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Working Out

  • Sam
  • 25 Jan 07, 06:22 PM


We spent the afternoon in the gym getting some expert help ahead of Saturday’s challenge. I’m in with a shout, and if nothing else it allowed me to work off some of that ‘holiday weight’ from Christmas. But I know what your thinking and don’t worry, I haven’t lost my chubby cheeks!

Me in the gym

We’re going to write a song about a TMi viewer who got in touch with us on last week’s message board. She told us a really embarrassing story which was so funny we had to make a song up about it.

Saturday’s Show is going to be massive and we’ve come up with loads of great things for it in the flat this week. make sure you’re watching at 9am because EMMA BUNTON is going to be in the studio and MCFLY will be performing their new single, ‘Transylvania’ for the first time ever anywhere in the world! and as well as that we’ve got LIL' CHRIS'S brand new video so don’t be late!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam ‘tidy-pidy’ Nixon


Back to School

  • Sam
  • 24 Jan 07, 01:10 PM


I am the champions, I am the champions, I am the champions…..of the world! It feels good to be in the flat as this week's Chinatown Challenge winner. I haven’t had time to rub it in Mark's face though because as soon as we got up on Monday, it was time for school. YUK!

Thanks to you lot, we spent today being treated like school kids, wearing uniforms, doing spelling tests and eating cold lumpy school dinners. We tried to get revenge (like we always do! haha) but this time head mistress Helen, was really strict. First I had to stand in the corner, then I had to write lines, then I had to go out of the room and all I did was throw rice pudding all over Ed! I think I have learnt my lesson.

Helen as the Headteacher

This morning we have been training like badgers for this week's BIG Chinatown Challenge. I am pooped! (that’s a cool word that means tired). Helen told us that it was an Ironman challenge which means doing 3 sports one after each other, cycling, swimming, and running! This is going to be the most tiring challenge since the pop quiz! I don’t think I will have enough energy for the forfeit if I lose, unless it's sleeping on a mattress in Leicester Square!

Check out some pics from last week's show;

Mark's forfeit

Me with guests

Lil' Chris with guests


It's all going downhill

  • Sam
  • 18 Jan 07, 06:42 PM


To practice for the Chinatown Challenge this morning we tried skiing on grass. We went really quick, when Helen pulled us down that was! So we tried to do it properly at a Snow Dome in Milton Keynes. When we got to the dome it was pretty much downhill from there (get it? Skiing? Down hill!?). Anyway, Helen was ‘awesome’, I was ‘da bomb’, Mark needed to get a ‘move on’ and Ed got it ‘all wrong’! Once again we had an excellent teacher, aTMi viewer called Josh. He was wicked at skiing and I think he is going to be a champion when he’s older. If I win on Saturday, it's all down to him

Mark spent the entire car journey back from the snowdome teasing me about my Chinatown failures over the last few weeks. He just kept going on & on & on & on & on about his in his silly brummie accent. As a punishment I made Helen stop the car so I could sit in the front leaving him with windypops Ed in the back. That’ll teach him!

That about sums it up for this week! It was so much fun though, and I think your votes are going to be safe with me on Saturday. It's time to stop Mark's run of luck! Talking of Saturday, our mates Simon Webbe and Lil' Chris are in so I’m looking forward to blowing them away with the song we came up with in the flat. We wrote it about a TMi viewer called Kelsey who wanted to be a spy. It’s amazing even if I say so myself.

Anyway, I’m off to go and have a think of way to sneak into Caroline’s Corner this week… see you on Saturday!

Nixon ‘Out’


Where's Ed?

  • Sam
  • 17 Jan 07, 05:36 PM


I finally got a text back off our old friend Fearne this morning, after we texted her in the flat 6 days ago! It said “Who is this?” She must have lost her old phone or deleted my number by accident, but it was nice to hear from her.

It's been brilliant week in the flat, mainly because Ed wasn’t there for half of it (he was probably having his hair done again) and we got to hang out with Helen. She told us about our Chinatown Challenge for this week, and I’ll give you a few clues to what it is….. You need, snow, a big hill and skis to do it. Got it yet? Yes that’s right it’s Juggling! Only joking its skiing and I’m quite confident about it this week.

When Ed came back to the flat this afternoon we had a game to guess what he would do first. I guessed he would clap his hands and stand in his normal stupid pose. Helen thought he would pick his nose first. He did both straight away of course!

Here are some photos from Saturday's show;

JoJo and Scott from the TMi band

Me doing my forfeit

Me and Mark with the 'Call Yourself A Friend' contestants

See Ya


  • Sam
  • 12 Jan 07, 05:03 PM


We’ve had a wicked day today (it’s Tuesday by the way). In preparation for this week’s Chinatown golfing challenge me and mark went to a proper golfing range. It was so cool although I was quite bad, that’s right folks I think this week’s challenge is down the swanee for me.

Me and Mark with the band

The TMi band have just left the flat, they popped round today to help us out with the Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That game. This weeks props were:
A wheel barrow
Grandma costume

And as always we’ve come up with a beauty, you’ll have to tune in on Saturday to see what we’ve come up with!

The band also helped us with this week’s ‘song for a viewer’, it’s got number 1 written all over it.

Anyway, as I said the challenge on Saturday is not looking good for me but as always I'll do me best and I’m off now to get some more putting practice in now. Wish me luck!!!

Much love guys xxxx

I'm a lady

  • Sam
  • 10 Jan 07, 02:58 PM


Hey guys hope you’re all doing well, and enjoyed Saturday’s show.

