Breaking stereotypes with Cupcake

  • Matthew Price
  • 2 Nov 08, 01:11 AM GMT

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: I'm back in Pennsylvania, after the warmth of Virginia, and waiting for another day of frenetic campaigning from John McCain.

I want to show you part of an interview I did while following the McCain team around over the last few weeks. This is a fascinating conversation, simply because it breaks the stereotypes.

The man's name is Jason Hill, though he and his friends call him Cupcake for some reason. He's a NASCAR fan, with rebel tattoos. He describes himself as a redneck.

We saw him by the side of the road in Florida, handing out bumper stickers for Obama.

I think this sums up a lot of what this election is all about:

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  • 1. At 02:27am on 02 Nov 2008, selfevidenttruths wrote:

    where is the link Matthew?

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  • 2. At 02:41am on 02 Nov 2008, matthewprice_us wrote:

    Should be there...

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  • 3. At 02:58am on 02 Nov 2008, selfevidenttruths wrote:

    hmmm, maybe problem with my browser, but just links to java, flash and webwise showing ...

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  • 4. At 03:50am on 02 Nov 2008, electricNedor wrote:

    excellent report.

    shame all americans cant be like him.

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  • 5. At 03:55am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    I cant find the link either I sure would like to see myself in the interview

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  • 6. At 03:58am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    All I get is javascript and flash as well

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  • 7. At 04:00am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    electricnedor did you get to see interview?

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  • 8. At 04:01am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    WHERES THE LINK????????????????????????????

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  • 9. At 04:22am on 02 Nov 2008, selfevidenttruths wrote:

    patience Cupcake, the moderators are slow this time in the morning (4:30 am), yeh I know, moderators is a bit wierd, but it stops the crazy shit!

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  • 10. At 04:29am on 02 Nov 2008, electricNedor wrote:

    video is right at the end of the blog.

    no problems whatsoever watching it here in blighty.

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  • 11. At 04:37am on 02 Nov 2008, roadster60 wrote:

    The future of America depends on people like Cupcake. I am full of prejudice - I just assume that anyone who looks and talks like Mr Hill will vote Republican, and will do so out of ignorance rather than after consideration of the issues. But I heard more sense and reason (even if I may not have agreed with all of it) from him in that interview than I have heard from most prospective voters interviewed during the campaign. Although not enough to restore my faith in the American electorate, it has certainly taught me that my own prejudices need examination.

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  • 12. At 05:02am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    at the end of blog where? someone pleas help java and flash are enabled as instructed

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  • 13. At 05:04am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    I am very new at blogging...First time actually.

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  • 14. At 05:22am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    You know alot of my friends wont vote for Obama beacause hes black but they are still stuck in the past. They all laughed at me said I was crazy for voting for a black man.I asked them how many of them were voting about half of them were.The ones that are are voting Mcain I asked them why and they said (of course)beacause hes black.they will always be my friends but..........people really do need to open their eyes and see that the world is to diverse for prejudism

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  • 15. At 05:27am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    Matthew can you e-mail me that interview maybe i can get it there?

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  • 16. At 05:59am on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    hes black meaning Obama (correction to entry before last)

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  • 17. At 08:22am on 02 Nov 2008, GreenReaper wrote:

    There's an error in the script:

    There should not be two double-quote marks at the front there. Not sure that's what is causing it to short out, but it won't help.

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  • 18. At 08:22am on 02 Nov 2008, GreenReaper wrote:

    You can also get the video here:

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  • 19. At 08:28am on 02 Nov 2008, bnrnouveau wrote:

    There is no link. Would like to read this!

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  • 20. At 08:29am on 02 Nov 2008, faris_jawad wrote:

    where is the line, math

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  • 21. At 08:52am on 02 Nov 2008, Mark wrote:

    No link!!!

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  • 22. At 09:09am on 02 Nov 2008, possumpam wrote:

    No 18

    Many thanks GreenReaper. Reached video at once using link in your blog. No time for you to have a Sunday lie in Matthew. Get your IT crowd to put link in your blog and save your faithful readers from frustration.

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  • 23. At 09:49am on 02 Nov 2008, robloop wrote:

    This 'redneck's' white friends who refuse to vote for Obama because he is 'black', are no more racist than blacks who vote for Obama primarily because he is is 'black' - even though not really 'black' but rather mixed race. (Why is it that in America and the U.K. a white mother's major contribution to a personn's existence counts for nothing?)

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  • 24. At 10:13am on 02 Nov 2008, Martijn wrote:

    "This 'redneck's' white friends who refuse to vote for Obama because he is 'black', are no more racist than blacks who vote for Obama primarily because he is is 'black'"

    Typically what a white person would say. It is not the same thing at all. These whites reason from a view point of white superiority. There aren't all that many black people who think they are superior to whites because of the colour of their skin and if there are, they are only responding to said misguided feelings of white supremacy. All racism in America was instigated by whites to begin with. Most blacks would have to vote for Obama anyway, if they are reasonable people. Colour has nothing to do with it, in fact many "Afro-Americans"havet heir misgivings about Obama because he is not the descendent of slaves, like they are. Unlike those silly rednecks, that will not have them voting for McCain, tho.

