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The Indian Doctor: Filming in a Welsh village

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Sanjeev Bhaskar Sanjeev Bhaskar | 10:05 UK time, Monday, 15 November 2010

The Indian Doctor is about Prem Sharma, and his wife, Kamini, who arrive in Britain in the summer of 1963. Rather than the bright lights of London, they are posted to a small Welsh mining village, taking over from the previous doctor there, who has unexpectedly passed away.

There, they encounter the curious villagers and the local English colliery manager, Richard Sharpe. He is most worried about a missing diary, belonging to the previous doctor, that may have incriminating evidence against him, linking the awful conditions in his mine and unusually high rates of lung disease.

Sanjeev Bhaskar as Dr Prem Shama with his on-screen wife, Kamini Sharma, played by Ayesha Dharker

I first got involved after the producers Deep Sehgal and Tom Ware approached me about 18 months ago. I thought too that it would make a really watchable drama.

I was particularly drawn to the 1960s and that, historically, many doctors from the Commonwealth were invited to Britain to support the relatively new NHS.

Of greater irony was that it was Enoch Powell who was seen to be doing the inviting.

Many members of my family arrived here at that time, so I recalled their stories and plundered their memories to get an idea of the kind of attitudes they faced but more importantly, what their emotional responses were.

I also spoke with a retired Indian doctor who did arrive in the 1960s and practised in a Welsh village (where he still lives), which was invaluable.

The biggest problem, he told me, was understanding the accent (ironically!) and the colloquialisms the locals used. Most Indians had learned very traditional English and had only heard the Queen's English at that.

Though the story does involve race, I don't think it's about racism. It's more about curiosity and preconceptions.

I experienced a degree of racism, particularly when I was at school in west London but I got it from both sides - the Asians and the white kids. There was a lot of racial tension at the time.

Racism, though born mainly out of ignorance, is just another form of bullying. So anyone who's been victimised or intimidated for something that they have no control over, should be able to relate to that.

Mark Williams as mine manager Richard Sharpe in The Indian Doctor

The difference in our Welsh village is that it is small enough for people to get to know the Indian doctor and so even if people do have ignorant notions about him, the opportunity to dispel them is that much quicker.

The predominantly Welsh cast and crew seemed to have worked with each other many times before, especially on Welsh language dramas, so were very familiar with each other.

They were incredibly welcoming and warm towards me which made going into work every day a total pleasure. The crew were amongst the finest I've ever worked with.

I became aware of a collective approach to problem solving that doesn't happen very often in filming. Usually, different departments have to solve their own problems but here everyone pitched in.

I'd worked with Ayesha Dharker (Kamini) in a couple of movies and a mini-series and Mark Williams (Richard Sharpe) too. In fact all three of us were in Anita And Me.

Ayesha is one of the most instinctive and subtle actresses I've ever worked with so I always feel I have to raise my game with her. Mark is a man who can just about play anything. Supremely gifted, razor wit and annoyingly intelligent.

Off set, he's incredibly funny but also interested in everything. Having been involved with Harry Potter for the last 10 years, he's as comfortable conversing with kids as he is with grown ups. I think I fall somewhere between the two.

When you're filming, the script is a fairly organic thing (challenging to the writer!).

There are things that you discover aren't clear or don't work only when you get to the location or the set. Bill Armstrong had delivered a great script with lots of interconnected stories, the overwhelming majority of which is what we filmed.

Miners from Richard Sharpe's mine in The Indian Doctor

The most important thing is for the actors to own the dialogue so minor tweaks were made with the blessings of the directors (Tim Whitby, Deep Sehgal), sometimes on the day. This is normal though.

There were so many highlights - it was probably the best telly experience I've had in the last five years. I tried to learn two Welsh words a day. Everyone from the make up department to sound and cameras pitched in with suggestions - that was fun.

No lowlights I can think of at all, but the 'oddlight' was driving to Cardiff from London and having to pay the toll when you cross the Severn Bridge. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was entering a giant theme park called Wales.

Daytime drama has always had an odd association to it. I suppose people immediately think of an Australian soap and assume that this can be the only tone.

However, recent compact dramas with strong writing and experienced actors, directors and writers such as Missing and Land Girls do suggest that the production values are much higher than merely a soap, which in itself suggests a production line approach to drama.

The main challenge for a daytime drama (apart from having to do everything on a miniscule budget compared to primetime dramas) is having to take into account the range of viewers that may be sitting in front of the box at that time of the day.

I record a lot of programmes, or watch them on iPlayer, so when they're on means a lot less to me than it used to. We would have, no doubt, approached some of the subject areas differently if the show was going out at 9pm, but I hope with the same charm and attention to detail.

