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Winter sunrise over Wales

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Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 09:34 UK time, Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The clocks changed a few weeks ago but at least we've gained a little extra light in the mornings.

I've been out and about surfing around 6.15am on days when it's been worth going and the extra light has proved to be a real blessing.

It's an incredible feeling - paddling out into a dark ocean and watching the sun rise as the water all around you gradually turns to pink and orange - mirroring the skies above.

Here's some video from a camera I mounted onto my surfboard recently:

A friend who went surfing the other morning arrived to find poor surf but said it was worth going, just to see the sunrise, which sums it up nicely.

Oyster catchers must to be the most hard working of all the UK bird species - always up first and normally the last to bed with their distinctive, panicky calls, echoing eerily along the shoreline.

It won't last for long though, as winter is drawing in quickly. We've definitely been feeling it in South Wales this week with bitterly cold temperatures on Monday and Tuesday.

For those of you who enjoy an early start, you'll have witnessed some amazing sunrises recently.

This one comes from Shane Phoenix in Llay, North Wales who wrote: "I've never sent a photograph in before but this morning's sunrise over Llay, my home village was spectacular."


If you've got some nice photos you'd like to share, please e-mail them to me here at wales.nature@bbc.co.uk

Not so long ago we were showcasing sensational sunset photos.




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