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Roadworks drive you potty

I remember the seasoned hack peering over his glasses and, taking a break from pounding at his typewriter keys, he had decided to impart some wisdom.

'Nothing gets them more angry than roadworks.'


That was it - his tip on stories that appealed to his readers. That was nearly 20 years ago - And here we are today.

Some things never change.

Last night, I was watching Julie Bradbury's Railway Walks, [episode 2, Discovering Snowdonia] in which she's walking the pathways left by Beeching.

What a different place we'd have today in NE Wales if we were still using Mold's train platform and all those neighbouring stations like Llong and Afonwen, and maybe today we could have been utilising a revitalised Buckley-Deeside line or even the route of the tramways at Ceiriog Valley, Cefn and Rhos.

Maybe there's still some hope if The Glyn Valley Tramway Trust get their way - but surely it will only ever be a quaint attraction...


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