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Why our community is the best!

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 08:42 UK time, Wednesday, 5 April 2006

Frazer has emailed the BBC Wales NE website suggesting the villagers of Cefn Mawr are unique - but we reckon we can show why some of the other local communities are equally distinctive - and perhaps you could point out the rest.

"Cefn Mawr is so unique, full of wonderful characters past to present. Only the born and bred will ever understand that raw and straight to the point humour," says Frazer who was reacting to a poem submitted by Lorraine about life in Cefn.

In Buckley they have their own dialect, like 'husht thee naise' (be quiet).

Meanwhile, in Flint locals says they live 'off Flint', they're never from it!

The villagers of Acrefair are an interesting bunch too - but you can be the judge of that as they have a bustling online forum.

In Mold, Tom says: "I believe the community spirit in Mold is excellent, with a small, but strong Welsh-speaking community getting on well with the non-Welsh speaking community."

We could go on and on but you will know best about the quirkiness of local life in your area so get in touch and let us all know.


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