Thought that our guest Chris and Devon from Hollyoaks were wicked. Gutted about the tap dancing challenge, although I might make a complaint as the final challenge wasn’t really a tap dancing challenge, it was more running on the spot! If it was I reckon I would have won ‘coz Mark dances like a badger that’s poo-ed himself. Oh well I’m not bitter. I must say I think last week’s ‘Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That’ game was my favourite of the whole series Caroline’s angry badger dance will stay with me forever. We also had to dress up like ladies, take a look;

Me and Mark dressed as ladies

Me dressed as a lady

Ed dressed as a lady

I’ve just realised there’s only 351 days until Christmas, I best start shopping! Only kidding, I’ll start next week.

We’ve had a fun week so far in the flat, although on Monday night me and Mark went a bit crazy. I reckon we drank too many GEDS (generic energy drinks)……

Eh, we’ve just invented a new game called ‘skateboard quick cricket’, it’s mint! Much fun is being had by all, in fact I’m going back to re-join the action now, just thought I’d let you all know!

Email song

  • Sam
  • 5 Jan 07, 02:29 PM


This morning we were looking through all the emails that you guys have sent to us over the last week and found one from a girl called Daniella who has so many animals that I thought she must be living in a zoo! It was such a wicked email that we got the guitar out and wrote a song about it, another Sam & Mark classic I think. If you send us a cool email you never know, we might end up singing a song about you, your family, your friends or even your pets.

Made a big meal just now to welcome Ed and Helen back to the TMi flat. I gave Mark more than everyone else of course to slow down his tap-dancing tomorrow! You can see if my plan works if you join us on at 9am. Our special guests are Justin and Sonny from Hollyoaks so it should be a good show!

byeeeeeee xxx



  • Sam
  • 4 Jan 07, 04:19 PM


Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know if you’ve made any resolutions for 2007 but mine are:

1) Get fit
2) Have a laugh
3) Win more Chinatown Challenges

Seeing Mark dressed up as Rachel Stevens on Saturday was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen so I’m going to try harder than ever to make sure I never have to do something like that!

Ed & Helen went home for Christmas so we only found out about Saturday’s Chinatown Challenge halfway through this week which meant that I haven’t much time to practise. The challenge is tap-dancing so I need all the help I can get but luckily mark seems to have got a bit chubbier over xmas so I might have a chance!

Ed & Helen have been trying to find an expert to come & help us with our tap-dancing and this afternoon they found the perfect person, Nigel from Sportsround. Nigel used to appear with a professional dance company called ‘Stomp’ so he’s got more rhythm in his left toe than Mark & I have in our whole bodies. He’s a lovely bloke, really helpful and gave me some great advice. Take a look at some tap-dancing pictures:

Mark, Me and Nigel

Me dancing

See Ya,


Christmas meal

  • Sam
  • 22 Dec 06, 11:51 AM


Ed and Helen are going home for Christmas, so I cooked them a big goodbye Christmas meal. It’s going to be really strange with them not being around, but they'll be back in January so we won't have peace and quiet for very long. I hope they take their stupid megaphones with them!

We ate so much that none of us could move afterwards. Don’t tell him but I gave Mark more food than anyone else so that he'd be too bloated to win this week's Chinatown Challenge! He ate about 56 potatoes so I reckon my plan will work out perfectly!

This week's Challenge is all about throwing and if I win it will serve Mark right because he's spent all day throwing things at me. He says it's practice but for some reason I don't believe him!

None of the Blue Peter guys have been on TMi yet, so I gave Konnie and Andy a ring to see if they wanted to come on the show this week. They love TMi so they said yes, which means Mark & I are going to think of plenty of ways to keep them busy. In return we'll make sure we bring some more old shoes in for their shoe-biz appeal!

See you at 9am on Saturday and then all next week at 9am on BBC ONE.

Sam xxxxx

Christmas crazy

  • Sam
  • 20 Dec 06, 06:01 PM


We’ve gone Chrimbo crazy in the flat this week and I think I've been driving Mark mad. For some reason he doesn't like me singing Christmas carols first thing in the morning and last thing at night! And for some reason he gets fed up when I ask him one million times a day what he's getting me for my Chrissy present. He’s SUCH a grouch! We're doing TMi this Christmas day on BBC ONE, so if you want to find out what presents we got each other then make sure you get up early, open your presents and then watch the show at 9am. Just don't be late!

McFly have been round again this week - and all they wanted to talk about was the TMi house band. I think they're worried that one of these days they’re going to have a bit of competition in the charts! They were really impressed with our guitarist on Saturday’s show, so perhaps they could even go on tour together one day. Make sure you watch the house band perform live on Christmas day at 9am. Send us any fan mail and we'll pass it on to the McFly boys.

Sam and Mark with the house band's guitarist

We’ve spent all morning getting the prizes together for this week's show and I can tell you that they're some of the best ever so make sure you get in touch if you want to get your hands on them.

Sam xxxxx

PS - Don't tell Mark, but I lost this week's Chinatown Challenge on purpose. I didn't want him to cry on national telly!

The worst challenge for me

  • Sam
  • 15 Dec 06, 02:54 PM


McFly spent today with us performing their new single (vote for it on the TMi playlist!) and when they heard that this week’s Chinatown Challenge involved football they organised a penalty shoot out with us. Unfortunately, Tom kicked a football so hard that it smashed a light in our flat. I guess we know what he’ll be getting us for Christmas now!

Speaking of the challenge I don’t think there could be a worse one for me, just when I won one too. I never play football, I never watch football and Mark loves footy so I can say bye bye to winning this week.
We've done lots of training for tomorrow. On Monday we went to a school and some pupils showed us some tips which was wicked. Ed and Mark have been arguing over who is the better footballer. Mark just hates losing!

Looking forward to tomorrow, not long til Christmas now ! yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!.