I'm really proud to have been involved in such a collaborative, fun effort. All the credit goes to the people behind the cameras. Even the catering was great.

It was probably the most ego-free environment that I've worked in for ages, so perhaps proud is the wrong word. Privileged would be better.

Sanjeev Bhaskar plays Dr Prem Sharma in The Indian Doctor.

The Indian Doctor begins on Monday, 15 November at 2.15pm on BBC One and BBC One HD.

Further broadcasts are listed on the upcoming episodes page.

The Indian Doctor will return for a second series. You can read more about this announcement from Liam Keelan, controller of BBC daytime on the BBC TV blog.

The Indian Doctor is one of two programmes on BBC One to mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Swinging Sixties. Rewind The Sixties, presented by Lulu at 9.15am each weekday morning looks at the huge social change, creative innovation and historic importance that made the decade what it was.

Comments made by writers on the TV blog are their own opinions and not necessarily those of the BBC.


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  • Comment number 301.

    I don't normally watch television in an afternoon, I thoroughly enjoyed this and could hardly wait for the next episode. Well done BBC

  • Comment number 302.

    Well done the BBC for 'Indian doctor'. This & 'Moving on' are top quality dramas that deserve evening viewing. I have admired Sanjeev Bhaskar's work for years & this confirms his acting ability. Years ago I wished there was a recorded version of Zadie'sSmith's 'White Teeth' so my blind father could experience it. I thought then that of the actors I knew only Sanjeev & Meera Syal had the range to do it. How about it BBC?

  • Comment number 303.

    What a brilliant series The Indian Doctor is. Having been brought up in a small Welsh village in the 60's, it's brought back happy memories of my wonderful childhood. The acting is superb and it was very natural and very easy to watch. I hope you will make another series and show it on prime time television. I can't wait for another.

  • Comment number 304.

    Excellent. BBC drama as it should be. MORE PLEASE. My husband, who normally doesn't watch drama or series programmes, did watch and was bowled over by the quality of the acting and of the story. What a breath of fresh air for the drama to be based in Wales instead of 'Up North'. (We are East Anglians.) Congratulations Sanjeev Bhaskar. MORE PLEASE.

  • Comment number 305.

    A warm and very engaging light comedy with some bite as well (corporate responsibility in the workplace, social issues etc).

    Very sharply cast: an effortlessness to the actors’ contributions. Very much an ensemble work of acting, rather than a vehicle for any single performer. It becomes meaningless to single out any one actor, so strong is the collective achievement.

    You can see it was a happy shoot.

    It was beautifully shot by Ray Orton and skilfully and deftly written by Bill Armstrong.

    Did anyone spot Bill Armstrong in an (I think) unaccredited appearance as Mr McGregor from the Coal Board? Writer Bill Armstrong is also an actor (“William Armstrong”). That’s William Armstrong above - hinting at a promotion to Mark Williams.

    I hope The Indian Doctor gets repeated in a more mainstream slot, to give it the platform that all those concerned clearly deserve. It was fun and charming.

  • Comment number 306.

    I can only repeat what everyone else has said. A brilliant program, I enjoyed it so much of a afternoon, told my husband, sister and other family memebers who managed to watch it on iplayer and subsequently they went on to recomend it to other people.

    We are now desperatly hopeing that there will be more to come as so many storylines still left to build on.

  • Comment number 307.

    Brilliant ! well done BBC this is a classic, shame its only a run of five and wasted on an afternoon slot I recorded them. Hope its given a longer series at a better time.

  • Comment number 308.

    Aunty! You have done it again! A repeat please and another series is in order!

  • Comment number 309.

    The Indian Doctor is the best series I have seen for a long time.
    More of the same please BBC.

  • Comment number 310.

    For those who missed the series it is being repeated on BBC Wales starting this wednesday at 10.45pm so if you have Sky tune into BBC Wales on page 972.

    Excellent series which is actually filmed in the town where I live in South Wales, and is another series which has been filmed in the town. (others include, the citadel, border cafe and two series of Coal House.)

  • Comment number 311.

    Hope it’s not lost on BBC drama commissioners that the series has gained such a strong reaction on this blog page!

    The series hit the comedy-drama balance/tone perfectly. A fairly recent BBC documentary (about the history of the NHS?) explored how Indian doctors in the 60s and 70s, educated at home under British methods of medical training , came to the UK as hospital doctors etc but would be blatantly or covertly blocked from progression to Consultant level, even though they were very capable ... Very sad.

