagine it's less to do with Sky blocking the BBC website and more to do with where their servers are - it could well be that some of their servers are not in the UK? Anyway, that will be one for you to ask IT about at work, but please keep enjoying our site from home, and thanks for your thoughts on Motty - I agree completely that it's choice, and that's that! Good subject for debate though!

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  • 81. At 02:59am on 13 May 2010, Ged Sweeney wrote:

    #74 Lewis - again thanks for reading and replying. You may have caught me at a bad moment. I am a massive Dr Who fan and too much of the BBC Dr Who site is a complete waste of my time as an overseas viewer, with it's interviews and previews that are unavailable in my area.
    Generally I would not expect to see sports clips from outside of the UK and maybe the real issue is that, as you have alluded to earlier, the World Cup Motty link should not have been present on the international version.
    Mind you, don't get me going on the BBC international versions differing from UK versions - Steve Herrmann had to write 4 blogs last Summer, generating several thousand replies, most of them negative, when the BBC news website introduced its feature of giving us web page content based on our geolocation

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  • 82. At 08:46am on 13 May 2010, glimmers wrote:

    75. At 10:17am on 12 May 2010, lipstickgiraffe wrote:
    Glimmers - If Gemmills goal, great though it was achieved nothing - then WHY is Owens goal of 1998 on there over several otehr goals, especially Bergkamps?
    I dont think you have thought your comment through. I have seen that average England goal a million times more than I have seen the world class goal of Gemmill.
    Why dont people just admit "good old" Motty has a thing against Scotland.

    You really don't get this do you? Owen's goal is on there because it is Motty's most memorable goal of that year, not because it's supposed to be better or worse than any other.

    And as for me not thinking it through, I obviously wouldn't pick Owen's goal for the same reason I wouldn't pick Gemmill's, I was writing about the latter because CitizenJMS and others (including your good self) were arguing so vociferously that it should be there. I'm afraid you can't plant your personal favourites into Motty's memory bank; let him have his memories and you have yours.

    Interesting to read you inferring that Motty is biased towards the English ... er ... you wouldn't happen to be Scottish by any chance would you ;)

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  • 83. At 09:59am on 13 May 2010, thumbsdown wrote:

    Thumbs down BBC

    All this unfair blocking of content. since the introduction of the iPlayer the BBC are breaking all international rules regarding freedom of information, equal rights and god knows how many european laws!!!

    What a load of BL not allowing us to who live or work abroad to access information in an equal way us anyone within the UK. I can understand (if not agree) with certain commercial restrictions but this is total rubbish.

    It is also complete rubbish that we cannot follow 5Live premier league games. What commercial sense is there? no one else broadcasts in English and all it means is that I can only listen via crap quality MW radio.

    Come on BBC get your act together remember the charter of sharing information with the rest of the world!
    Equality for all.

    And if it's money your after, well I'm willing to pay a little for full access to the iPlayer and live broadcasts.

    All in favour let's join up and make our voices heard

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  • 84. At 1:53pm on 13 May 2010, Pedro_Jenkins wrote:

    Back to Motson's memorable goals. Come on mate, the same old choices here! What about:

    Paul Brietner - 1974
    Gemmill, Luque, Cubillas and Arie Haan's 40 yd free kick - 1978
    Eder and Socrates - 1982
    Manuel Negrette's wonderful scissor kick - 1986
    etc, etc

    push the boat out John!

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  • 85. At 1:34pm on 14 May 2010, Sam wrote:

    Interesting thing I discovered about BBC not allowing other countries to view most video content (but not all, like news). I work in Italy but have a TV license in the UK, now I cannot watch BBC even as a license payer, but also the BBC website shows adverts when viewing here in Italy... Seems like license payers who live or work abroad get a really bad deal :(

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  • 86. At 2:21pm on 14 May 2010, mrsouthamerica wrote:

    I cant buy into the renaissance for the carlos alberto goal of 1970 as good as it was. It's gained credibility based on being scored in the final against the Italians, and by being remembered with faded memories. In truer light it was the 4th goal scored in the last 3/4mins of the match which as a contest was already over. 3-1 down with just minutes to go just how hard by this point were the italians still trying to close down Brazil.
    A deeper reflection to the situation remembers that the italians had fought an absolute battle against Germany which went to extra time, whilst Brazil easily bested a rather modest Uruguay. Final day itself was not without favor as the match was moved from the original time slot to the hotter midday slot, which naturally suited the south americans better.
    I'm not knocking Brazil, they were a wonderful team in 1970, i'm just giving a little context to the 4th goal which has become a little to much a vision of nostalgia than fact.

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  • 87. At 11:06pm on 15 May 2010, NaeemRashid wrote:

    A pity Bergkamp's goal against Argentina in the 98 QF isn't listed - a truly superb goal in the final minute of one of the best matches of the tournament.

