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  • Sam
  • 31 Jan 07, 12:54 PM


Thanks and Good Bye!

  • Mark
  • 31 Jan 07, 11:57 AM


Well that's nearly it for this series of TMi. Just one more show to go and then it's all over. We can't believe it's gone so quickly! After all, it only seems like yesterday that we were arguing over who got what bunk-bed and who was prettier, Ed or Helen.

On Saturday we're going to show you our best moments & favourite guests from this series of TMi so you can expect an amazing show. Caroline's coming round the flat too for the last time and we're even going to show you behind the scenes so you get an idea of the strange place that we live in.

We don't want to tell you too much about Saturday's show so that it’s still a surprise when you watch it at 9am but if you like seeing us two goofing around you're definitely in for a treat. As well as guests like Lil' Chris, McFly, Harry Hill and Girls Aloud we'll also have the best bits from the Chinatown Challenge so you can relive all the sweat and tears! We're so pleased that there isn't a new Chinatown Challenge this week because Saturday's triathlon challenge was the hardest thing ever, we could hardly walk the next day!

Finally we want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who's written to us, posted a message, entered a competition, visited us at the flat or come down to Leicester Square, we've loved waking you up every Saturday morning over the last 6 months and hope you've enjoyed TMi too.

We're both going on holiday for a while now to recover (from ed's snoring!), but we'll back on your screens very soon with a cool new show and we can't wait to se you all again. Thanks again and byeeeee

Holding a Thank You sign

Holding a Good Bye sign


Sam & Mark

ps - Ed & Helen say goodbye too!

Working Out

  • Sam
  • 25 Jan 07, 06:22 PM


We spent the afternoon in the gym getting some expert help ahead of Saturday’s challenge. I’m in with a shout, and if nothing else it allowed me to work off some of that ‘holiday weight’ from Christmas. But I know what your thinking and don’t worry, I haven’t lost my chubby cheeks!

Me in the gym

We’re going to write a song about a TMi viewer who got in touch with us on last week’s message board. She told us a really embarrassing story which was so funny we had to make a song up about it.

Saturday’s Show is going to be massive and we’ve come up with loads of great things for it in the flat this week. make sure you’re watching at 9am because EMMA BUNTON is going to be in the studio and MCFLY will be performing their new single, ‘Transylvania’ for the first time ever anywhere in the world! and as well as that we’ve got LIL' CHRIS'S brand new video so don’t be late!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sam ‘tidy-pidy’ Nixon


School Days

  • Mark
  • 25 Jan 07, 05:48 PM


This week’s Chinatown Challenge is going to be a doddle as it’s a swimming, cycling & running challenge and I’m better than Sam at all of those! My new red toe nails also went down well at the swimming pool when we went training today. The girls haven’t softened me up that much because I’m out for revenge this week after last week's embarrassment. Although, after our girly chats with Flack and Helen, forfeits like dressing up in a skirt won't bother me too much!

Me and Sam training for the challenge

GUESS WHATS BACK? High School Musical made a welcome return to ‘Surely you can’t make a game out of that’ this week. (I’ve been trying to suggest it for weeks). I hope you all remember the dance routine because I certainly don’t. Maybe you can help me out, after all, ‘were all in this together!’ Get it? Good one. We’re playing ‘Surely’ for the last time this week so this afternoon we picked all our favourite props from the last few months to feature on Saturday. It’s going to be brilliant!!

Ed & Helen added up the results of the flat vote this week, you chose whether we should be treated like school kids or animals for the day so thanks a lot for sending us back to school! It was was not at all like High School Musical! Forget white tracksuits, basketball and cheerleaders. More like, bossy teachers and boring uniforms. I was on my best behaviour as always, but was influenced by the trouble maker of the school, yep, you have guessed it – Sam. I knew I shouldn’t have hung around with him.

Sam, Teacher Ed and me

Saturday should be better than brilliant, really brilliant, because MCFLY are performing their new single live in the studio, EMMA BUNTON’s coming in and the girls told me they have got the perfect game for me to choose the Birthday Bingo month. If that wasn’t enough I’ll be answering a big ‘Question Mark’ too! So I’ll see you all on Saturday at 9am on BBC TWO!!!