    It’s a shameful episode in British history and maybe Dr Prem Sharma’s next experience – although it could be too strong on the drama and just not right for the lightness and comedy! Oh well.

    I think if we watch The Indian Doctor space, a second series will emerge ...

  • Comment number 312.

    The Indian Doctor, has been a brilliant series. please let us some more! also Doctors on every day at 1.45 is excellant! the series of moving on was so good! this is what we need! thankyou BBC FOR SOME GOOD TV , AND EXCELLANT ACTORS

  • Comment number 313.

    BRILLIANT! I was made redundant a few weeks ago, I have been really down in the dumps until last week when I started watching this programme. It was something to look forward to - and being Welsh I could relate to a lot of the authenticity of Welsh village life - which was so well acted. This programme reminds me of a Welsh version of ITV'S Heartbeat - only with a Welsh theme. Well done BBC hope that a second series is in the planning. I think it would be brilliant to see it again on a Sunday Evening for a wider audience to have the chance to enjoy it.

  • Comment number 314.

    A very enjoyable programme. Note that the Union Flag was wrong side up at Fete.
    Was this a Welsh thing ?

  • Comment number 315.

    What a breath of fresh air this program was, not the usual swearing and violence. I was brought up in the 60s so I can relate too a lot of the stuff that was in it. A massive well done too all the people involved in The Indian Doctor. I do hope we can expect more.

  • Comment number 316.

    Sorry Hallam001, you are wrong on every count I am sure.

  • Comment number 317.

    My husband and I have greatly enjoyed The Indian Doctor this week. The acting,script,storyline and setting were all excellent. I agree with the numerous comments above that have suggested that the quality of this programme justifies it being repeated on the evening or weekend schedule. Also having introduced these characters it could easily lead to a further series. I realise that drama is very expensive to screen but I would imagine that this would be the sort of programme which would appeal to other countries with close links to Britain, such as America and Canada.
    I hope the BBC bosses will consider favourably all the positive comments about The Indian Doctor.

  • Comment number 318.

    Excellent drama. I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to see more of it! Well done everyone.

    In 3rd episode, right at the end, you and Ayesha talk about the time you spent at Dal Lake.
    I'm just curious as to whose idea it was to mention Dal Lake?
    Have you ever been to Dal Lake?

  • Comment number 319.

    The Indian Doctor is great!!! No foul language, no real nastines, great scripts and fine acting. I do hope that there will be another series.

  • Comment number 320.

    Although predictable from first episode should be shown Sunday evenings. Last episode needs rewriting as so many loose ends. Perhaps extend to three more episodes and later run another series on lines of Dr Finlay's Casebook but updated. Could be a winner. Would need good scripts with strong stories - suggest you emply the writers of The Archers.

  • Comment number 321.

    I was particularly keen to see this series as I made the green leather journals used in the production. I wasn't disappointed, it was a very well crafted drama and I was proud to see my work in it.

  • Comment number 322.

    Please, please, please repeat this programme in the evening. I loved it and was disappointed that I was only able to watch 3/5 episodes.
    Sanjeev was perfect for this role.
    More of the same please BBC and in the evenings too.

  • Comment number 323.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this programme. Would be grateful for a further series.

  • Comment number 324.

    This series was too good for day time TV!
    It was interesting, funny and very well written. It was well balanced but portrayed all the issues really well. Its story line left us in anticipation every day! We had to record it to see it after work.
    I am hoping there is more of this to come, I don't want it to have finished, please make more episodes!

  • Comment number 325.

    This series is exactly what the licence fee is intended for - a good clean, heart-warming family drama which should be aired on Sunday afternoons. So more please. Much, much more.

  • Comment number 326.

    absolutely fabulous.loved every minute of it couldn't watch it during the day so recorded it and watched it at night. why uh why does the beeb do these terrific series in the daytime!!! can we buy the backing music from those days please really put me in a good mood to hear those great songs in the background.

  • Comment number 327.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this small series, mum and myself sat and watched it together in the evenings. Hope you guys are going to continue the series, it is refreshing to have something that challenges cultural values in the 1960's when I was growing up and also to combine this with some great music that was around in that era. I get mum going by singing along with the music, love winding her up lol.

  • Comment number 328.

    I really enjoyed this I am luckly to be retired and could watch this loved the 60s music hope there are more series to look forward to should be shown at weekend I am fed up with x factor strickly and i am celb please please make more is there going to be a dvd

  • Comment number 329.

    The Indian Doctor was the best series of this type we have seen in recent years. The balance between drama and humour was perfect and the portrayal of the characters by all taking part was exactly right.
    Will you please follow up this first series with more, preferably with each episode of one hour and shown weekly possibly on Sunday evenings.