See you then xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Back to winning ways

  • Sam
  • 14 Dec 06, 01:00 PM


Hey, hey, hey guys, Yeeeeaaaahhh!!!!! I finally won a Chinatown Challenge, I really didn’t think I'd win that so I was so chuffed. Smug Mark said that he was going to win every challenge until the end of the series so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Matt Willis was a great guest, and I love his new song. And how good was our song with Jamelia? Im telling you it’s a Christmas number 1. Take a look at some pics from Saturday;

Me and Caroline with Matt Willis

Matt Willis with studio guests

Me and Caroline with studio guests

Me in a 'I'm a Celebrity' costume

A crew member in a 'I'm a Celebrity' costume

If you saw TMi a few weeks ago you’ll remember we had a piglet in the flat called Oscar who was part of a game called 'Baby Animal Tug of Love'. Well, this evening we had the world’s sweetest puppy come round so that we can play it again on Saturday. Who do you think the puppy liked best, me or Mark? If you think you know then get in touch and you could win some great prizes.

This morning we met the final piece of our biggest littlest band jigsaw. His name’s Joe and he is the youngest member of the band but his guitar playing is AMAZING. You can see him action on this week’s show and then next week we’re going to get them all on the show. I reckon they’re going to sound awesome and one day they might be as popular as Mcfly who are coming to visit us tomorrow.

Hot Gossip

  • Sam
  • 6 Dec 06, 04:28 PM


How do?

Hot gossip from Saturday! Dani Harmer loves Lil’ Chris eh? I reckon we should set up a blind date between them, and secretly set them up to meet in our flat! Then they could get married and me and Mark could sing at their wedding! Well, maybe not! Check out some pictures from Saturday;

Me, Mark and Caroline with Eton Road

Me, Mark and Caroline with Dani Harmer

Birthday Bingo

Me getting tied to a chair

I don’t know if you have noticed but Ed’s been acting like an embarrassing Dad in our flat recently. He’s been dancing like a Dad, and he keeps telling our new band to ‘KEEP ROCKING’! Sad.

Anyway, Adam who plays bass guitar In our new TMi houseband sorted him out and told him how to be cool like us. See if you notice any difference this week! I reckon the bad jokes, silly faces and bad smells will be back soon though.

We went swimming last night to practice for our rowing challenge and I got my hair all wet, Nightmare! We had a race in the pool too, with some new friends. As normal I carried on my losing streak in EVERYTHING I do (people ask me why I try and cheat all the time!). There will be no cheating this week though, I’m on my best behaviour, because other wise Father Christmas won’t bring me anything, right?

The King and Queen of the Jungle are on their way to the studio this week…no not Tarzan and Jane (good one!), its Matt Willis and Myleene Klass! Tune in to see them and a much cooler Ed, and of course to support me in Chinatown. I need your support!


More animals in the TMi flat

  • Sam
  • 1 Dec 06, 05:01 PM


Today we’ve had 3 different animals come into the flat. A puppy, a pig and a hen. Much fun was had apart from when the hen pooed everywhere! It’s for a new game we’re going to play on tomorrow and if you want to get involved check out the ‘contact us’ page.

This week’s Chinatown Challenge is a pop quiz. I think both me and Mark are equally rubbish at our pop knowledge so it should be an interesting one. I have to win this one let’s be honest, but don’t worry I’ll not let you down so keep voting for me. I don’t like to beg but plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz vote for me and not that Wolverhampton wally plz plz plz, but as I said I don’t beg. Look at how hard I am studying for this one;

Studying for the challenge

Studying for the challenge

Studying for the challenge

See you tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Eating competition

  • Sam
  • 30 Nov 06, 01:51 PM


Yo, yo yo, well I’m still getting over the fact that I lost Chinatown on Saturday. If there’s been any challenge that I’ve wanted to win it was that one, and to be honest it was looking like I was going to win in the week, but when it came down to it I didn’t punch as hard as I know I cud have done. Maybe the nerves finally got to me. Don’t think I’ve ever been as gutted.

I thought our guests on Saturday were great, Peter and Katie played along so well and Lil’ Chris was the smoothest dude ever, I reckon he fancied Caroline

Check out these pics from the show;
Playing Loot Machine.

Playing the 'Surely' game

It’s nearly 1st of December so I hope you’ve got your advent calenders. I have, tidy-pidy. I wonder what my first chocolate will be, I reckon a present or a bell. Speaking of Christmas me, Mark, Ed and Helen have started to write a Christmas song, it’s a good’un.

Ed’s just come back from the sandwich shop, should I be healthy and have a smoothie or dig into a bacon sandwich with Ed??? The answer is smoothie coz Ed didn’t get me a bacon sandwich, idiot! Talking of idiots, if you saw Saturday’s show you will have seen that Helen beat us all in a chilli eating competition. She won but her mouth was SO hot afterwards she could hardly talk. She’s asked me to tell you not to be as stupid as her and keep away from raw chillis! If you want to see what happened click here.

Just heard that Eton Road from The X-Factor will be on the show this Saturday. I can’t wait to find out what they thought of Simon Cowell!!! Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker) is also on the show so send us your questions and we’ll try to ask them for you. You'll also be able to see McFly's video for their new single for the first time anywhere.

Hope you guys liked our drummer that we found last week, Cameron’s a wicked guy. I’m sure you’ll love our keyboard player that came to visit us today, his name is Scott and he’s very cool, great hair! We did the same sort of thing with him that we did with Cameron, putting him through his rock paces. We also played him our Christmas song, not sure what he thought of that.

Preparing for boxing day

  • Sam
  • 24 Nov 06, 05:43 PM


Today’s ‘Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That’ got very messy. It involves mash potato, so you can guess what we did with it, that’s right throw it all over the flat. Other props included some over-sized jumpers, spades, rubber gloves and rubber rings. As always though we’ve come up with a beauty and it’s all connected to James Bond which we love.