    Or Maradona's goal against Greece in USA 94 (even more impressive, surely, than the Cambiasso goal). 6 passes in 4 seconds, with the goal in a further 2 - the whole thing in just 6 seconds flat - breathtaking (Memorable goal celebration too.)

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  • 88. At 05:06am on 16 May 2010, mishko22 wrote:

    Thanks robbo277 - now I can watch em on youtube

    Complain about this comment

  • 89. At 10:16am on 16 May 2010, ToFty wrote:

    To be honest i don't think Ronaldinio's free-kick against England was on porpose although i wouldn't put it past him, he is a great player and how he didn't make it into the Brazil squad for this world cup is astonishing.

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  • 90. At 3:49pm on 16 May 2010, chris weatherall wrote:

    mr motson, i have to ask about that passing goal by argentina. you say the dutch scored a famous 22 pass goal at wembley. however i dont know which one you are talking about. does anybody know which goal he is on about?

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  • 91. At 5:33pm on 16 May 2010, Frozone wrote:

    I am not a fan of Motson, my endearing memories of him are the way he always made the opposition big and dangerous whenever England played a game in past World Cups and how he never really championed the talent we had. In the end I had to watch the TV with the radio commentary. I for one wont be checking in to hear how frightening our opposition will be in South Africa because they have one player who is half decent.

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  • 92. At 08:51am on 17 May 2010, revaccies wrote:

    Archie Gemmill's goal was voted the best of the tournament for 78, I think he won a gold watch as the prize, Ari Han's belter from the half way line in the same tournament was equally as memorable. But I think all this debate points to the fact that you can't select just one goal from each tournament as being the best, of course this was Motty's personal selection so it will inevitably be biased towards England and the games he was at as these are his most memorable.

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  • 93. At 11:07am on 17 May 2010, collie21 wrote:

    These goals could be found anywhere online, whats the point in the restriction?

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  • 94. At 12:20pm on 17 May 2010, doncobaino wrote:

    An England heavy post, what a suprise!
    How he can pick Owen's goal over Bergkamp's in '98 is a joke. Motty's love of everything England is tiresome to say the least...

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  • 95. At 12:27pm on 17 May 2010, forza-juventus wrote:

    Grosso's goal for Italy against Germany in the semi finals 2006 has to be there. Yes Argentina's goal was a technical masterpiece but Grosso's goal is one that will be remembered for years to come.

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  • 96. At 1:48pm on 17 May 2010, Bob Land wrote:

    I live in the Netherlands, I often click onto the German or Belgian
    TV Websites, and watch their videos , I have never come across the the Message " Not available in your area ". By just watching these videos on BBC, what possible harm can there be ? Why are the BBC so paranoid about broadcasting anything beyond the white cliffs of Dover.

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  • 97. At 8:50pm on 17 May 2010, ronnieboy1 wrote:

    the argentine goal in 2006 was sheer class, owens goal in 1998 was ordinary long ball and a fast run up the middle, nothing outstanding.

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  • 98. At 10:37pm on 17 May 2010, wounderfullMOY wrote:

    WHERE IS Ray Houghtons for Ireland goal against italy or the free kick against Scotland by Peru ? or indeed that French goal

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  • 99. At 11:46pm on 17 May 2010, King_Torin wrote:

    One of my personal favourites was as a 17 year old watching my 1st World Cup. Argentina 1978. Ari Haan's shot against Italy. Space-time definitely slowed down (it still does) as the ball curved of Haan's right foot on it's inexorable orbit into the top left against Zoff... Haan shot caused en Emergency Temporal Shift in Space Time lol - The Poetics of Space meets the Tao of Football.

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  • 100. At 09:38am on 18 May 2010, joffonon wrote:

    "64. From 1978 onwards are Motty's memorable goals all games in which he was commentator (Maradona 1986 excepted)?"

    No. '98 was Jon Champion and '06 was Jonathan Pearce.

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  • 101. At 09:53am on 21 May 2010, Ianb666 wrote:

    So many fantastic world cup memories to choose from - love the Top 10 goals from the 1982 Finals, probably my favourite WC ever, Brazil V USSR, France V Germany and of course Brazil V Italy....not to mention so many great goals in most other games - and of course rounded off by that delirious Marco Tardelli celebration in the final. Still gives me goosebumps!!

    However, could you ask Motty if his favourite game was the France V Portugal semi-final at the 1984 European Championships? I remember he was almost hysterical with excitement in his commentary of that game and although the game was a classic anyway, elevated it into that pantheon of unforgettable matches that is just as vivid a memory today as it was 26 years ago. Best wishes from a Motty fan!!

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  • 102. At 09:49am on 31 May 2010, JH_55 wrote:

    More great goals
    Baggio v Czechoslovakia 90
    Narey v Brazil 82
    Platt v Belgium 90
    Maradona v Belgium 86
    Frings , Lahm 06
    Houghton v Italy 94

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