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Mike Peters' Everest blog

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 10:36 UK time, Monday, 15 October 2007

Singer Mike Peters and co have started blogging en route to Everest to perform the world's highest gig.

Mike's writing about his experiences for the Daily Post newspaper. Meanwhile, other members of the expedition group are blogging on the website of Love Hope Strength Foundation [] which explains all about the charity stunt.

In his latest instalment, Mike writes:
It feels incredibly spiritual to be here with every step taking me higher and higher. We had hoped to get our first view of Everest today and although the clouds obscured our first potential sighting it only seemed to heighten the dram as I pulled up a steep incline and found Alex Coletti and the documentary team waiting to film my reaction as I set my eyes upon Everest.

There she was in all her majesty framed by the trees of the Khumbu Valley. According to our sherpa we were very lucky to see her this well as the clouds are often blocking the view. It was a wonderful moment and I was encouraged to perform a song.

'Breathe' was the song I chose and it was quite something to be singing at the highest altitude I have ever been and to have the mighty Everest mountain range behind me.


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