As me and my girlies say, Love and Lollies

Mark “girly’ Rhodes

I love a good girly night

  • Mark
  • 24 Jan 07, 02:49 PM


We’ve been in the flat 20 weeks now and it's time to ask myself a few questions….

1. What colour do I want to paint my nails?
2. Should I wear my hair up or down?
3. who is the fittest out of McFly?

Me and Caroline at the sleepover

As you can see Caroline’s girly night in and sleepover at the flat this week has had a bit of an affect on me! We had a right old gossip, had Karaoke, ice cream, midnight feasts, shared secrets and had beauty treatment. Sam and Ed didn’t really get into it, but me, Helen and Caroline had done it all before so I thought it was cool.

This week’s Chinatown Challenge is going to be a doddle as it’s a swimming, cycling & running challenge and I’m better than sam at all of those! My new red toe nails also went down well at the Swimming pool, when we went training today. The girls haven’t softened me up that much because I’m out for revenge this week after last week's embarrassment. Although, after our girly chats with Flack and Helen, forfeits like dressing up in a skirt won't bother me too much!

These are some photos from last Saturday's show;

Me and Simon Webbe

Me dressed as Pat Butcher

See Ya

Back to School

  • Sam
  • 24 Jan 07, 01:10 PM


I am the champions, I am the champions, I am the champions…..of the world! It feels good to be in the flat as this week's Chinatown Challenge winner. I haven’t had time to rub it in Mark's face though because as soon as we got up on Monday, it was time for school. YUK!

Thanks to you lot, we spent today being treated like school kids, wearing uniforms, doing spelling tests and eating cold lumpy school dinners. We tried to get revenge (like we always do! haha) but this time head mistress Helen, was really strict. First I had to stand in the corner, then I had to write lines, then I had to go out of the room and all I did was throw rice pudding all over Ed! I think I have learnt my lesson.

Helen as the Headteacher

This morning we have been training like badgers for this week's BIG Chinatown Challenge. I am pooped! (that’s a cool word that means tired). Helen told us that it was an Ironman challenge which means doing 3 sports one after each other, cycling, swimming, and running! This is going to be the most tiring challenge since the pop quiz! I don’t think I will have enough energy for the forfeit if I lose, unless it's sleeping on a mattress in Leicester Square!

Check out some pics from last week's show;

Mark's forfeit

Me with guests

Lil' Chris with guests


It's all going downhill

  • Sam
  • 18 Jan 07, 06:42 PM


To practice for the Chinatown Challenge this morning we tried skiing on grass. We went really quick, when Helen pulled us down that was! So we tried to do it properly at a Snow Dome in Milton Keynes. When we got to the dome it was pretty much downhill from there (get it? Skiing? Down hill!?). Anyway, Helen was ‘awesome’, I was ‘da bomb’, Mark needed to get a ‘move on’ and Ed got it ‘all wrong’! Once again we had an excellent teacher, aTMi viewer called Josh. He was wicked at skiing and I think he is going to be a champion when he’s older. If I win on Saturday, it's all down to him

Mark spent the entire car journey back from the snowdome teasing me about my Chinatown failures over the last few weeks. He just kept going on & on & on & on & on about his in his silly brummie accent. As a punishment I made Helen stop the car so I could sit in the front leaving him with windypops Ed in the back. That’ll teach him!

That about sums it up for this week! It was so much fun though, and I think your votes are going to be safe with me on Saturday. It's time to stop Mark's run of luck! Talking of Saturday, our mates Simon Webbe and Lil' Chris are in so I’m looking forward to blowing them away with the song we came up with in the flat. We wrote it about a TMi viewer called Kelsey who wanted to be a spy. It’s amazing even if I say so myself.

Anyway, I’m off to go and have a think of way to sneak into Caroline’s Corner this week… see you on Saturday!

Nixon ‘Out’


Embarrassing the band!

