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Tom Teamlaverne Tom Teamlaverne | 10:55 UK time, Friday, 4 June 2010


    ukuleles1.jpgHey folks

I was just lining up the latest band in our 'Thanks For Your Support' feature. If you haven't heard it then this is how it works. A band picks another band, that they've shared a bill with, and we play said band. The following week it is the 'picked' band's turn to suggest a band, and lo and behold a chain forms. Does that make sense?

We started the chain back in February and as I was lining up this week's band I started to think back on how we got to this point and thought I'd share the wonderful journey we've been on...

We started with our good Glaswegian friends LITTLE YELLOW UKULELES who kicked off the chain by suggesting we play their mates MAKE SPARKS!

Make Sparks are from Glasgow and Carnoustie so we felt the chain was making good geographical progress and that soon enough we'd have travelled the length and breadth of our fair isles. Make Sparks picked out THE VOID

The Void are from Edinburgh and Glasgow so we were still in Scotland but covering some decent ground. Next up came The Void's pick which was BE A FAMILIAR

So we were back in Glasgow but not to worry as those Be A Familiar boys and girls sent us somewhere completely new with their pick... We were off to Glenrothes for TANGO IN THE ATTIC

So Be A Familiar had picked Tango In The Attic, would Tango In The Attic take us somewhere new and exciting? They certainly would, time to hit Dundee and meet DAVE?

From Dundee Dave? Sent us back to Glasgow to have a listen to the wonderful THREE BLIND WOLVES

And then we stayed in Glasgow for THE JOHN KNOX SEX CLUB


What are they putting in the water up there in Glasgow? CONQUERING ANIMAL SOUND were next up.

And then just as we thought we'd end up playing every single band in Glasgow, which on current form would be no bad thing, we jumped all the way to Leeds to meet FIELDHEAD

We were really travelling now as Fieldhead's pick was  THE PATTERN THEORY who are based in Berlin.

Pattern Theory picked their friend, and former bass player, Danny Laycock who picked his former college lecturers Samay. If anyone asks you what links Scottish Indie Pop with Yorkshire based Indo-Jazz fusion then you now know the answer.

So it's Samy's turn now and where we'll end up is anyone's guess. Has anyone got an equation that would describe how long it should take for us to get right the way back to Little Yellow Ukuleles? 



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