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Police, politicians and pop

Victoria Derbyshire | 08:33 AM, Monday, 29 June 2009

Today the Monday music review features La Roux's debut album, Bruce Springsteen's new single Lucky Day and Moby's latest album, Wait For Me.

Plus we'll bring together the Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee who says untrained police officers were at the frontline of the G20 protest and Assistant Commissioner at the Met who denies such a charge.

And does it matter if Mps have second jobs? From this Wednesday for the first time politicians will have to declare how many hours they spend doing second jobs, and how much they earn. Can having a second job help in an MP's role or would you rather they concentrated on representing their constituents and scrutinising legislation?


  • 1. At 12:08pm on 29 Jun 2009, Binkie wrote:

    I can't understand why you had such a poor music reviewer called Katrina on your show when it is quite clear that she has very little knowledge of what she is taking about,particularly in the case of Springsteen.

    Victoria if you persist in doing a music review please get someone who can say more than ' it just isn't for me ' and being critical of music she obviously doesn't like or understand.

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  • 2. At 12:12pm on 29 Jun 2009, PrincipalSkinner wrote:

    Sorry Victoria but that was a poor music review today. Why you only seem to get people in the studio who talk over the top of each other and start every sentence with "I think" or "I mean", is very annoying. What was worse today was that you seemed to give value to the comments of someone who admitted no knowledge of Bruce Springsteen in a review of his music. And the final point made was that for a musician to maintain a career he/she needs to change their style with every release (referring to Bruce and Moby). Is this why so many of the people who have CDs out that these "music experts" rate as genuises only last for two or three albums? I don't care about the opinions of people who base their opinions on those who play at Glastonbury are great and everyone else is not. Get some reviewers in who we respect, or at least some we have heard of.

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