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Teen mums fight the stereotype

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Nick - Web Team Nick - Web Team | 12:14 UK time, Saturday, 4 March 2006

Teenage mums have been having their 15 minutes of fame in the BBC Wales TV series Teen Mams, and now others too are doing their bit to shrug off the Vicky Pollard stereotype that they are all good for nothings, living off handouts.

Young mum Kat has mailed in to Youth Culture to fight their corner, saying she hates being stereotyped: "I'm studying for 11 GCSEs and I'm predicted all a's and b's".

In Wrexham, girls are able to continue their education by going to a dedicated school and pupils there like Allanah have been in touch to share their experiences, saying "we want girls to know how hard it really is", and to explain that they don't receive any handouts.

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