Me and Mark have also had two visitors in to help us with this week’s ChinaTown ‘hardest punch' Challenge today. We’re punching a punchball not each other of course, so I had a boxer called Derek to show me how to punch properly. He was like the BFG (big friendly giant). He’s helped me a lot actually and I tell thee somethin', I could have done with his help on the skipping challenge. He told me he skips for 45 minutes very day, that’s just crazy!!!

I have to say I’m really happy with my efforts on this week’s challenge. I think when we were told what the challenge was Mark thought he had it in the bag, but I’ve given him a run for his money, I reckon he’s running scared and Ed has not been helping, he’s been winding Mark up good and proper and Mark’s not been very happy. I’ve got to stay focused though but if I don’t win this one it's going to be highly embarrassing because I'll be 7-4 down and will have lost 4 weeks in a row, very badd'un.

Looking forward to tomorrow as we’ve got Jordan and Peter Andre in the studio. I’m sure they will get into the spirit of things. Also Lil’ Chris is in too, so I’m sure he’ll give us some good advice on Cameron our new drummer. I’m also excited to say that the Sammy Kyle show is back. So far the Sammy Kyle show has been my favourite moment of the series, FACT.

Anyway gunna get back to training for the challenge and I'll see you on tomorrow.

Tidy Pidy xxxxxxxxxx

The biggest littlest band

  • Sam
  • 23 Nov 06, 03:25 PM


I have to say Saturday’s show was my favourite so far. We all watched it back on Monday night in the TMi flat, we always do this, me, Mark, Ed and Helen. Richard Fleeshman was a great guest, really nice guy too. One of my favourite parts of the show had to be when Mark was busking out in Leicester Square, that made me chuckle. I also loved our ‘Rug or Real’ game that we played with the contestants from ‘Keep Ya Hair On’. How great was that show? And it raised lots of money for Children in Need. I reckon you’ll all agree that I made a cracking Christmas fairy. Eh not long now til the 25th now!!!

On Tuesday Ed made fresh soup for everyone and I made fresh bread, how good are we? It was carrot and coriander but Helen doesn’t like coriander coz it makes her mouth swell up. I still reckon we should give her some anyway for comedy value. Oh no, we’ve just found some rotten fruit in one of our kitchen cupboards, bad ‘un!!

Last night I went to conflusions and when I got back Mark, Ed and Helen were all in my bed then Ed farted, what an idiot.

Don’t know if you remember but us lot at TMi are in the middle of putting together a TMi band. This week we met our drummer, his name is Cameron, he’s 11 and plays the drums like a GENIUS.


Cameron, me and Mark

Me and Mark were putting him through his paces and teaching him how to become a rock star. He did well but tune in on Saturday to find out what happened.

Fabulous Fearne

  • Sam
  • 15 Nov 06, 07:05 PM


One of our best friends, Fearne Cotton, came to visit the flat with Pudsey this afternoon as it’s Children In Need on Friday. We had to do loads of challenges in order to have money donated to Children In Need. You won’t be surprised to hear that things got very messy and ended up with Mark being covered in beans. It was lovely to see Fearne, we worked with her for 2 years on CBBC and she taught us a lot.

This week’s challenge is to see who can hold the longest note on a musical instrument. Now with mine and Mark's singing background we both know how to control our breathing which helps. We got some help when a TMi viewer called Peter came to the flat on Monday night to give us some tips. He’s been playing the trumpet for years so he really knew what he was talking about. His 3 tips for us were;
1: stay relaxed
2: breath in through your tummy
3: can't remember (probably going to lose)

Me, Mark and our guest training for this week's challenge

Mark having a go on the trumpet

Have a look at a new ritual in the TMi flat, we call it 'Toasty Treat'. Click here to see how it works.

Looking forward to Saturday – we’ve got Richard Fleeshman in the studio. On Friday he’s doing Children In Need so he can give us all the gossip from the show, should be a good one. Don’t forget to watch me and Mark on Ready Steady Cook on Friday on BBC 2, it’s a Children In Need special, did I mention I’ve got an NVQ in catering? xx

The greatest chefs finally meet

  • Sam
  • 14 Nov 06, 06:26 PM


Yo Yo Yo, how’s it goin’? Well Saturday’s show was a busy one. How wicked was Lemar & Lemark? My favourite part of the show had to be the Sammy Kyle Show, love that guy. I reckon Caroline was well surprised by her birthday cake which Mark and I spent ages icing, honest!!!

Have a look at these photo's from Saturday's Show;
Me as Sammy Kyle

Our scary 'Surely' game'

My sweet forfeit after losing Chinatown Challenge

Oh, and I just thought I’d let you know that on Sunday I went to the Good Food Show and saw Gordon Ramsey. Did I mention I’ve got an NVQ in catering?

Me and Ed have been playing practical jokes on Helen all week, actually it’s the same joke but it gets her every time. Helen tried to get us back by putting cereal in our shoes and jean pockets. If you ask me that’s a bit rubbish, she’s going to have to do a lot better than that to beat the TT (toasty treat) brothers.

My hair is massive today, I really need to get a trim. I think I will, no in fact I know I will.

Ed’s making some teas and coffees at the mo, he says pink for tea, green for coffee. Helen's just walked into the room and I got her with my practical jokes, ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

We were going to watch Saturday’s show last night but the video wasn’t working. TMi doesn’t provide us with DVDs.

The props for 'Surely You Can’t Make A Game Out Of That' are atrocious, I really don’t think were going to come up with anything. We’ll keep trying though….

Questioning Mark

  • Sam
  • 9 Nov 06, 04:08 PM


This week's ‘Surely’ game is quite difficult. It’s a bit of a baby theme, but as always we’ve come up with something funny for Saturday morning TV. Make sure you keep sending your suggestions in. If you do you could even end up playing the game.