  • Mark
  • 18 Jan 07, 05:47 PM


We went to practise our skiing at a place called the Snowdome today. Sam & I looked so cool in a proper ski suits. Helen looked amazing in her orange jump suit but Ed didn’t look so cool falling down the dome, clattering into barriers and anything else that got in his way! Watch out on Saturday to see the world’s worst skiier in action, A long way behind me and Sam

Anyway I hope we can put each other off again in the challenge because I have got a great one for Sam. Even better than the work out he had to do last week and even better than the one before that when he had to dress up as a donkey and caroline rode him around Leicester Square.

Sam and I have been coming up with ideas all day for Saturday’s guests, Simon Webbe & Lil' Chris. We’ve thought of some great stuff but the best game involved one of us dressing up as a big fish. Sam and I played paper, scissors, stone to decide who had to be the fish and guess what? I lost!

The houseband are in again this Saturday and today we got a message from Cameron’s mum. Cameron’s the drummer in the band and she was telling us about finding a lunchbox in his bedroom that he’d left for so long that it was actually rotting and green, yuck! We’ll be embarrassing cam with this story on Saturday and we’ll also be reading out any messages that you have for them, so get in touch!

See you on Saturday and don’t forget to give me those Chinatown votes..... please!


Mark ‘downhill’ Rhodes


  • Mark
  • 17 Jan 07, 05:49 PM


Saturday was crazy. I had to change into so many costumes I felt like I was in a beauty contest. Which, of course I would have won, just like the Chinatown Challenge AGAIN! I have a theory that you lot just vote for Sam because you know he’s going to lose and you just give him “sympathy votes”!

Me dressed as a question mark with a studio guest

Me dressed as an American

There were more costumes to be worn in the flat today. The first was a tight little number, for our skiing challenge, and then a Pat Butcher wig for Surely We Can't Make a Game Out of That! Which one of you lot suggested that? I think it was brilliant. Wait until Saturday 'till you see how we used it in the game.

Another costume involved frozen clothes which we wore at the flat, they were supposed to get us used to Skiing conditions. All it got me used to was screaming and shivering it was so cold. Sam and I once again cleverly turned it round and jumped on Helen and Ed and made them all cold too! Revenge!

Where's Ed?

  • Sam
  • 17 Jan 07, 05:36 PM


I finally got a text back off our old friend Fearne this morning, after we texted her in the flat 6 days ago! It said “Who is this?” She must have lost her old phone or deleted my number by accident, but it was nice to hear from her.

It's been brilliant week in the flat, mainly because Ed wasn’t there for half of it (he was probably having his hair done again) and we got to hang out with Helen. She told us about our Chinatown Challenge for this week, and I’ll give you a few clues to what it is….. You need, snow, a big hill and skis to do it. Got it yet? Yes that’s right it’s Juggling! Only joking its skiing and I’m quite confident about it this week.

When Ed came back to the flat this afternoon we had a game to guess what he would do first. I guessed he would clap his hands and stand in his normal stupid pose. Helen thought he would pick his nose first. He did both straight away of course!

Here are some photos from Saturday's show;

JoJo and Scott from the TMi band

Me doing my forfeit

Me and Mark with the 'Call Yourself A Friend' contestants

See Ya


  • Mark
  • 12 Jan 07, 05:23 PM


We’ve just got back from a trip to the golf course!!! As Sam would say “it were r-eight good int-it”! Of ‘course’ I was better (that’s a joke cos we went to a golf ‘course’). Sam hit one shot into a canal, very funny!! Oh, by the way, Helen’s soup was delicious, in fact, it was souper!!!! I think I’m going to stop writing for a while now ‘cos I can’t help telling Ed-style bad jokes!

Okay, I have to admit me and Ed have just got VERY competitive over a game of crazy golf!
Me and Sam gearing up for the challenge

It was me and Helen verses Ed and Sam and somehow the whole thing ended up in a draw. Well it might have something to do with the fact that it took me 25 shots to do the last hole!!! (I say hole but actually we had to hit a ball into a TMi mug!) The main thing to tell you is that although the whole thing ended up a draw, in the holes where I was against Ed I beat him! (although Ed did get a hole in one that I don’t really want to talk about.) PS Fearne hasn’t texted any of us back yet – slightly embarrassing.

Anyhow, that’s all for now! Speak soon and hope you enjoy the show Saturday!