  • Comment number 330.

    Caution can sometimes ease the blow as to whether or not we sink or swim and just maybe where the Indian Doctor was concerned the BBC thought that perhaps the ITV devotees of Heartbeat may have placed the dampener on this afternoon viewing....Not the case. Here is a fresh example of what comes of genius writers actors and photographers. A storyline true to an age gone but not forgotten.
    A series which will fit into a viewing slot, where a freshly cup of tea has just brewed, an armchair ready and waiting and a evening where work seems a million years away. So what are we waiting for?

  • Comment number 331.

    So nice to watch a program that has no swearing, explicit sex and horrific violence which seems to be the norm these days, and so suitable for the fifty plus population who are sadly overlooked but remember the sixtys well, loved every episode bbc, but so many have missed it with the present time slot, surely a Sunday night is a must.

  • Comment number 332.

    Well done. Loved it. Great story line.

  • Comment number 333.

    The indian doctor what can I say fantastic cast brilliant camera work location I could keep going on please please another series and show it at a time that more viewers can enjoy what I have watched on the I player at night after work heartbeat gone now bring the indian doctor in to play well done to all

  • Comment number 334.

    Absolutely brilliant, a breath of fresh air indeed..Ayesha Dharker and Sanjeev deserve special praise..Agree with the others that this show deserves a better slot than 14:15...But there's always the next series, i hope..The characters have been etched in quite some depth, so there is plenty of scope to develop them further..
    Being an Indian doctor in the NHS since 2004, i could identify with quite a few of the misconceptions and stereotypes..Too often, this gets interpreted as racism but perhaps its no more than a genuine lack of understanding of another culture..

  • Comment number 335.

    Wow Simply Excellent - in fact so good that I just had to add my comments - I echo what others have said.
    Each day I have looked forward to, thoroughly enjoyed, and recorded this delightful series. I agree it must be repeated, Sunday night would be perfect! Another series as soon as possible please, I´m sure there is much more of the story to tell.

  • Comment number 336.

    Thank you so much for making this show its totally brilliant and i want to see more lots more... Mum at home going bonkers on dull daytime TV this is just what the doctor ordered to make day times fun and have something to look forward to. Please make lots more stories for us to watch weekdays BIG THUMBS UP

  • Comment number 337.

    just loved this drama and so wished it was on in the evenings!! really hope another series is made. it was shown at a really awkward time (school run!!) and i was late for my poor daughter 4 days running!! as i couldnt bear not to see the end. well done bbc just please hurry and make another.

  • Comment number 338.


  • Comment number 339.

    Thanks to BBC for producing this excellent series.Being an Indian Doctor myself and having started my career at Pontypridd...i just cant say in words...how much i loved the series....in fact i watched all the eepisodes in one go on the iplayer....i just take out sanjeev from the character and put myself in his role...throughly enjoyed it...took me back to my early days in my career.Please make this a long series....

  • Comment number 340.

    This is an absolutely brilliant programme. Why at 1415? I work full time and hence have to watch it on the i player in the evening.

  • Comment number 341.

    What a superb series. I too, wonder why it's on in the afternoon. I have to say that I record it and watch it in the evening. I think it would be great on at prime time and would love each episode to be an hour long.
    What a wondeful cast, especially Sanjeev Bhaskar, and great storyline. I love it, long may it continue.

  • Comment number 342.

    I really enjoyed this drama. I would like to know if it was based on a true life experience as I noticed the same names in the credits.

  • Comment number 343.

    Just finished watching this and it is truly a brilliant series. Does anyone know if BBC is planning on making ore episodes. I certainly hope they do.

  • Comment number 344.

    As many others have said, I had to record this series so that I could watch with my partner. It's excellent, should be shown at prime time, and we want more!

  • Comment number 345.

    An excellent series, I agree with everyone definately worthy of prime evening scheduling. Thank goodness for iPlayer.
    Thouroughly enjoyed.
    Well done BBC.

  • Comment number 346.

    Being an Indian Doctor in real life, I must say, it has really well portrayed the life of a migrant Indian doctor. I especially liked the role of Ayesha Dharker (Kamini), hwo has done justice to her role. We are indeed pestered (even today) by our wives thinking that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence ( better quality of life in London !!!!). They just need to be pulled down and experience the real life. I am currently working in Yorks and still moving from place to place every 12 months, as I am still in training. When I get an opportunity, I would anytime prefer to settle down in country side than London or any other metros. ANY DAY !!

  • Comment number 347.

