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How would you react if your Mum wanted to look like you?

Victoria Derbyshire | 08:56 AM, Friday, 24 April 2009

Obviously disregard that question if you're a boy. Janet's the mum, Jane's the daughter - guess how old each is?

Janet and Jane

Janet's spent around £12,000 on surgical enhancement so she can look like Jane.

Watch this film of them at their home in Burnley and see how people in the town react to them.

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BBC News: 'I just wanted to look like her'


  • 1. At 09:30am on 24 Apr 2009, zelda wrote:

    Lovely! I reckon the mother is late 40s. There is something very strange about women like this. It's like women who want to be their children's best friends, weird!

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  • 2. At 09:31am on 24 Apr 2009, zelda wrote:

    Oh sorry, can I just add, their hair looks awful.

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  • 3. At 09:40am on 24 Apr 2009, teresa meyer wrote:

    Not sure how the plastic surgery has made the mother look like the daughter. Their faces are entirely different. Their body shape is entirely different. It's down to the hair [easily faked] and the clothes [not expensive to get right].

    Personally, if I were the daughter, I'd be spooked.

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  • 4. At 09:44am on 24 Apr 2009, alexd2008 wrote:

    This was a Daily Mail story TWO WEEKS ago. What are the BBC (and us, as licence payers) paying you for, Victoria, hmmm?

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  • 5. At 09:47am on 24 Apr 2009, thelovelyinkydog wrote:

    I think Mum looks good for her age, but would look better with a more natural hair colour and more suitable clothes. Apart from the hair and clothes, she doesn't look like her daughter though.

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  • 6. At 09:52am on 24 Apr 2009, gonubieman wrote:

    All they need is a couple of cigars and i would think they are entering a Jimmy Saville lookalike comp!

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  • 7. At 09:52am on 24 Apr 2009, Helluvalassie wrote:

    I believe there is a place for everyone in this world and for this particular lady it looks like the street corner. I havent heard her speak yet, but just looking at her picture I immediately think she looks like a common chav. Whatever she aspired to she has ended up looking like a cheap hooker! Shame on her.

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  • 8. At 09:55am on 24 Apr 2009, zelda wrote:

    Helluvalassie - I wanted to say that but I am far too polite!

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  • 9. At 09:59am on 24 Apr 2009, 555aitch wrote:

    Helluvalassie - I couldn't have said it better myself.

    And Victoria - I thought I was listening to the BBC, not subscribing to the Daily Mail!

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  • 10. At 10:13am on 24 Apr 2009, akamarty64 wrote:

    If i saw these two walking down the street i would assume that they had just finished a shift at the local massage parlor,
    it,s nice to see the mother aspires to be as classy as her daughter ! they're like something from little britain.

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  • 11. At 10:19am on 24 Apr 2009, Dizzfunctional wrote:

    I'm sorry but this story is pathetic, it's bad enough trying to look like your daughter but having heard the interview with them they are even more shallow and pathetic...

    Surely there is more going on in the world that fivelive do not have to report on rubbish like this?

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  • 12. At 10:20am on 24 Apr 2009, TonyCdff wrote:

    Mutton dressed as lamb = Mother

    So sad.

    Best coment was the Jimmy Saville lookalike wannabes

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  • 13. At 10:26am on 24 Apr 2009, sirkingy wrote:

    They look their age to me, rough.

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  • 14. At 10:27am on 24 Apr 2009, zelda wrote:

    Having now seen the video clip and heard their explanation all I can say is 'Oh Dear'.

    Sad people.

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  • 15. At 10:28am on 24 Apr 2009, merryminstrel wrote:

    This is cringeworthy! Love the Jimmy Saville comment!

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  • 16. At 10:29am on 24 Apr 2009, gandi1 wrote:

    I feel so sorry for both of these women and would take a guess that neither is in a meaningful relationship. Why do these women dye their roots black? To compare them with Jimmy Saville is wrong - at least he created his image and did some good with it.

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  • 17. At 10:30am on 24 Apr 2009, SixDecadesATrotters'Fan wrote:

    So that is what bad hair extensions look like! Terrible hair! change your hairdresser luv. I dont really think that the Mother looks that much younger. I would have said fiftyish and MDAL. Sorry.

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  • 18. At 10:30am on 24 Apr 2009, fancyphaser wrote:

    I never knew Netto did hair extensions, how cheap are they?