Mark ‘Tiger Woods’ Rhodes xxxxx


  • Sam
  • 12 Jan 07, 05:03 PM


We’ve had a wicked day today (it’s Tuesday by the way). In preparation for this week’s Chinatown golfing challenge me and mark went to a proper golfing range. It was so cool although I was quite bad, that’s right folks I think this week’s challenge is down the swanee for me.

Me and Mark with the band

The TMi band have just left the flat, they popped round today to help us out with the Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That game. This weeks props were:
A wheel barrow
Grandma costume

And as always we’ve come up with a beauty, you’ll have to tune in on Saturday to see what we’ve come up with!

The band also helped us with this week’s ‘song for a viewer’, it’s got number 1 written all over it.

Anyway, as I said the challenge on Saturday is not looking good for me but as always I'll do me best and I’m off now to get some more putting practice in now. Wish me luck!!!

Much love guys xxxx

I'm a lady

  • Sam
  • 10 Jan 07, 02:58 PM


Hey guys hope you’re all doing well, and enjoyed Saturday’s show.

Thought that our guest Chris and Devon from Hollyoaks were wicked. Gutted about the tap dancing challenge, although I might make a complaint as the final challenge wasn’t really a tap dancing challenge, it was more running on the spot! If it was I reckon I would have won ‘coz Mark dances like a badger that’s poo-ed himself. Oh well I’m not bitter. I must say I think last week’s ‘Surely They Can’t Make A Game Out Of That’ game was my favourite of the whole series Caroline’s angry badger dance will stay with me forever. We also had to dress up like ladies, take a look;

Me and Mark dressed as ladies

Me dressed as a lady

Ed dressed as a lady

I’ve just realised there’s only 351 days until Christmas, I best start shopping! Only kidding, I’ll start next week.

We’ve had a fun week so far in the flat, although on Monday night me and Mark went a bit crazy. I reckon we drank too many GEDS (generic energy drinks)……

Eh, we’ve just invented a new game called ‘skateboard quick cricket’, it’s mint! Much fun is being had by all, in fact I’m going back to re-join the action now, just thought I’d let you all know!

Sticking to my resolution

  • Mark
  • 10 Jan 07, 01:47 PM


Right, well first of all I thought it was a pretty good start to the New Year! The boys from Hollyoaks were great fun and they seemed to enjoy themselves, I hope they enjoy the theatre tickets we very kindly gave them! Obviously I am extremely pleased with the Chinatown result! Sam seems to have a bit of a problem with the actual challenge we did in the studio. He keeps banging on that “it wasn’t actually tap-dancing”. I think he’s just bitter because he lost! HA! And it means I can’t actually lose overall now ‘cos I’m 10-7 up with 3 shows to go till the end of the series!!

Take a look at some pics from the show;
Caroline with the Hollyoaks boys

The Hollyoaks boys with studio guests

I woke up really early this morning to pump some iron! It’s my New Year’s Resolution to get a six pack and I’m sticking to it, although I don’t know how long it will last! But whatever, it will last longer than Sam’s which was to win more Chinatown Challenges! (…….not that I want to keep going on about it!)

We’ve just found out that this week’s Chinatown Challenge is going to be something to do with golf. We’ve been practicing with toy golf clubs and stuff which is great fun! We’re just taking a break and so I thought I’d write and say hello! Helen is cooking lunch and it smells absolutely delicious! I think it’s tomato soup and there’s some crusty bread as well. I cannot tell you how excited I am about eating this, I will write later and tell you if it tasted as good as it smelt!

Today we came up with a BRILLIANT new game, I’m going to call it ‘The Celebrity Text Race’ – basically what happened was we all sent a text to Fearne (Cotton in case you were wondering). So me, Sam and Ed all sent a message to her at exactly the same time and the game was to see who she would reply to first! So now we’re not allowed to touch our phones – they are guarded in the ‘ring of truth’!! Anyway, I’m pretty confident. I’ll let you know WHEN she texts me first.

See Ya

Email song

  • Sam
  • 5 Jan 07, 02:29 PM


This morning we were looking through all the emails that you guys have sent to us over the last week and found one from a girl called Daniella who has so many animals that I thought she must be living in a zoo! It was such a wicked email that we got the guitar out and wrote a song about it, another Sam & Mark classic I think. If you send us a cool email you never know, we might end up singing a song about you, your family, your friends or even your pets.