    Wow This mini-series was great. Good story line and acting. Loved the music, though not all the music fitted the right period of the story, 1963. It would be perfect for a Sunday evening. Bring on the sequel, which will hopefully be much longer.

  • Comment number 348.

    My husband and I sat and watched all 5 episodes on BBCiplayer last night and thoroughly enjoyed it, lets hope it is brought out on DVD as we would like to watch it all again, well done BBC

  • Comment number 349.

    Thank you BBC this is what I pay my tv licence for. I hope there will be lots more.As every one has said it would be ideal for prime time tv.

  • Comment number 350.

    I absolutely loved 'The Indian Doctor'. I'm very surprised that it only made the daytime slot as it was a really impressive production. More please......

  • Comment number 351.

    It's all been said, but what an amazing drama and with that little bit of subtle humour. Great cast who are well known to us here as we have seen them in various welsh language programmes such as Pobol y Cwm, Pen Talar and many many more. I must single out though the very talented Sanjeev Bhaskar who has been superb in everything we have seen him in, so yes please lets have some more and more of the same. In the words of the infamous ? Graig Revel Horwood.......AM...AZE...ING

  • Comment number 352.

    I recorded them all and watched them one after the other on Friday night. A brilliant series and surely more to come?

  • Comment number 353.

    A lot of comments refer to the scheduling of the programme saying it would be better on prime-time TV. What about many doctors who have probably watched it in the afternoon whilst taking a break from mountains of paperwork which they have to deal with after their surgeries. A nice bit of escapism I would have thought. And why not time-shift the programme anyway? Surely most people today have some form of recording device.

  • Comment number 354.

    What a fantasic programme. I found myself recording it to watch each evening after work - let's have another series bbc!!!!

  • Comment number 355.

    The Indian Doctor series is the best we have seen recently,please continue with further episodes asap . stan & margaret

  • Comment number 356.

    Really enjoyed this week of The Indian Doctor - I don't work Monday and so found it then recorded the rest of the week - why is such a good programme put on during the day? It was brilliant - good acting, good history - and can we have more please? Thanks

  • Comment number 357.

    Wow What a fantastic series. Posted a comment when the blog was up to 100, but never appeared. Sanjeev Bhaskar is absolutely brilliant, as are all the other characters in this series. Please please Aunty Beeb, put this on at night as a full series, and you will receive nothing but praise. Simply sensational!

  • Comment number 358.

    At last, family viewing at it's best 'The Indian Doctor' please, please can we have more of this wonderfull viewing.

  • Comment number 359.

    It was a wonderful drama and it was so good having an episode every day.

  • Comment number 360.

    What a delight to have a quality programme to watch in the afternoon instead of the interminable repeats - please can we have more BBC?

  • Comment number 361.

    what a wonderful drama series,and one i hope which will not only be repeated but a new extended series continued soon(?)This mini drama series was so refreshing and enjoyable it "pushed" me to beg, plead,( & yes weep & wail if necessary!!)to encourage "auntie" BBC to provide more of this sort of entertainment.My only critisim ?? Please WHY air it during the day instead of primetime? &, if the daytime budget (which presumably is lower than primetime dramas budgets ) results in such quality programmes ,please reduce all the primetime budgets!!!! Thank you "auntie" The Indian doctor was superb

  • Comment number 362.

    I have been trying since Monday, 15th Nov. 2010 to post my comments but for some inexplicable reason the system wouldn't allow me to. Maybe I wasn't destined to get a hug from you Sanjeev as per your post above ;-). So here goes it again:

    Many congratulations Sanjeev on a wonderful new and original drama comedy. Well done to the BBC and the person(s) commissioning it.

    Absolutely agree with other posters, why the hell is this programme:

    1. On daytime rather than the so-called ''prime-time''?
    2. Is only 5 flaming episodes?
    3. Has the BBC lost the touch in recognising excellent programmes?
    4. If not the 'precious' ''prime-time" how about Weekend afternoons (4-6PM slot)?
    5. Oh, why was this not advertised widely? I just happen to catch Sanjeev on the Monday's BBC Breakfast. The Beeb can't say it didn't get enough audience for that slot if they don't advertise it and hope people will stumble across it.

    I was missing you since the end of your Mumbai Calling on ITV. What happened? It was very funny and entertaining programme.

    However, not as half as much as I miss Goodness Gracious Me! Please do couple of specials for Easter and Christmas hols.

    How about GGM-II! or GGM-Next Generation! show casing new Asian talent, comedy ideas and writers etc?

    I first saw you in the late 80s or 90s doing a stand up comedy sketch on tv but then you disappeared. Thus I feared you had gone the way of the other minority ethnic comedy talent I personally have come across into oblivion. Thus I think there needs to be GGM-Next Generation! So well done to you, Meera your wonderful and talented wife, and the others who have fought for their dream and realised it.