    When is the mother getting her teeth done like her daughters? I have a spare hammer and chisel if she needs to borrow one.

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  • 19. At 10:30am on 24 Apr 2009, kingbarners wrote:

    What awful hair. How can you spend all that money and end up with such awful hair? It looks dead...and probably is. Dark eyebrows with white hair....makes you wonder.

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  • 20. At 10:31am on 24 Apr 2009, jinxy_winxy wrote:

    Neither look their age, Jane looks older and her mum looks younger, granted she looks 'fit', but i bet she's 'high maintenance'! Never mind Jimmy Saville lookalikes, more like trying to clone them selves on Paris Hilton!!! Hahahah, now thats funny!

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  • 21. At 10:34am on 24 Apr 2009, louj72 wrote:

    I think Janet looks really good, but could look even better if she ditched the hair extensions. I think she should go for a bob or a shorter hairstyle and maybe consider making the colour darker.

    Jane looks good too, but appears unconvincing when claiming that she is happy that her mother is copying her style.

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  • 22. At 10:37am on 24 Apr 2009, superBellebelle wrote:

    They both look trashy in my opinion but at least in your twenties you're "allowed" to committ heinous fashion crimes. The mother should know better, she would look much better if she went for a more sophisticated look.

    Anyone telling them they look similar in age is just humouring them because it's obviously what the mother wants to hear.

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  • 23. At 10:40am on 24 Apr 2009, beachball64 wrote:

    The Mum is a bit of a head turner, but needs to sort the terrible hair out. I presume the beautiful daughter that is referred to was unavailable and the other women is a late stand-in.

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  • 24. At 10:40am on 24 Apr 2009, rarelyon wrote:

    Dreadful in every way. Would run a mile from either of these two.

    Mum did say she was 'well travelled' - certainly looks like it from these images!

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  • 25. At 10:43am on 24 Apr 2009, mand44 wrote:

    I think the mother who had plastic surgery is quite sad.
    How is she going to feel when the wrinkles return?
    I agree they do not look the same age.
    She should dress more for a mature woman.
    If she had not sun bathed so much she would have looked younger any way.

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  • 26. At 10:43am on 24 Apr 2009, eheart wrote:

    oh how gross. They don't look like each other. They both look like streetwalkers. Why don't people act their age?

    the hair colour is wrong, the chavvy clothes are wrong. This mum should be ashamed of herself, and the daughter should be embarrassed. Mum's hair is brittle and fake-looking and daughter's makeup belongs on stage. Which is, I suppose, what they are doing.

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  • 27. At 10:45am on 24 Apr 2009, gonubieman wrote:

    now then now then guys n gals what can i fix for you ?
    JS obe

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  • 28. At 10:47am on 24 Apr 2009, Binkie wrote:

    When I feel the need to know about a lame story such as this, I will tune in to the Tricia or Jeremy Kyle tv show.What a waste of 5live airtime.

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  • 29. At 10:48am on 24 Apr 2009, fortrosian wrote:

    All I can say is money cant buy you happiness, and if you are trying to look like your daughter because you felt a bit 'depressed' then you have more money than sense!

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  • 30. At 11:03am on 24 Apr 2009, tonyr2k wrote:

    This seems to be just one more example of how Victoria is managing to turn Five Live into
    Woman's Hour.

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  • 31. At 11:08am on 24 Apr 2009, SixDecadesATrotters'Fan wrote:

    Five Live turning Tabloid. Please Victoria, no more of this!

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  • 32. At 11:09am on 24 Apr 2009, carrie wrote:

    Difficult to tell which was which. I am sorry for them because they both look dreadful and have set themselves up to be ridiculed.

    What is the world coming to? As reported above, this is an old story I heard about on the radio days ago. Truly Radio Five is a tabloid station. Nothing else to talk about? I can think of plenty of things.

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  • 33. At 11:40am on 24 Apr 2009, concerned4u wrote:

    Vanity, thy name is woman! It just goes to show there is much truth in the phrases "mutton dressed as lamb" and "you cant polish a turd" oh dear oh dear oh dear!

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  • 34. At 11:42am on 24 Apr 2009, concerned4u wrote:

    P.S. If she was a man she would probobly have bought a Harley Davidson and some tight leather jeans...

