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Seeing stars: Who've you bumped into?

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 08:26 UK time, Friday, 9 March 2007

You seen any celebs recently whilst out and about? The reason I ask is I saw snooker legend and now TV pundit Dennis Taylor - the guy who made the upside down spectacles famous - waiting for a lift in Abermorddu, Wrexham, this morning.

I'm not sure whether he was waiting for a lift from Steve Davies or a bus, but he was waving to passing motorists who recognised him as he stood outside the double glazing showroom. Apparently he has lived in nearby Llay for a couple of years.

We should get his profile added to our Hall of Fame which also includes people with links - some more tenuous than others - to this part of the world like Kevin Keegan, the Lennons and a Tolkien who also appeared in the one of the latest movies.

So, who've you ever bumped into? I've also served fags to former Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes, don't you know, when he popped into the petrol station where I worked in Staffordshire in the 80s. He must have heard I worked there! And, as a hotel waiter, I took breakfast to the bedrooms - separate - of 80s Scottish group The Proclaimers [they're still going].

Is it just me or does it give you a buzz from seeing someone 'off of the telly'? My son didn't seem bothered. Perhaps he'd have been more impressed if I said 'hey, isn't he the guy from off of the youtube'.

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