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1. Reunion Party?

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Michaela White | 16:05 UK time, Monday, 21 February 2011


From: Michaela White

To: Everybody

Alright crew? Anyone up for a reunion party at Janeece's to celebrate 8 months freedom from Budgen's clutches? It's been way too long. Mx


Bolton Smilie Mich - long time, where have you been hiding? Deal me in! WR massssive!! ZING


Aleesha Dillon OMG Babe! How are you? Not seen you in ages so definitely count me in! Heard your show last night Bolton - man you love the sound of your own voice! Xoxo


Ros McCain I'd love to come but things are so hectic at Uni at the moment that I won't be able to travel up for it. Coursework, exams, tutorials... can't complain though, I'm loving it and the nightlife here is great!


Danielle Harker Hiyaaa :)

I'm well up and funds are low so Janeece's sounds great! Unlike Aleesha, I can appreciate some good tunes - love the show Bolt- it's amazing! ;) xx


Bolton Smilie Glad you like the beats, Dan. Don't be a h8r Leesh! Let me know where it's at I can announce it on air! Phil, you workin tomorrow? Paul and I are thinking of coming for a sneaky pint - mates rates and all that, aiiight?


Janeece Bryant YEEEEEEEEEA! Word is out! Party's at my gaff!!! Bring your own bottle and 1 for me an' all ;)! J<333


Chlo Grainger This sounds great, Janeece. Donte and I would have loved to come but we're taking Izzie to Scarborough that weekend - it's our first family holiday. Catch up soon though babes, yeah? xxx


Philip Ryan Count the Ryan-meister in for whatever debauchery you have planned. Can't wait to see you Michaela (and nice profile pic, good to see some of the girls in Rochdale still have class) ...Bolton and Paul, on the other hand... DO NOT come to the pub! I'm on a final warning after the fire extinguisher incident. I say this with love -stay the hell away from me! P.




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