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Jellyfish encounters

Martin Aaron Martin Aaron | 11:20 UK time, Monday, 20 July 2009

There seem to have been a lot of jellyfish washing up on our beaches
recently as sea temperatures rise and strong onshore winds push
them in towards the shore.

Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire where 'Hollywood' has recently been filming for Harry Potter and Robin Hood has had an influx of jellyfish.

It's tricky to tell from the photo but they appear to be compass jellyfish - with dark dots around the edges and brown lines extending outwards from the centre.

Images taken by William Webber at Freshwater West on 19 July :

Compass Jellyfish

Blue jellyfish

These jellyfish although dead, will still sting when touched underneath or on the tentacles so don't pick them up.

If you've seen jellyfish washed up at your local beach then let us know where, in the comments box below.

The Marine Conservation Society are currently carrying out a jellyfish survey so you can share your finds with them.


 Send in your photos to our BBC Wales Nature Flickr group.

Find out more about jellyfish on BBC Wales Nature

Report a sighting to the Marine Conservation Society



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