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When Sir Cliff sings I smell burgers & coffee!

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 09:18 UK time, Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Do memories come flooding back when you hear old pop songs? Portuguese contributor Valerie says she cannot hear Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard without the "whiff of coffee and hamburgers" returning to her nose. That's because she was working in a café in Rhyl when Cliff's song was top of the charts in 1963 and she remembers it was forever being played on the juke box.

For me, it's any track off R.E.M's 1992 album Automatic For The People. Songs like Man On The Moon and Nightswimming remind me of life before kids and when me and my wife spent a great week driving around Scotland with it playing away endlessly on the radio cassette - before the car broke down and the cash ran out. Broke but happy days!

What memories are conjured up by music for you?


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