Mark woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather so he’s not been doing much training for this week’s Chinatown Challenge which is a cycling race. Is he really unwell? Does he think he’s got this week's challenge in the bag? Is he going to use the cold as an excuse? Am I being paranoid? You decide. I must admit the tasks that we have done in training this week have been very close, I reckon on Saturday it will be a very close challenge. Thanks to everyone who’s voted for me, you know that I’m the best!

Preparing for the challenge

Waxing my legs to be more aerodynamic!

Looking forward to Saturday as we’ve got Mark and Kirsten from SMart on the show, they are both wicked. We’ve also got Lemar in the studio who is the nicest guy. Should be full of fun, and don’t forget to keep sending in your fairly odd pictures. Ed and Helen would be over the moon if you guys sent in some pictures of them.

Ha, ha!! We played a trick on Mark in the TMi flat. Check it out by clicking here.

Remember when McFly popped round? They did a couple of songs for us and it was so good I wanted to share it with you guys. Watch them perform by clicking here.

Anyway going to go and have a really hot bath to sooth my aching thighs after all that cycling. See you Saturday!! xxxxxx

Tricycle tricks

  • Sam
  • 7 Nov 06, 05:03 PM


Hi guys,

Well I have to say I think Saturday’s show was my favourite, I don’t know why but thought it was great, come to think of it they’re all great that’s coz TMi is wicked and a lot better than Saturday Kitchen! Check out some photos from the show;
Chantelle and her lookalikes

Me dressed up with the TMi runners

Simon Webbe with the 'Call Yourself A Friend' Winners

Me as a mermaid in London

I’m still recovering from the freezing cold water that was thrown on me at the end of the show, but I must admit it was a very funny forfeit. Our guests Chantelle and Simon Webbe were wicked, they really got into the spirit of things and I think Simon may have a crush on Caroline!!!

In the flat today we played with the tricycle that we used on Saturday’s ‘Surely’ game. Me and Mark can do some proper cool skids. Ed’s just got his dressing gown caught in the wheels, very funny. Can’t believe how early it gets dark now, that means that it’s nearly Christmas and I love Christmas, not long now……

I cooked a pizza from scratch for lunch. You should try it. I called it the pizza challenge! You can get other Sam Nixon recipes on Ceefax page 247, or on my DVD which will be out at Christmas, only kiddin’, its Ceefax page 248, ha ha ha ha ha ha , I’m funny.

Guess what happened this afternoon? Emma Bunton and her dance partner, Darren from Strictly Come Dancing came and visited the flat. Me and Mark had to learn a dance routine and then perform it to Emma and Darren. They both judged us and the winner got to dance with the gorgeous Strictly Come Dancing contestant, whilst Emma watched ha ha ha ha ha, only kidding the winner got to dance with Emma. I’ll not spoil it 4 you but Mark won.

Great guests

  • Sam
  • 2 Nov 06, 04:42 PM


Today’s ‘Surely’ props were the hardest yet, they were great props but when you put them together, well surely we couldn’t make a game out of that! I’m sure we’ll think of something before Saturday.
I have to say I’ve not been doing very well in training for this week’s Chinatown Challenge. It’s a test of steady hands. I really want to win because that will put me 5-3 in front. I suppose we’ll have to wait until Saturday.

Saturday should be good because we’ve got Chantelle from Big Brother in the studio as well as Simon Webbe. Both are lovely people, so it should be a laugh and I’m looking forward to seeing Flackster as she’s been so busy this week doing a radio show, she hasn’t been able to come round and see us.

Going to go and have a bacon sarnie now and a shower, not at the same time. See you Saturday for more fun and mayhem `xxxxx

An audition

  • Sam
  • 1 Nov 06, 04:36 PM


Well, what can I say? How rubbish were we at last week's Chinatown Challenge? I know I won so don’t get me wrong, I’m over the moon, it’s just a shame it took me 5 hours to complete. Another thing I’m over the moon about is winning call yourself a friend against Dougie and Danny from McFly. I’m sorry but they sucked! Oh yes, me and Mark are back. I must admit I did feel really bad when I saw Helen’s reaction to the spider, I still hold all responsibility to ED and if you read anywhere that Mark is her favourite then take no notice!

We had a visit this afternoon from our neighbours Karl and Susan Kennedy from Neighbours, if you see what I mean (just 4 the record they’re not our actual neighbours). They gave us an audition to be in Neighbours, the reason I’m writing ‘neighbours’ a lot is because I’ve just found out how to spell it. They were the nicest people, but I'll not spoil anything 4 you, just make sure you tune in on Saturday. It's going to be mint. In the meantime, you can see some pictures of their visit in Mark's blog.

Ed and Mark just came up with a lovely ‘smoothie’ song today (we like our smoothies in the TMi flat) and I made apple crumbles for everybody. I tell you summat, make yourself a crumble, it’s quick and easy and the results are amazing. Make one and give it to your ‘neighbours’!!!

Slam Dunkin'

  • Sam
  • 27 Oct 06, 01:22 PM


I’m really liking this week's Chinatown Challenge, it’s basketball. Its going to be really close I can tell thee. We’ve had some training from a proper basketball team, they showed us how to intimidate each other by making strange loud noises. They were the tallest men in the history of the world, they even made me look small.

Here's me and Mark in training;
Me playing basketball

Mark playing basketball

We’ve got McFly in the studio tomorrow. I thought they were fantastic in the flat last week so I’m sure they’ll be up for a laugh in the studio. I’m loving their new song ‘Star Girl’, we’ve been playng it all week in the flat.

C u tomorrow xxxxxxxx


  • Sam
  • 25 Oct 06, 04:55 PM


Yo Yo Yo, hows it goin guys?

Well what can I say, it's 3-3 in the Chinatown Challenge, and I hate to big myself up but how good was Mark's forfeit? I have had that lined up for weeks, but I kept losing so it was great to finally see his face, he hated it. How wicked was Alesha? She's such a nice person, and GORGEOUS! So make sure you vote for her video on the TMi Picklist!

