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Adam Walton playlist and show info: Sunday 18 April 2010

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Adam Walton Adam Walton | 10:24 UK time, Tuesday, 20 April 2010

You can hear this week's celebration of the most interesting new Welsh music via the iPlayer at the link below until next Sunday evening (25 April).


Contained therein you will find a sulphuric, intelligent and visceral session from Cardiff's Brandyman. They're one of the most singular and fascinating bands in Wales, operating somewhere betwixt and between Big Black, Gerard Manley Hopkins, an English language Datbygu and Jesus Lizard. It's bob-on fascinating, evidential proof of dark matter, and gratuitously exciting.

Andy Regan, the artist most frequently known as Pagan Wanderer Lu, braves the hessian sound baffling of the box studio in Cardiff to talk about his new release, European Monsoon, "an album full of intriguing ideas, great tunes and philosophical wrangles."

Huw Williams peers back through his dusty chronoscope at the finely chiselled teeth and glistening torsos of Judas Jump. Lara Catrin translates Gruff Rhys.

Ben Hayes (the DJ, producer and growler formerly known as Soundhog) mourns the imminent demise of Supergrass.

And I play tunes. All the right ones. Not necessarily in the right order.

If you have inspirational Welsh music, I'm dead keen to hear it: themysterytour@gmail.com (hq .mp3s, short biog and contact number, please.)

Have an excellent week. Do what thou wilt, but make sure it includes avoiding the heinous remake of The Prisoner on ITV. Really, Portmeirion should rise up in arms and go to war.


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