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"Within the rules"

Louisa Compton | 16:43 UK time, Wednesday, 17 June 2009

binley_45837041_001188882-1.jpg The Conservative MP who claimed almost £60,000 to rent a flat from his own company told Victoria this morning that he doesn't believe he's done anything wrong. The Northampton South MP, Brian Binley, made the claims whilst he appealed against a change in House of Commons rules banning MPs from renting properties from themselves or their companies. He moved to a different flat after the Speaker rejected his appeal in April and told Victoria what he did was "honest, above board, straight-forward and a fair-deal to the tax payer":

Lots of reaction from Mr Binley's constituents to the interview. Evelyn said "I listen regularly but never felt compelled enough to text before. I am a constituent of Mr Binley and even voted for him! Am apalled by his arrogance. Hope Cameron takes positive action. Won't be voting for him again for sure!". And Andy said "I am a constituent of Mr Binley. He sums up everything wrong with polititians. Blinkered views, black is white arguments. He doesn't have my support!" But there was some support for him, like this text from Colin "I think Brian Binley was completely up front and honest. Surely the problem is with the fee's office allowing widespread abuse."


  • 1. At 6:14pm on 17 Jun 2009, Binkie wrote:

    Thanks for putting this very enjoyable interview on your blog.I missed it this morning.

    If in doubt blame the fee's office.He seemed to be getting quite worked up.

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  • 2. At 8:59pm on 17 Jun 2009, Brunnsum100 wrote:

    I wish I could keep so calm and even handed as you do Victoria. He knows he's in the wrong thats why he allowed you to get under his skin.

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  • 3. At 10:51pm on 17 Jun 2009, Peter1970 wrote:

    If he broke the rules then they wouldn't have paid out.

    Blame the people who didn't do their jobs.
    Has VD told us how much she leeches off the license payers yet?

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  • 4. At 09:51am on 18 Jun 2009, Binkie wrote:

    Well I can't argue with that point.

    If you are going to scrutinize MPs and their expenses and how tax payers money has been abused, then the BBC must be open and do likewise and give licence payers the opportunity to do the same to presenters salaries.Such an air of secretrecy surrounding BBC salaries and their expenses is totally hypocritical.

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  • 5. At 3:06pm on 18 Jun 2009, Labbers wrote:

    Absolute disgrace. I voted for this man and I'm appalled. The arrogance was staggering. To carry on claiming, have his appeal dismissed and not expect to have to repay the money is just incredible. If it were Joe Average making these claims we'd be locked up! The 'No' answers topped off a fantastic interview. Well done Victoria!

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