Big news! Helen's had her hair coloured, it looks lovely. She says it's natural but I just laughed in her face. On Monday we had a bit of a Halloween feast. Two TMi viewers came to the SCARY feast to try and win some prizes. I wasn’t happy tho coz not only was I dressed in a stupid pumpkin costume but Ed was the judge. He was rubbish and didn’t judge fairly. If there was an award 4 the worst judge in the world Ed would win and I would be the judge.

At the minute I’m drinking coffee from a CBBC mug, I love a good mug, that’s why I love Mark ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

On Tuesday me and Ed played a Halloween trick on Mark and Helen, it involves a Tarrantula and it is fantastic (unless you’re Mark or Helen). You can see more on Saturday but in the mean time chck out, these photo's.

Helen being scared of the spider

Me with the spider

Think we’ve just come up with a good ‘Surely’ game, it’s going along with CBBC’s ‘get spooked’ theme of course and it took us a while to come up with it but we got there in the end. Talking of spooky goings on, I really think that something strange is happening in the flat, we keep breaking things . . . and very nearly smashed one of the cameras.

Playing tricks on Mark.

  • Sam
  • 20 Oct 06, 02:59 PM


Last night I put coffee granules all over Mark's bed, he hates coffee, it all melted on to the sheets and looked like he had an accident, if you know what I mean.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, we’ve got Alesha in the studio, she’s lovely, I secretly fancy her, but don’t tell anyone.

Anyway I’m going to revise now for the challenge, I really wanna win coz I’ve had the same forfeit set for Mark for the past 3 weeks. It’s a beauty.

See you tomorrow morning xxxxx

Mark tried to cook

  • Sam
  • 19 Oct 06, 07:30 PM


Now I don’t want to tempt fate but having spent all morning working on it I reckon that this week’s ‘Surely They Can’t Make Game Of That’ game could be our best yet. It will certainly be quite funny and very clean ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , you’ll get that joke on Saturday when you see the props.

For supper, Mark wanted to cook us all potato pie, but we didn’t have any potatoes, he got a bit upset instead of getting up and going to the shops, typical! He’s very jealous of my cooking skills so I think he invented a recipe that we didn’t have the ingredients for on purpose. Helen, is the only one who doesn’t like my food and that’s just because I accidentally dropped her food on the floor one day and then everyone laughed at her.

The big news is that Ed has had his hair cut and Helen has curled hers, I suppose that those comments are quite boring. That’s because this week me and Mark have been bored to tears with the ‘Chinatown Challenge’. It’s a memory test, so its been a bit like revising for a test. I say it’s been boring but possibly Mark did the funniest thing whilst revising, he was losing and turned into a BIG baby by knocking a cup over Ed and Helen. I can’t wait to see it back on Saturday. I was laughing for hours.

Here's me and Ed revising.
Me and Ed revising

Vote for Sam!

  • Sam
  • 18 Oct 06, 03:12 PM


Eyup guys, hope your having a splendid week. I’ve just got over the embarrassment of wearing that very girly ballet outfit on Saturday, although the tights were nice and silky. I know I lost on Saturday but I can honestly say I was over the moon with my performance, I didn’t think I’d last that long.

Talking of Chinatown, before I went to bed tonight I went to the TMi website to vote for myself to win (as usual!) and was shocked to discover that more and more of you are voting for Mark, don’t give up on me Sam fans!

Girls Aloud were great, I reckon Mark fell in love. Can’t believe we lost ‘Call Yourself A Friend’ again. We’re losing 3-2 now, gutted. Who would have thought it but we’ve had another winner on ‘Loot Machine’ it’s something like a 1 in 27 chance to win, and we’ve had 2 winners already.

Last week we put a message on the website for McFly fans to get in touch and this afternoon we invited a couple of them round. They came into the flat and chilled with us, but what they didn’t know is that McFly were in the flat hiding behind a big screen. It was a wicked surprise for them and you can see it all on Saturday’s show. It was really nice to see the McFly lads, not seen them in ages. I love their new song and have voted for it on the TMi Picklist this week.

Girls Aloud

  • Sam
  • 16 Oct 06, 02:35 PM


Alright Everyone!!

Girls Aloud were on the show on Saturday. I managed to take a couple of snaps of them, have a look;

Girls Aloud arriving at TMi

Girls Aloud in the TMi Mobile

See Ya

Girls Aloud

  • Sam
  • 16 Oct 06, 02:35 PM


Alright Everyone!!

Girls Aloud were on the show on Saturday. I managed to take a couple of snaps of them, have a look;

Girls Aloud arriving at TMi

Girls Aloud in the TMi Mobile

See Ya

Visit from the Flackster

  • Sam
  • 13 Oct 06, 04:59 PM


I’m so tired from this week's Chinatown Challenge. We have been lifting loads of weights and doing lots of different exercises. Even Caroline came to give us a work out this morning, she turned into an evil person, but it was nice to see her! Not sure how it’s going to go on Saturday, although it’s a very physical challenge it’s quite a mental one too. Mark at the moment is beating me, but please keep voting for me 'coz I won’t let you down.

Remember the Darts Chinatown Challenge from ages ago? I can't remember who won that one. Bobby George (the darts legend) sent us some tips on how to improve. Check them out by clicking here. If you are going to give darts a go though, remember to be really, really careful and make sure you have a parent/guardian to play with.

Really looking forward to tomorrow, it’s such a great atmosphere in the studio. I hope that comes across on your telly. Its sad that there is no more Likeaballs on TMi but we have got Fairly Odd Parents on the show, and that’s just my parents ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….ha..ha, only kiddin, that wasn’t that funny was it? Im goin now,

Bye x

P.S it’s halloween soon so Mark & I wondered whether any of you wanted to come round to our flat with a friend for a spooky evening! If you’re not too scared then go to the Contact TMi page and tell us why you’d like to come over and it could be you!

