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Tom Teamlaverne Tom Teamlaverne | 12:06 UK time, Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Hey Folks

It's a big 'Free Music Tuesday' this week. How big do you ask? Well we've got a whole EP plus a 2 hour mixtape, that's how big it is.

First up let's talk about the EP. If you've listened to the show recently you are bound to have heard Jangle and his track 'Lockstep'. It's a beautiful slice of slightly wonky electronica with a tropical twang to it. Perhaps 'wonky electronica with a tropical twang' could become a genre in it's own right? Jangle will be our guest on Sunday's show and here is the whole of his Lockstep EP for free.


l_4b1c6282d2db46af9f9daf1d40113fd9.jpgJangle - Lockstep EP


Now about that 2 hour mixtape. On Monday's show we're playing 2 hours worth of Tom's favourite tracks from the last 3 months of 6Music Introducing: Fresh On The Net. What's more the whole lot will be available as a two part mixtape, Side A and Side B to be more precise. The mixtape includes tracks by Bear Cavalry, One Fathom Down, Mr Fogg, Mammal Club, Picastro, Super Best Friends Club and loads of other brilliant bands. You can't get the mixtape just yet, but it will be available right here from 3am Monday morning.


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