    I was wondering if the "Indian Doctor" was inspired by Meera's documentary Indian Doctors Saved The NHS?

    Perhaps Meera could play a cameo as a sister/sister-in-law (as a Dr) or better still as a matriarch Mother/Mother-in-law as she did that part so well as a gran in Kumars at No.42! Assuming the BBC have the good sense to bring it back - P L E A S E.

    @Sue H - 14:39pm on 17 Nov 2010: Yes they had Jets back then like the Boeing 707 jetliner ( http://www.google.co.uk/images?q=Boeing%20707&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1274&bih=588 )

    But the ''de Havilland DH 106 Comet was the world's first commercial jet airliner to reach production...., it first flew in 1949''!!!

  • Comment number 363.

    As an anglo- indian born in birmingham 1947, i feel that i can relate to all parts of your marvellous series, not forgetting the sixties music,great!! It was sheer luck that i found it on the afternoon slot, as i am normally out...the absolutely must new series, should be given it's rightfull- slot on prime-time, say nine o clock!!great stuff sanjev.car'nt wait

  • Comment number 364.

    Excellent. I too hope they do another series. I just assumed it would be on next week! Naive aren't I?

  • Comment number 365.

    My hubby and I watched all 5 episodes in one sitting as we recorded it on SkyPlus. We really enjoyed this series and saw similarities to HeartBeat - which we also enjoy.

    One big mistake my hubby pointed out in one of the episodes, was where Kamini (Ayesha Dharkar) was playing a record and the song was "Aaj Mausam Bada Beimaan" from the film Loafer. Since this drama was set in 1963 there's absolutely no way that this song would've been around then, as the film was released in 1973.

    I do think more authentic research should be carried out when filming dramas like these. I don't mind having the job if it's on offer:-)

    As we're both British Indians and children of the Sixties, we related well with the music (which we both love and have grown up with), the racial tension in someplaces and the nostalgic feel to the whole drama. Sanjeev Bhaskar as the Indian Doctor is just brilliant and Ayesha Dharkar is a superbly talented actress. They really suit each other as acting partners.

    I do agree wth the general consensus here that it was lost on daytime TV and that it should've been given a Sunday evening slot for family viewing - why ever was it relegated to obscure daytime TV where it would get lost from so many potential viewers? I really hope they make more episodes to this drama. This is one of those fine dramas like HeartBeat & The Darling Buds of May that leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

  • Comment number 366.

    Great series. Can we have more. Even better than Doc Martin. Lot more interesting. I agree with others. It's made for prime TV. there could be so many storylines to explore.Don't let it go by the wayside.

  • Comment number 367.

    The Indian Doctor - great! Was a real treat. Please give us more!!!

  • Comment number 368.

    I really enjoyed this series. It was gentle and engaging, and didn't require too much committment. Well written and acted all round. Easy to follow too.

  • Comment number 369.

    Great programme! I have a sky+hd box so I recorded the programme to watch in the evening. Can't wait to see the next series.

  • Comment number 370.

    What a fantastic series. wasted on an afternoon slot,could and should be a prime time programme. Hope we are going to see a return as the final episode left a few open endings to allow it to continue could out run heartbeats record

  • Comment number 371.

    A really excellent series with some great acting. I agree with other comments in that it should be in a primetime slot but I can see that the 'water was being tested'! As a teenager in the 60's, I related to the dress styles and music. Just one comment, Mrs Sharpe's hair seemed to alternate between a short wavy style and a medium length flicked out bob. Wigs perhaps?

  • Comment number 372.

    The Indian Doctor, this programme was fantastic, more please. I get so tired of reality shows, and the ones where people are getting voted out, off every week. I don't watch much TV anymore because of the programmes that so called Celebraties are on, they don't interest me, but this programme I really liked and want more, I don't mind what time it comes on I will watch it, brilliant, please give us more.

  • Comment number 373.

    I'm the Controller for BBC Daytime, so I'm responsible for commissioning The Indian Doctor. I’ve been overwhelmed by all the positive feedback over the last week and wanted to thank you all, as it means a lot to everyone involved in the programme.
    I’ve also been struck by how many of you are disappointed that this is in daytime (ian macgregor, Terry Davies, Ang, Afmad to name a few) rather than in the evenings, and I wanted to respond to you on this point.
    I have responsibility for all daytime programmes at the BBC, and over the last two years I’ve been trying to bring more quality British drama to daytime schedules – as there are many people watching during the day who are able to enjoy series like these.
    Both Land Girls and Moving On – two other recent daytime dramas - have been repeated in the peaktime schedule, so I hope The Indian Doctor will get another airing soon.

