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Anyone seen a Trinidad and Tobago shirt?

laura_smithspark.gifLONDON - When one of our readers Chris Balodis complained he was finding it impossible to find a Trinidad and Tobago replica shirt, we decided to find out why.

Chris wrote:

After months of hard searching, I cannot (I repeat CANNOT) purchase a Trinidad & Tobago world cup top online or in the stores! If it weren't for our Carnival style, we would officially be the most anonymous group of supporters in any World Cup. I'm actually amazed noone is complaining.

We can reveal that there is indeed a severe shortage of T&T shirts in the UK - and it's mainly down to the Scots.

Stacy-Marie Ishmael, spokeswoman for the Soca Warriors Supporters' Club says it's because no fewer than six of the Trinidad and Tobago squad are playing their club football in Scotland.

The fact that the fortuitously-named St Johnstone striker Jason Scotland (no surprises that official replicas of his jersey have been selling like hot cakes) is one of them has only added to their following among Scottish fans.
Nothing of course to do with the fact the Soca Warriors have been drawn against England in Group B...

Stacy-Marie told me: "To a certain extent we have the old rivalry between England and Scotland - but I don't think they would support us so ardently if so many of our players weren't playing in Scotland.

"There are also lots of fans in the UK trying to get shirts and lots of people who have adopted Trinidad and Tobago as the underdog in the World Cup."

Exceptionally high demand has been compounded by problems with supply, she says, with deliveries from Adidas to their Oxford Circus store pushed back until early June and major website suppliers currently sold out.

Many dedicated Warriors fans have called on friends or family in the Caribbean to raid their wardrobes for any old T&T shirts or supporters' T-shirts they can find and send them over to Europe in time for the tournament.

As Stacy-Marie puts it in her blog: "A Trini named Scotland playing for the Scots against the English. Now that's globalisation."

Incidentally, you can play with our T&T squad selector here (there's one for each of the 32 World Cup teams in fact).

POSTSCRIPT: 1100 BST 1 June: This seemingly inoffensive post regarding Trinidad & Tobago shirts kicked off a somewhat foul-mouthed Scottish/English verbal war and we consequently have turned off comments on this page.
Apologies to anyone who found some of the comments offensive and apologies to those of you who had genuine things to say that got deleted in the crossfire.
Claire S - blog editor.

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  • 1.
  • At 06:09 PM on 31 May 2006,
  • mspoke wrote:

Try the Port Vale Club Shop, they did have some in stock, for all our Chris Birchall fans.

Call them +44(0) 1782 655833

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  • 2.
  • At 07:19 PM on 31 May 2006,
  • The Gaffer wrote:

Trinidad and Tobago World Cup T-shirts are available at the World Cup Shirts site. Jerseys from most of the other participating countries are available too.


The Gaffer

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  • 3.
  • At 08:01 PM on 31 May 2006,
  • Chris Balodis wrote:

Well, I have to say, I didn't quite expect a whole blog dedicated to me. At least I know now only the job is causing me to go insane and not the hunt for lack of T&T shirts.
I always suspected a devious bunch like the scots could be behind it all. Only joking.
BTW, to all those offering suggestions, yes, I have tried...the all are SOLD OUT. Reminds me of hard times in Port of Spain! :-)
At least I managed to get a Soca Warrior head scarf.
If we do manage to beat england I may have to move. I have way to many engerlaaaaand supporters as friends.

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