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  • 35. At 11:45am on 24 Apr 2009, Murdyl wrote:

    The mother says she's spent £12,000 on plastic surgery ... well the daughter looks more plastic than real. Who in their right mind wears so much make-up outside of the theatre?
    The mother's hair looks fake and how sad that she is so insecure that she has to look like her 29 year old daughter - and the fact is she doesn't.

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  • 36. At 11:46am on 24 Apr 2009, 63Brummie wrote:

    Desparate! Mutton dressed as fillet of Mutton.
    They look like a pair porn actors of the 1980's.
    This being said the mother is actually better looking than the daughter, her nose is actually really nice.. but the hair looks like Worzel Gummidge was used as an example.
    Both of these women would benefit from a more subtle and tasteful make over.

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  • 37. At 11:48am on 24 Apr 2009, Murdyl wrote:

    Someone said that this story proves Victoria is turning her programme into Woman's Hour. Well I've listened to Woman's Hour and the stories carried on that programme would never sink to the depths of this one.
    Once again this is an example of Victoria Derbyshire pandering to an easy story an following the crowd. Why is it when she is away the stories carried on the show are more interesting, information and less 'poor woman' focused. And before anyone shouts, I am a woman.

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  • 38. At 11:51am on 24 Apr 2009, AriGoldinLondon wrote:

    How sad can some people be. If you want to look more youthfull then do some exercise and eat healthily. The hair looks hideous as well.
    Ari Gold

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  • 39. At 12:21pm on 24 Apr 2009, SixDecadesATrotters'Fan wrote:

    I hope these women will make a donation to Major Phil Packer at He is now getting so many donations the site has crashed! Try again later.

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  • 40. At 12:45pm on 24 Apr 2009, megaJADE123 wrote:

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the House Rules.

  • 41. At 12:46pm on 24 Apr 2009, megaJADE123 wrote:


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  • 42. At 12:49pm on 24 Apr 2009, dobo235 wrote:

    Awful, Mutton dressed as Lamb and a wannabe Paris Hilton look-a-like. They should be ashamed of themselves,or are they looking for an invite off Jeremy Kyle?
    If you don't pay attention to them, they may dissapear...

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  • 43. At 12:58pm on 24 Apr 2009, kolumkilli wrote:

    A sad, superficial and fruitless attempt at clinging onto something that can't be recaptured, on avoiding what is an inevitable process (aging), one which actually has many positives. It's tragic to see the words 'mutton' and 'lamb' so often used in the comments here, but it's a hard conclusion not to draw. I would personally rather consign myself to a lifetime of celibacy than go within a million miles of a daughter who thinks it's fine for her mum to copy her appearance - or vice versa.

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  • 44. At 1:09pm on 24 Apr 2009, jch wrote:

    I'd love a Freudian opinion on these two.

    Both look like "Chantelle" wannabes.

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  • 45. At 1:23pm on 24 Apr 2009, muffinman1958 wrote:

    well i think she is mutton dressed as lamb, why did`nt she just enjoy what she has and be happy.

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  • 46. At 1:27pm on 24 Apr 2009, mwhouse wrote:

    I was going to say "mutton dressed as lamb", but it seems many others have had the same idea.

    There's nothing wrong with adopting a youthful image in later life, but this is just creepy.

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  • 47. At 1:29pm on 24 Apr 2009, sparkleSunnyD wrote:

    Agree they both look awful but they are very easy targets and at least they're happy. Just loved the mother's comment in the radio interview about how she had put on weight. Apparently it was when she was living in Spain where they typically eat curries and pizzas!

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  • 48. At 3:25pm on 24 Apr 2009, megaJADE123 wrote:

    This is pathetic. She gets all her plastic surgery paid for from much older men!. How can she walk down the street and not be ashamed

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  • 49. At 3:39pm on 24 Apr 2009, rolekins3 wrote:

    I agree with those who find this story creepy and pathetic. Do these women ever stop for a moment and ask themselves where this is all going to end ? I suppose it's sad that they have nothing in their lives to take their minds off their personal appearance.