    As to whether there will be another series soon, this is something I am looking at, and I hope will happen. In the meantime, Landgirls returns in January, which I know some of you – Cathy, Skygamestar in particular – will look forward to, as well as another new drama in March called 32 Brinkburn Street, set in Manchester in 1931 and also present day.
    WAH – don’t forget you can see any episodes you’ve missed on iPlayer http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/search?q=The%20Indian%20Doctor
    Thanks also for the feedback from Hallam001.
    Finally those of you at home with chest infections and winter colds or fionaadam with the broken leg – get well soon
    Thanks, Liam

  • Comment number 374.

    I eagerly awaited my first viewing of The Indian Doctor being a fan of Sanjeev Bhaskar and I was not disappointed. This series was beautifully filmed, the casting was spot on, the props and costumes were fantastic - in one scene Gina is wearing a dress that I'm sure my sister used to have. The issues featured in the series were addressed sensitively and in hindsight I wish I'd saved it for my children to watch as I think they would have found it quite educational. Please, please make a second series - drama has always been something the BBC do very well - long may it continue! Thank you.

  • Comment number 375.

    Hi, will this becoming out on DVD as my Mom really likes the series. Thanks.

  • Comment number 376.

    I too discovered this gem by accident. We decided to copy it instead of watching in the afternoon. We never watch afternoon TV. Having watched it that evening - well there's not much worth watching in the evenings - we set up to video the whole set.
    We really hope that this is not a one off. The dialogue is great, the acting superb. It's real entertainment while touching on real life. Nice to hear a little Welsh as side comments. Lovely.

  • Comment number 377.

    this was tv at its best , i loved it and only sorry its finished . bring it back as an evening show so everyone can enjoy it .

  • Comment number 378.

    This was the BBC at it's best, a well scripted drama with gentle comedy,superbly acted,and it was nice to see a cast of welsh actor/actress.including Mari Harris,and BAFTA Cymru actor Iwan Huw David,more please BBC but could it be on in the evening

  • Comment number 379.

    I have just finished watching this brilliant series. Beautifully written and perfectly cast and acted. I can only echo others comments that this should be reshown on a prime time or weekend slot. It certainly brings back memories for me of the first Asian family who moved into our street in the late 60's. More episodes please!

  • Comment number 380.

    Fantastic series! Sanjeev Bhaskar and Ayesha Dharkar are superb! Hope there are more episodes to follow.......

  • Comment number 381.

    Thought I'd give The Indian Doctor a try and found it a truly rewarding experience. This was a really good set of stories and, truly, I felt sorry for the people unable to watch this treat as it was on so early in the afternoon. Any chance of repeating it to be scheduled later? Also, will there be another series?

  • Comment number 382.

    This may have had a daytime drama budget, but it is definitely a quality evening series. And so many of the threads in the story have remained open - will Kamini ever get to London, how will Sian and Tom cope with becoming parents, will the village ever find out about Rani? Please announce series two soon.

  • Comment number 383.

    My wife and i really enjoyed the Indian Doctor. We recorded it and watched it in the evening.The programme brought back a lot of memories for me, as i used to visit my Grandmother in the Rhondda during the 60s.The acting is superb, coupled with excellent scriptwriting. This would be ideal for evening viewing, perhaps an hour long programme once a week to retain the quality. It had all the best components of Heartbeat(especially with the 60s music) and All creatures great and small. Well done BBC, more of this please

  • Comment number 384.

    My husband and I watched the series and absolutely loved it. So enjoyable to watch and would love to see more of it. Fingers crossed there is another series as we want to know what happens to all of the characters.

  • Comment number 385.

    I really enjoyed this mini-series, which I happened to trip over when browsing iplayer. I dont necessarily agree it needs to be on in the evening, but could the BBC not advertise these gems more. Sanjeev says on his blog that this was a low budget production but it doesnt show, probably because of the quality of the actors and production. I would much rather my license money was spent on this and other quality productions such as missing, than the hugely expensive productions such as Garrows Law. My only criticism of the series is how clean the village looks. My recollection of the Rhonnda in the 60's was slag heaps, coal dust everywhere, and my greatgrandmother was known for shouting at people who opened her windows. I hope there is another mini-series, but please, please dont turn it into a soap.

  • Comment number 386.

    Super short series, we watched each day and found the programme brilliant, more please. Maybe a sunday series would be very popular relaxing end to the week-end, just like TV used to be, a family drama with no objectionable content or looking for sensationalisms.
    Again thankyou BBC

  • Comment number 387.