That difficult second song

  • Sam
  • 12 Oct 06, 03:51 PM


Last night I asked Helen which hand she wiped her bum with, she said ‘my right’ and I said ‘I use toilet paper’ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………ha ha ha.

We’ve been trying to come up with a follow up song to ‘A Coffee Boiled (A Coffee Spoiled)'. So far we’ve come up with ‘A Tea NOT Boiled (A Tea Spoiled) I reckon it needs more work!

You will not believe who came to the flat today, only Danny and Joe, the first losers of ‘Call Yourself A Friend’. They came to try and win back their MP3 players that me and Mark won fair and square because we’re bezzie mates. I'll not let you know what happens, you’ll just have to watch on Saturday at 9:00am on BBC 2 and on the CBBC channel (good plug!!).

We’ve got Girls Aloud on the show on Saturday so watch out for Mark turning on to flirt mode.

Friend practise

  • Sam
  • 9 Oct 06, 04:51 PM


Yo, yo, yo.

Hope you're all well and having a good week. Well what can I say about my slow reactions in Chinatown Challenge? I can only hold my hands up and say that Mark fought a good battle. Is it weird that I kinda liked that babygrow? Anyway I thought Harry Hill was a wicked guest, so funny and it meant we had a celebrity ‘slaphead’ in the studio. It was wicked to see Barney too, this week’s Prank Patrol was a great one, and Barney's favourite he told me.

Me, Mark, Ed and Helen recorded Saturday’s show and watched it in the flat today, it’s quite vain I know but I did look great, ha ha ha. Obviously we fast-forwarded 'call yourself a friend'. I hope Chloe & Amber are enjoying those guitars because me & mark are REALLY jealous. I don’t know if you can do best friend practise but if you can that’s what we’re going to be doing for the rest of the week.

The flatmates

  • Sam
  • 6 Oct 06, 03:56 PM


As Ed and Helen are sulking in the bedroom because Mark & I beat them in a reflex game I thought I’d write and tell you a bit about them, especially as you get to see them on the show every week.

Ed -
He’s great fun, although a little hairy. So hairy that we told him to shave his beard off, I now kinda miss his Yeti face. Me and Mark have worked with Ed for quite a few years now so it's wicked to be living with someone we know so well.

Helen -
She is so lovely and keeps us in line. I reckon she gets fed up with our boyish ways. Again me and Mark have known Helen for quite a few years so she knows us really well. She makes a great cup of tea too.

Everybody shouted at me last night because I’ve been getting on everyone’s nerves by keeping them awake talking in the bedroom at night. I can't help it but I feel like I need a good chat before I go to bed. The other night I kept talking about my legs (you had to be there) I tend to get the hint when nobody answers my questions. This is probably the reason im always so tired.

Anyway got to go and think of a forfeit for mark now so I'll see you on TMi tomorrow xxxxxxxxx

Weird Mark

  • Sam
  • 4 Oct 06, 04:16 PM


Mark (rubbish at Limbo) Rhodes been acting funny since Sunday. I’m sure he’s been up to something, or maybe it’s me being paranoid. He keeps trying to get me do weird things like play his silly biscuit game or drink glasses of salty water, very, very strange. No doubt I’ll find out on Saturday what it’s all about.

We’ve had a great afternoon in the flat training for this week’s Chinatown Challenge. We’ve been trying out a number of reflex games including slaps and catching 2ps off our elbows. It seems like it’s quite an even task this week but the pressure could get to us on the day. If the reflex game on Saturday involves catching then I’m in big, big trouble. Anything else and I reckon I’ll make it 3-1. Check out the pic of Mark practising.

Mark practising for the Chinatown Challenge

Don’t forget to keep voting for me. Whilst your voting can you send us some silly suggestions for things to use in the ‘Surely’ game as this week’s was really hard (it's only week 4). I reckon we’ve pulled it out of the bag though!

Chinatown Champion

  • Sam
  • 2 Oct 06, 06:03 PM


Hi guys,

Hope you're all well and enjoyed Saturday's show. I’m so chuffed I won the Chinatown Challenge, I honestly didn’t think I was going to win but I pulled it back. Mark (rubbish at darts) Rhodes made a great pigeon , don’t you think?

Can’t believe we got a Loot Machine winner, and on our first caller too, amazing. That means new prizes next week so make sure you enter.

I’ve just cooked us some tea and dropped Helen's on the floor, I felt really bad. It was quite funny tho.

Looking forward to Saturday coz Barney Harwood is coming in. Make sure you get your questions in for him and our other guest Harry Hill, never met him before so that should be exciting.

Going down to Chinatown!

  • Sam
  • 27 Sep 06, 07:32 PM


Yo guys,

Hope you enjoyed the show on Saturday, I really enjoyed myself even though I lost at skipping (gutted). It was great to see the Blazin’ Squad lads. We had lots of emails sent in for them so thanks for that. How bad was it when Caroline slapped me in the face? My cheek is still glowing. Think my favourite part of last week’s show had to be the surely game with the marshmallows, it was very fun to play.

Well it’s been a busy day in the flat today. This week’s Chinatown challenge has been a real struggle, it’s not as physical this week but I’m finding it quite difficult. I’m sure I’ll get some luck on Saturday (fingers crossed). This week’s Chinatown challenge is darts and we’ve just had a bit of an accident. We were playing a game where Ed shouted out a number on the dart board and I had to hit it but my aim isn’t great and I ended up throwing the dart straight at a lamp and smashing it. We’ve just finished cleaning up. All I’ll say is please be very, very careful if you are ever playing darts!

