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Tom Robinson Tom Robinson | 02:00 UK time, Monday, 23 April 2012

The Black Hats - click for their Facebook page

Every Monday from 2am we bring you a 60 minute mixtape of new tunes uploaded to the BBC Introducing Uploader - handpicked by myself. You can download the whole hoursworth of music free at 3am via the 6 Music Downloads Page - where you'll also find archived mixtapes from the previous 4 weeks.

We aim to pack in maximum musical enjoyment with minimum interruption, so instead of announcing individual song titles, we publish the tracklisting here at the start of each show - with brief information about each artist and a direct link to their website.

Here are the listings for our third episode, broadcast at 2am Monday, April 23rd 2012 on BBC Radio 6 Music and downloadable an hour later here. One listener has suggested we should add the time at which each track starts, to make it easier to find individual songs on your mp3 player. Let me know in a comment at the bottom of this post if you would find this helpful.

In the meantime - download and enjoy!

BLACK HATS - Kick In The Doors - 3:01
(See photo above) They've been memorably described as "Oxford's very finest yob savants - all arty edginess and hooligan anthems." Their big news is that they're playing this year's Truck Festival on Saturday 21st July – main stage at 2.30pm. Kick In The Doors comes from their new mini album, AUSTERITY FOR THE HOI POLLOI, due out in May. Band interests: Running, jumping, shouting, climbing trees

SPRING OFFENSIVE - Worry Fill My Heart - 4:08
There's an extraordinary fullscreen video for this song Worry Fill My Heart on their website though no hint that it’s their current single. It was recommended to us via the BBC Introducing Uploader by Dave Gilyeat at BBC Introducing In Oxford, though Spring Offensive have been longstanding favourites on my Fresh On The Net show in recent years. The're playing Liverpool Sound City on Friday May 18th, opening for fellow Oxfordians Jonquil (fronted by Hugo Manuel of Chad Valley fame)

SPARROW - Beautiful - 3:31
Sparrow are four friends from Brighton and Cambridge who release their 2nd album HOWEVER DID THE WOLF GET IN on May 20th. They were first introduced to me by fellow Brighton artist Zoe Konez, and it was a thrill to see them take the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury by storm last year. The new album is preceded by this song Beautiful as free download single on May 6th, when they also play a London launch gig at Proud Galleries in Camden.

POPE - The Drag of Sloth - 3:45
"After years of hiding in rancid sleeping quarters, I'm emerging to face the world and bring it POPE ON A ROPE" says SimonSomatic. "I'm 30 based in London a producer of many years standing. My past work was noisy, abrasive, and Big Black, Mr Bungle, Wire, PUNK ROCK. In contrast, Pope On A Rope sounds crisp and clear." The album POPE ON A ROPE is released on May 7th and followed by a solo acoustic slot at the Tower Tavern near Warren St, London on Saturday May 12th.

The good Baron and his chum Mistabreeze are longstanding BBC Introducing Favourites, and played our stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Carlisle last year. I can warmly recommend their lewd Geordie rap classic Get Wild Gan Mental and hopefully this much more polished followup, - featuring guest vocals by the excellent Tyneside artist Eliza Lawson - will ease their progress to a more mainstream place on the airwaves. It comes from the EP Brace For The Impact, available from their Bandcamp

GOLD ROAD - Planes - 3:48
"Say hello to Gold Road" they say "A freshly hatched springling ready to embark on a musical adventure of feelgood pop. Inspired by dancing around the room to your favourite Motown song. Watch this space for live dates soon and a Launch Party for the Debut EP Planes. Official release date TBA." They/she don't tell us anything else at all, but there will be a debut London show opening for the marvellous Binko Swink at The Wilmington Arms on May 31st.

ROBINSON - You'll Never Be Her - 3:51
The artist Andy Robinson (known simply by his surname) gave me two of his albums at the BBC Introducing Masterclass earlier this year. Even allowing for my natural prejudice in favour of almost anything called Robinson, the clarity and directness of Andy's writing, singing, production and performance made these two exceptional records. This single is the last track on his second album Beneath The Ballroom and you can hear both records in full embedded from his Soundcloud at robinsonsmusic.com

NIGHT OF TREASON - The Ballad of the Teddy Boy from Ladbroke Grove - 4:16
The Ballad of the Teddy Boy from Ladbroke Grove comes from south coast punk rockers Night Of Treason - who release their debut album, GENTLEMEN & HOOLIGANS on April 30th. They're well connected, having been joined onstage at various gigs by the likes of Mick Jones, Billy Bragg and Mike Peters, while the album istelf was produced by Smiley from Joe Strummer's Mescaleros. They Play Talking Heads in Southampton on May 11th

HOMEWORK - Thoughts - 3:32
Edinburgh combo Homework tersely describe themselves as "Purveyors of experimental electronica, dance and pop. Lovers of synths and guitars. Currently recording an album."
This single was released at the beginning of April by way of a taster from said album and they play a hometown show at Electric Circus with Cashier No.9 on May 2nd.