Made a big meal just now to welcome Ed and Helen back to the TMi flat. I gave Mark more than everyone else of course to slow down his tap-dancing tomorrow! You can see if my plan works if you join us on at 9am. Our special guests are Justin and Sonny from Hollyoaks so it should be a good show!

byeeeeeee xxx


Food is served

  • Mark
  • 5 Jan 07, 01:00 PM


If you’re a regular TMi viewer you’ll know that we often come up with silly songs in the flat. Our first ‘hit’ was called 'The Dressing Gown Song' and before Christmas we made up one about Santa Claus with Jamelia. Well, this week we came up with one about a TMi viewer called Daniella who has loads of pets. If you want us to write a song about you (or your friends) then make sure you send us an e-mail or write us a letter. You never know, you might hear on on TMi one Saturday morning!

I was just about to tell you about the fantastic show we’ve got lined up for you tomorrow, but sam’s cooking up a feast and I can’t wait any longer so I’m going to go and fill my plate before ed and helen eat everything. If you want to find out about the show you’ll just have join us at 9am. Really looking forward to seeing Flackster again (she hasn’t been over to the flat this week) and we’ve also got Justin and Sonny from Hollyoaks on the show so it’s going to be our best show of the year!

see you there

Mark ‘twinkle toes’ Rhodes xxxxxxx


  • Sam
  • 4 Jan 07, 04:19 PM


Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know if you’ve made any resolutions for 2007 but mine are:

1) Get fit
2) Have a laugh
3) Win more Chinatown Challenges

Seeing Mark dressed up as Rachel Stevens on Saturday was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen so I’m going to try harder than ever to make sure I never have to do something like that!

Ed & Helen went home for Christmas so we only found out about Saturday’s Chinatown Challenge halfway through this week which meant that I haven’t much time to practise. The challenge is tap-dancing so I need all the help I can get but luckily mark seems to have got a bit chubbier over xmas so I might have a chance!

Ed & Helen have been trying to find an expert to come & help us with our tap-dancing and this afternoon they found the perfect person, Nigel from Sportsround. Nigel used to appear with a professional dance company called ‘Stomp’ so he’s got more rhythm in his left toe than Mark & I have in our whole bodies. He’s a lovely bloke, really helpful and gave me some great advice. Take a look at some tap-dancing pictures:

Mark, Me and Nigel

Me dancing

See Ya,


He's the greatest dancer

  • Mark
  • 4 Jan 07, 03:10 PM


I still can’t believe my forfeit on Saturday’s show. Dressing up as Rachel Stevens in a very, very short skirt was one of the wort moments of 2006 so I’m really looking forward to the new year.

Me as Rachel Stevens

Me as Rachel Stevens

Sam’s been going on all week about his new year’s resolution being to win every Chinatown Challenge from now on but there is absolutely no way that I’m going to let that happen. He was lucky to win last week and it’s NEVER happening again!

Came up with my new year’s resolutions last night. They are : to get a six pack, to get 5 inches taller and to have an island named after me (what? there’s an island called ‘Rhodes’ all ready???)

This morning Ed & Helen told us that this week’s Chinatown Challenge is tap-dancing. Although some people call me the british Justin Timberlake, tap-dancing isn’t really my thing so I’ve no idea if I’m going to be any good. Luckily, sam’s no expert either (I thought he might have spent his time at school doing that whilst I was out playing footie!) so it could be a close one. Whatever happens I can’t wait to see Sam’s face when he’s doing the forfeit that I set for him

Ed agreed to help me with some tap-dance practise this morning but we found a football lying around before we’d even started so ended up kicking that about for an hour. We only stopped after nearly smashing one of the cameras in the living room. There are about 10 in there so they’re hard to avoid!

Nigel from Sportsround came round to our flat today (not to tell us that england have finally one a cricket match) to help us with the Chinatown tap-dance challenge. He’s an amazing dancer and taught us loads. You have to be really fit to be a dancer so I was exhausted. You can see what we got up to on Saturday morning.

See Ya

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