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40. Going out with a bang!!

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Michaela White | 12:04 UK time, Monday, 4 April 2011


From: Michaela White

To: Everyone

Okay, party people - here's the deal... You're all invited to our gaff to celebrate our departure to sunny Dubai. Refreshments will be provided by your fabulous cabin crew. Be there!

Bon Voyage! INVITATION When: Saturday, 8pm. Where: Michaela and Phil's . Why: Join us for a goodbye drink before we depart to sunny Dubai! Refreshments will be provided by your fabulous cabin crew.

Michaela and Phil x.


Bolton Smilie Uh Oh. Ur having a party?! Remember what happened last time. Hope ur not gonna turn up with another baby? Oooft!!


Michaela White ‘Thanks' for that Bolton. No baby surprises planned, just a proper party. Good tunes, good food and good company. Invitation only so don't be thinking you can bring a load of your groupies over!


Chlo Grainger Aw, Michaela. GUTTED we can't make it. It's Donte's Dad's Birthday and we're holding a surprise (shhh!) party for him on the same night. It was great to see you the other day, good luck and let's stay in touch yeah?xx


Philip Ryan Shame you can't make it Chlo. It is indeed our last night in Rochdale and it would have been great to see everyone before we depart off on our big adventure. P.


Bolton Smilie Big adventure?? Wot??? Sitting in your pants all day looking after the baby and cleaning Michaela's house? Some adventure man ;) B,


Philip Ryan What's wrong with being a house-husband anyway? I hear the daytime soaps are pretty good in Dubai. Just need to finish learning Arabic so I can read the mags too... P.


Bolton Smilie Are you really learning Arabic? You're such a nerd mate. That's funniest thing I've ever heard! What's Arabic for loser?? Most people speak English in Dubai!! Says so online man!!!


Philip Ryan I fear that my peers don't appreciate my scholarly approach to living in another country: I aim to embrace the culture, engage with the current political discourse and become a pillar of modern Dubai society - though to keep some shred of my English identity intact, I am bringing tins of baked beans and back issues of the Beano.




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