THE JUNIPERS - Song to Selkie - 2:45
A track from the newly-released 2nd album PAINT THE GROUND by Leicester’s The Junipers - a five piece outfit formed in 2000. Seven years into their career they had recorded and given away three demo albums & built their own studio, eventually signing to San Remo Records, an indie label formed by ex-Felt guitarist Marco Thomas. Radio supporters include Cerys Matthews and Marc Riley at 6 Music and they even have their own Wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Junipers

WOODERSON - Mint Condition - 4:35
Wooderson is, in the simplest terms, four good friends who have a stupidly good time making a racket with each other and subsequently inflicting said racket on members of the general public.
"We play discordant post-punk/indie rock to nod your head to. Sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's quiet, sometimes its tight, sometimes its loose, sometimes its controlled, sometimes its chaotic. But it's always played with passion." Founded in late 2007 in Sheffield, their debut album LET THE MAN SPEAK is set for release in the summer.

LUX LISBON - Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist - 3:15
"We are a English band, and this is the title track of our self-financed debut album YOUR HEART IS A WEAPON THE SIZE OF YOUR FIST - and comes out as a single on May 26th. You may have heard our recent single 'Bullingdon Club' on BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC Wales or BBC Newcastle - or seen us at Camden Crawl or Dot To Dot Festival. We're booked for a few festivals this year that we can't name just yet and one that we can, which begins with a B.

O'MESSY LIFE - Little Vehicles - 3:42
O’Messy Life are a band from Newcastle - formed in 2008 after one of us had a nervous breakdown. In the intervening years we ballooned from guitar, keyboard, drums and bass to include piano, organ, trumpet, saxophone, violin and slide guitar. We threw stuff around like a toddler playing in a muddy back garden. To most, it was repulsive and bratty - but the people close to us found it endearing. Now we’ve slimmed down and beefed out, like Sly Stallone getting in shape for a new action movie. We also play occasionally as backing band to Withered Hand.

ROBIN ADAMS - Sun Behind The Storm - 3:37
Robin is a former member of the excellent but luckless Sleepmode. Since their demise he's released three solo albums DOWN TO REVERIE (2009) BE GONE (2011) and TRAIN CRASH CHOIR (2011). Together with Catapult this is one half of his latest single available from http://robinadams.bandcamp.com and released on Eye Dog Eye records. The label is run by Robin's brother Chris, who also records & performs under his own sardonic alter ego Piet Haag.

THE 53s - Lights - 2:42

"We used to be snide but we're proper decent now" say Liverpool's The 53s - a four-piece guitar band doing their best, they tell us, "to make people dance." Alas you won't find a discography, a biography - or any factual information whatsoever - on their Facebook apart from the fact that they're playing a hometown show opening for Futures at the O2 Academy on May 8th.

BLUE LIP FEEL - Material Bones - 3:10
Material Bones by BLUE LIP FEEL comes from their 2nd EP Glitterbox which was released in March. Its predecessor SHALLOW GETAWAY, released last year, resulted in support slots for Tribes, Kassidy and Various Cruelties. Again, actual facts are in short supply online but at least I can tell you they "see themselves as the antidote to the safe and mundane music that litters our music scene today. They feel they're ready to offer you a legitimate alternative - are you ready?"
They headline Cremfest in their native SHEFFIELD this coming Sunday May 1st.

A.FAR ONE - Trial And Error - 6:46
"I began composing 10 years ago" says Stefano Ruggieri. "My past is marked by classical music studies with a love for rock’n'roll. I used to go to the conservatory with Pearl Jam on the headphones and, a few seconds later, try to climb to an impervious prelude of Rachmaninov. My most important project is afarOne. It’s about recording and mixing traditional instruments with computer music compositions. My first album LUCEN will be soon released worldwide by the German label Karlrecords."


  • Comment number 1.

    Cheers for including us. You can download our track for free here..

  • Comment number 2.

    Hi, anyone who enjoyed my track can download the full record below, pay what you like (or order a physical CD if you feel the full flush of love coming on). Both come with free compilations of past tunes. The power of Christ compels you!


  • Comment number 3.

    Hi Tom + team - love the podcast and the show. I agree that it would be *amazing* to have the times on the podcast listed for each track here.

    The old format used to be ok where you would say the previous 2 bands/the next 2 bands, but under the current system I'm finding it quite hard as you basically have to count the number of songs already played to work out who is who. Not so bad sat at my desk but terribly unlikely if I'm listening out + about!



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