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  • 50. At 4:28pm on 24 Apr 2009, DaveAllin wrote:

    Sad, creepy, Mutton dressed as lamb. Most of all I feel very sorry for the daughter who has to put up with this, but then, what normal daughter wants to go out clubbing with her mum (except on the rare odd occaision).
    Please don't show any pictures with her clothes off !!!!!
    Overall yuck

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  • 51. At 5:58pm on 24 Apr 2009, perfectginagirl wrote:

    Oh my God, the 2 of them are gross! The daughter is just not pretty and the mother is just so common.

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  • 52. At 6:23pm on 24 Apr 2009, fortytwolegs wrote:

    I didn't bother watching the video as it only encourages them. This is another example of Victoria Derbyshire's 'tabloidisation' of her programme. She is uncomfortable carrying items of any weight and hence resorts to nonsense like this. Why else was she taken off the phone-in part of her show? Those vague 'Yeees' responses when someone was talking about something she clearly didn't grasp became untenable. Sad. 5Live used to be so much better than this but seems to be determined to dumb down. But thank god for the I player, which I rush to as soon as I hear her voice.

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  • 53. At 7:22pm on 24 Apr 2009, brodders69 wrote:

    Some truly fantastic comments on here about these two bimbos - truly entertaining stuff!
    What the photos don't show that well (& I've had the misfortune to have seen in real life) is the amount of make-up that both mother & daughter wear - I suspect another £12K is blown on that each year!

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  • 54. At 7:56pm on 24 Apr 2009, Kitty Antonik Wakfer wrote:

    It's not necessary to go through plastic surgery - as Janet did - to look 20 years younger than one really is.
    I am never taken for my actual age of 64 and rarely even 10 years less than that; most guesses are for the mid 40s, though some are younger. At 5 ft 5.5in and weight of 110 lb in excellent health with great stamina, I outdance those in their 20s and younger - youngsters chronologically in comparisons. My husband is a similar example at age 71 - the guys who join in the high energy dancing with him are amazed. Paul gets lots of high-5's as well as the frequent "Awesome!"s directed to both of us. Doing what it takes to be physiologically young will result in appearance improvement; and this we do. I sure wish my mother had understood this 30 years ago; she'd almost certainly still be alive instead of dead with breast cancer at age 68 in 1990. But then my knowledge has increased considerably in the past 15 years myself.

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  • 55. At 8:09pm on 24 Apr 2009, cloggy saint wrote:

    Why would anyone spend 12 quid to look like that, never mind 12,000

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  • 56. At 10:29pm on 24 Apr 2009, jimmy-dean wrote:

    the mum looks fit not sure about the daughter she does nothing for me but say yes to the mum she is hot

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  • 57. At 10:36pm on 24 Apr 2009, stevebushell wrote:

    PLEASE send me your email address!


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  • 58. At 10:39pm on 24 Apr 2009, jimmy-dean wrote:

    haveing just watched and seen the the video in full they seem very nice people very down to earth what they choose to do with there lifes is there choice and good for them i admire that fact the mother have a great bond based on trust and mutual respect i cant believe the nasty comments by some people but i guess that is typical of the culture we live in these same robots will come out and defend z list celebs and buy there autobiographies yet have a go at ordinary people incredible the daughter is my age but i would defo go for the mother she looks fit

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  • 59. At 11:31am on 25 Apr 2009, magwa52 wrote:

    Its very very SAD that a 50yr old wants to look 24yrs old. Expressions like mutton dressed as lamb come to mind.
    Whats wrong today?
    Whats wrong with growing old gracefully.
    Or discracefully for that matter.
    I'm 53 and proud of how I am 'warts and all'
    Every line/ scar/ mark has a tale to tell so why worry

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  • 60. At 00:32am on 26 Apr 2009, allnitespike23 wrote:

    think i would want my£12,000back & buy some good clothes with the money have they seen how they look. is it april the first. woof woof ,why give these clowns air time they should join a circus

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  • 61. At 8:16pm on 26 Apr 2009, Squonk wrote:

    Oh dear .............................

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  • 62. At 12:23pm on 27 Apr 2009, archicrooks wrote:

    As the years march on Ladies should do elegance not attempt sexy because at 50 they cant do sexy-simple as. they just look like cheap hookers

    my lady friend is the same age as this "mother" has a 26 year old daughter and looks fantastic-she has had no body work done-has kept her trim figure and looks amazing-not sexy but so beautiful and elegant

    elegance for older ladies will turn gentlemens head for the right reasons-Janet im afraid turns them for the wrong ones

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