I’ve just cooked tea for everyone, which I don’t mind admitting was pretty tasty, have I mentioned that I’ve got an NVQ in cooking?? Anyway it was just lucky we had some stuff in the cupboard ‘cos it seems like no-one remembered to do the shopping, I blame Mark! He’s too busy thrashing me at darts, to be honest I’ve pretty much given up on this week’s challenge it’s really annoying ‘cos I can’t seem to get any better at it. Rubbish. Mark’s being really annoying telling me that I’ve just got to practise – BUT IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE!!!!!!! I’m going down to China Town!!!

The props that you guys sent in for this week's 'Surely' game were really difficult but I reckon we’ve come up with something fun, you’ll have to watch on Saturday to find out!

We had a visit from Lil’ Chris this week. He’s got his single out in the charts and he’s been teaching me and Mark how to be a rocker! Hopefully all our rock school lessons will impress Caroline on Saturday because we’ve got a little something special planned 4 her.

Here's the photo of my fat self that I showed on the telly last week. If you can get fatter, go to the TMi contact page, send us a photo and prove it! The best one wins a TMi t-shirt so don't hang around or Mark will probably use it to blow his nose on.

Me looking rather large!

see you at 9am on Saturday xxxxxxx

Sneaky pics from backstage

  • Sam
  • 25 Sep 06, 04:43 PM

I went backstage during the show and took a couple of sneaky pics, have a look.

Caroline is remembering her lines, look at how hard she is concentrating.

Joe's working hard to make sure the show goes smoothly.

Here we all are with the Blazin' Squad.
Sam, Mark and Caroline with the Blazin' Squad

Come back soon to check out more blog entries and pics.

Loads of stuff

  • Sam
  • 21 Sep 06, 05:50 PM

Hi guys, hope you enjoyed the show on Saturday, I know I did. I think my favourite bit had to be the Chinatown challenge. Marks face when he was in his Cat suit, very funny. I shouldn’t laugh though coz this week's skipping challenge is a toughy and I hate to say it but I think I’m goin down to Chinatown on Saturday.

How great was Nikki from Big Brother on Saturday? She was a great first guest. Really nice person too.

Its been a wicked week so far, I reckon we’ve got some great ideas for ‘Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That’ we had some great props sent in, sadly no Derek this week though. I miss Derek.

No Chico either this week, but we did have a visit from 11 dogs, that’s not a joke by the way. It got very messy, tune in on Saturday to find out what happened.

Looking forward to seeing the Blazin’ Squad lads on Saturday, they’re always up 4 a laugh. Me, Mark and the TMi team have been learning their new song.

I’ve gotta ask if there’s anyone out there who can take on Me and Mark at 'Call Yourself a Friend'. We’re undefeated as yet, it's only been one week but still. Make sure you get on the website to find out how to take on me and Mark.

Don’t forget, the easiest way to win some wicked prizes is on TMi. All you need to know is the date of your birthday. Simple! We call it Birthday Bingo.

Well guys, I best be getting back to training ready for the Chinatown Challenge, and I’ll see you bright and early on Saturday at 9am

Bye x

First ever TMi show

  • Sam
  • 16 Sep 06, 02:21 PM

Hey everyone, check out the pics from the first ever show.

Here I am with Nikki from Big Brother
Me and Nikki

Here I am again with Nikki from Big Brother. I don't know who the other two people are.... I do really!

Mark's got more on his page, go and take a look.

An energetic guest

  • Sam
  • 15 Sep 06, 05:53 PM

Every day in the TMi flat we’re prepared for a surprise visitor to drop in to our flat. We know someone or something will be coming but we don’t know who! I can’t imagine we’ll get a bigger shock than when Chico came round as that was a complete surprise to Mark and me. As you can imagine, Chico was sooooo over-excited and by the time he’d left we were exhausted, he’s got so much energy. I still don’t know how he persuaded Mark & me to dress up as girls.

Here I am learning some of Chico's moves.
Me with Chico

Anyway, I’ve got to go now as I need to practise this week’s Chinatown Challenge (the challenge that Caroline gets us to practise in the flat before I go to head to head against Mark on Saturday morning). I am SO going to win!

This week you can vote on who you think will win by going on the TMi website. Go on vote for me!

Speak soon and don’t forget to watch TMi every Saturday at 9am on BBC TWO and CBBC.



Coming up with ideas

  • Sam
  • 14 Sep 06, 04:47 PM

Today was so busy! Whilst we’re in the TMi flat we not only come up with ideas for the show but also test them. This morning we came up with some great ideas for a game involving some very strange objects. We think it’s great but we’ll find out on Saturday when one of you will get to play it for the chances to win some great prizes. If you go to ‘Be On A Show’ on the CBBC website you find out how to play the games on Saturday morning and suggest some stupid objects for us to use.

Mark and I are used to turning our flat into a complete mess but I think it’s proving to be a bit of a shock for Ed, Helen and the TMi team! Wait until they see the washing up that needs doing because I’ve been cooking up a storm in the TMi kitchen. Did I mention I’ve got an NVQ level 1 in cooking?!


  • Sam
  • 11 Sep 06, 02:22 PM

Hi guys,

Well what can I say, the first week of TMI has begun and it’s going to be brilliant! Over the last few days the TMi team haved moved into our flat to help us make the show and we’re all having a real laugh. So far, there haven’t been any arguments because we’re all on best behaviour!

We’ve got 2 members of the TMi team living with us so watch out for them on TV and on the TMi website. Ed is the producer and as long as his favourite football team, Burnley, don’t lose he’s always in a good mood. The producer’s job is turn all our crazy ideas into the show that you see on Saturday morning. When Ed’s got a list of all our ideas he works out which ones he thinks we should use and in which order they go in.

Helen, is also living in our flat and is a researcher on TMi. This means she has to get all the stuff we need for the show on Saturday. So, if we decide to dress Mark up as a gorilla then Helen has to find a gorilla costume for him. Poor Helen!

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