    My partner and I have really enjoyed the series, more please!

  • Comment number 388.

    This series was wonderful - beautifully scripted and a real treat - it made such a change from re-runs of Diagnosis Murder or Murder She Wrote. Like many other people I just happened to be off work on the Monday otherwise I would have missed it, which would have been a travesty. Thank goodness for Sky+
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have another series.

  • Comment number 389.

    Amazing and wonderful. Intelligent and emotional. And the actors, every one of them, quite superb.

  • Comment number 390.

    This is the best series that has been on television for a long time and deserves showing at peak times, Jimmy Docerty could be moved I am sure very few people would notice

  • Comment number 391.

    We recorded all the episodes and then during Children in Need, we watched them one after the other, brilliant drama, well made and light and easy to understand, thank you BBC for something, at last, watchable.

  • Comment number 392.

    Having met The Dr in real life I thought I would watch the series and I am absolutely loving it. I am actually watching it on iPlayer and have been trying to find all the episodes as I have only watched three! It is so so good and such a joy after all the reality programmes (which I have to admit to watching!) but we do need more period dramas like the Indian Doctor. The acting is superb, the costumes well presented but I too was surprised at the timing of the programme because it really rates a better position. Well done Sanjeev and the rest of the cast and the BBC. Please lets have another series and lets see more of the Ayesha and Sanjeev partnership in other programmes, they make an interesting pairing. Thanks

  • Comment number 393.

    Have just watched The Indian Doctor on my sky planner and think it really is the best series I have seen for years! An absolutely superb production, brilliantly acted and pure nostalgia for those of us who actually lived through the 60's!

    I do hope there is DVD as I would love to send it to my son and daughter in law in Australia as they have very little quality drama to watch out there.

    Well done BBC, more of this type of drama please

  • Comment number 394.

    Absolutely Brilliant, well written in fact it rates up there with anything the BBC has ever done, a credible story line, witty, reflective and entertaining. Hard to say who deserves the plaudits the most, the writer for his excellent script, the actors (all of them) for their outstanding portrayal of the characters (good and bad) and the BBC for getting back on track with the quality programming they used to put out.

    Only one negative (towards the BBC), why wasn't this put out at Prime Time, if it hadn't been for the rave reviews I heard from folks who didn't have to work in the afternoon's, I'd have missed it. Thanks to iPlayer I feel that my licence fee was worth paying this year. A classic drama from a classic era, the match of anything the BBC has put out for 20 years, or more.

    Congratulations alround to everyone involved, especially to the writer, top draw stuff...

  • Comment number 395.

    What's happened to the second and following episodes of this excellent programme
    (The Indian doctor) Can't seem to find it on any listings.

  • Comment number 396.

    I discovered this as its on at 10:35pm on a Tuesday night on BBC1 Wales, this is excellent family drama and if the BBC have any sense should repeat it UK wide on the Sunday night family slot, it would be a ratings winner, especially since ITV have axed Heartbeat. Also it could redeem the bad decission by the BBC a few years back when they axed Born and Bred :( Any BBC execs watching these blogs take note what your public think; two words, 'Sunday Drama'.

  • Comment number 397.

    I absolutely loved this mini series and it continues to enter my thoughts on a daily basis. I was born in Whitechapel in 1950 and Brick Lane was my "playground" for my formative years. I saw the local Jewish population gradually supplanted by the incomers from the Indian Sub-continent. The local schools merged the new culture and new phrases (mainly swear-words) entered the indigenous school-boy's language. A wonderful time and place to be born and reared; I just wish I had realised so at the time...

    Please make a full-blown series for Sunday evenings to follow on from such great wonderful offerings as "Bally Kissangel", and "Monarch of the Glen"!

  • Comment number 398.

    I very much enjoyed episodes 2 and 3 of The Indian Doctor and will watch next week. But why is it not possible to see the first episode on BBC iplayer?

  • Comment number 399.

    I watched the Indian Doctor, really enjoyed it. Only problem, the time you put it on. people have to leave about 2-45 to do the school run. So probably don't watch to start with. So miss out on one of the good programs, that you have put on. and for a drama their is not many to watch these days. I had to watch the next four on (I player) This should be on at 8 or 9 at night instead of some of the rubbish programs you all keep putting on. PLEASE put some more good DRAMAS like this back on the BBC. I find it really hard to find any programs worth watching these day. On any channel
    Once again this was an excellent program well done for a change

  • Comment number 400.

    What a brilliant series, I loved every minute of each wonderful episode. More of the same please.


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