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Historic haunts, newsletter and podcast [15 08 08]

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LATEST UPDATES: Wrexham's gold medal hope - Stunning sunsets - Sorry to see Chief Constable go? - Show time - Town Talk - Badgers in the garden - Podcast - Football Poetry - Historic haunts - 'UFO stalled my car'! - and much more...

Wrexham's gold medal hope
Fingers crossed for tomorrow's coxless fours rowing final which will decide whether Tom James brings an Olympic medal home to Wrexham.

Folk Festival - Find out more about Tegeingl - Mold's new folk festival which gets underway today.

Mountain art - An art sculpture is being unveiled on top of Moel Famau on Saturday and you're invited - if you manage the climb!

Flint and Denbigh Show - The volunteers behind next Thursday's annual agricultural show share some insights.

In Pictures
Sunset scenes - Tim shares a sunset from Talacre Beach on the last day of his hols.

Michelin Man - Your old photos [like Saltney Carnival in the '80s] show how times - and fashion - change!

Rants and Raves
Chief to go - 'Buddiesmum' will be sorry to see the Chief Constable retire. Will you?

Litter - KandMJay: "We need a zero tolerance approach to litter and the perpetrators, especially the louts who booze and stuff fast food into their fat bellies in public!"

Badgers in the garden - Eric: "Believe it or not within minutes there were badgers and foxes nose to nose feeding together from the tins."

Football poetry
Fans capture the highs and lows of life on the pitch and the terraces in this collection of poetry.

Town Talk
Flint's new youth club - Alien: "Councillors know that when they hold office they will be subjected to criticism. However as someone who has no strong feelings about the youth club issue, it has certainly livened up the debate."

Buckley health - Drake: "We should all be after the same thing - a new health centre for the people of Buckley."

Wrexham's Eagles Meadow - Andrea: "We do not have the pulling power of a river flowing through the town or the fact that we are a seaside resort. All we have are retail outlets..."

Caia Park shops - Anonymous: "I still drive past occasionally and look at the shops on Churchill Drive with fondness even though they look like a prison at night."

Weird round-up
Latest stories - An orange ball of light stalled Mike's car and Natalie recounts seeing a tiny UFO in her bedroom!
Historic haunts - Guide to historic places where, it is said, you can go to see ghosts.
Spooky abbey - There's a lot of paranormal activity going on at Vallé Crucis Abbey.

Podcast - NE Wales Update
This week, A level students open their results live on Good Morning Wales, and Tom Singleton meets the Wrexham youngsters reviving the ancient art of coracle making. Meanwhile, Good Evening Wales chats to the owner of three-legged dog Peggy, who loves to ride on the Llangollen Railway, and Rob Thomas uncovers some of the wackiest inventions from the past including an early alternative to plastic surgery!

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