Phoenix winds down

  • Matthew Price
  • 4 Nov 08, 11:23 PM GMT

The McCain campaign "Victory" party is going to be very different from the Obama one. Here in Phoenix we expect between 6,000 to 8,000 people to attend.

Only five TV teams are allowed into the main area where John McCain will be. One from each of the main US networks. That was decided several weeks ago, and despite the protests from the local TV channels and international broadcasters the McCain campaign have not budged.

Did they decide a few weeks back to protect their candidate? It will prove to have been short-sighted if he can indeed pull off the comeback of his life.

Both McCain and Sarah Palin are on their way here now, we are told. John McCain's home (one of them anyway) is just a short distance away. He'll be in this complex, though sealed away from most of the journalists and lower level party officials here, within hours I'd have thought.

As for the atmosphere, I'd describe it as solid and calm. They've done all they can. They have nothing to prove. I would imagine most in the country are expecting them to lose. The pressure is off.


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