Live from Phoenix

  • Matthew Price
  • 5 Nov 08, 01:45 AM GMT

2149 MT The price of a "McCain Palin victory '08" T-shirt has dropped from $15 to $2.

2119 Sarah Palin with John McCain on stage now here in Arizona, giving his concession speech. His voice is breaking.

2113 We expect McCain out soon. We're at the main party, a few metres from the stage. I just spoke to John Voigt, the actor and father of Angelina Jolie, who said he's proud of John McCain and hands his congratulations to, as he put it, President Obama.

2048 The party here in Phoenix is under way, and the drinks are flowing. The floor is full, and people are pushing through, trying to find where the real fun is being had. There's a good atmosphere, but I can't find any sense of fun. There's been some country music of course, and most people have dressed up in their finest evening wear. Some though are filtering away. There are still many thousands here, but they know they are on the losing side.

I just chatted to a senior Republican here who said that while the figures are not all in yet, the "trend" is clear. She said however that there is no way McCain will lose Arizona. One speaker on stage said he doesn't give up until all the votes are in, for which he received a huge cheer, but it sounded pretty hollow.

1958 There are some young Republicans talking about 2012. They have read the writing on the wall. One network says McCain and Palin are meeting at the moment. That would be fun to see.

1940 I'm told that John McCain is just arriving here at the swishy resort where he's going to hold what one local newspaper said would be a BBQ party. When will he make his speech? Sooner rather than later I expect.

1845 More and more people are arriving at this election party for John McCain. I just bumped into a senior Republican official from Arizona who says the figures "are not looking good". She said we may well know the general thread of this election in an hour and a half, "or if it's really bad" even earlier.

1821 The bar at what I'm calling the C-list Republican party here in Phoenix is doing a roaring trade. The Phoenix boys' choir is on stage singing rather nicely. But apart from a small TV monitor there's no screen showing the projected results.

1756 John McCain has arrived back in Phoenix and is on his way - we hear - to this party. He chatted to reporters on his plane as he flew in. He's relaxed.


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