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  • 25. At 10:16am on 02 Nov 2008, notlimah wrote:

    Great interview. Let's get Cupcake and Joe the Plumber going head-to-head.

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  • 26. At 10:26am on 02 Nov 2008, MoniqueSimmer wrote:

    Dear Mr. Hill,

    We need more people like you - it is so refreshing to find intelligent, literate, thoughtful and caring "rednecks"! As an American expat for nearly 30 years, I have been appalled and disgusted at the vicious, ignorant, bigoted and slanderous comments I have read regarding Mr. Obama and the lack of education and even the tiniest bit of effort to understand the issues in this election campaign by many of these posters, and they made me ashamed to be an American and scared for my native country - they are worse than the neo-Nazis in Germany. I wish you all the best, and hope that we will have something to celebrate Tuesday night! More power to you!

    Monique Simmer
    Obama '08

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  • 27. At 10:33am on 02 Nov 2008, Martijn wrote:

    Hurray! I managed to get a comment referred to the moderators! No idea why tho. Maybe it was because I wrote that racism is a white thing to begin with, so robloop can't really compare blacks voting for Obama with whites voting against him.

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  • 28. At 11:04am on 02 Nov 2008, teamakeslifebetter wrote:

    Ooh! I'd like a bumper sticker, please! :)

    I'm glad that this has come up, because a lot of the reports I've seen have shown people like Cupcake voting for McCain just because he's white, and this has shown me that at least one "redneck" has the sense to vote for policies, ideas and the prospect of a better future rather than voting for the sake of a certain skin tone. Nice one, Cupcake!

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  • 29. At 11:09am on 02 Nov 2008, kymrukatz wrote:

    Bless you, CupCake. You are an example to all Americans.

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  • 30. At 11:09am on 02 Nov 2008, kenmus99 wrote:

    I heard an interview with Toni Morrison (black, American, Nobel prize-winning author) and was struck by her comment on the election, "A victory for Barack Obama will be a moral victory for white Americans".

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  • 31. At 11:16am on 02 Nov 2008, bikenboat22 wrote:

    Just maybe there is hope for this country. I have heard so many negative comments about his being black or about his name...

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  • 32. At 11:39am on 02 Nov 2008, Drudge52 wrote:

    This election will be decided hopefully on the issues.
    and the issues are these.
    Obama wants to spread the wealth.
    McCain wants to create wealth.
    Obama is for higher taxes.
    McCain is for lower taxes.
    Obama is for big Government.
    McCain is for smaller Government.
    Obama wants to raise the white flag in Iraq
    McCain wants our troops to return with victory and Honor.
    Obama ,Palosi,and Reid,a nightmare scenario for all Americans.
    McCain for Preident who will walk the walk not talk the talk with empty rhetoric.

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  • 33. At 11:44am on 02 Nov 2008, selfevidenttruths wrote:

    good on you Cupcake! Hope you got the link and downloaded the interview. : )

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  • 34. At 12:03pm on 02 Nov 2008, Robert Bennett wrote:

    If you think this guy speaks, in any way, for Americas ---YOUR DREAMING OR JUST NUTS!!! 98% of blacks are voting for Obama! If this isn"t racism, what is? Is this the kind of person you take political advice from in Britain? Come on, get real! The BBC is so full of crap for Obama it smells all the way here in America. I hope the government looks into your onesided isn't right or fair.

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  • 35. At 12:21pm on 02 Nov 2008, Jackturk wrote:

    Excellent interview Matt, hope it gets picked up by the mainstream in the US.

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  • 36. At 12:34pm on 02 Nov 2008, onithor wrote:

    The thing about stereotypes is that they are not true for the majority of people that they stereotype. There was a recent Esquire piece that informally surveyed white supremacists and a black supremacist, but counter intuitively the white supremacists were for the black candidate and the black one was for the white one. If Obama wins I think that it will be the fracturing of the black voting block from the republican party.

    I am black, and I lean left. Black Americans for the most part are not liberal. They are religious conservatives and are as xenophobic as their white counterpart. The only reason that the black vote is such a strong democratic constituent is because of racism, plain and simple. Before the 60s, the few blacks that could vote were, by and large, republicans because it was the party of Lincoln. The passage of the civil rights act lost the democrat their constituents of southern whites as a repercussion of Lyndon Johnson's support for the Bill as President.

    Intuitively I don't think that black americans are democrats by nature. It is that the republicans have made scant efforts to reach out to them because they didn't want to upset southern, poor, whites. I hope that this election is a wake up call to the republican party to the fact that it really needs to diversify its coalition.

    They start by supporting the comprehensive immigration reform that will stem the tide of Hispanic vote going towards democrats. Make inroads into the black community by not scapegoating them for all of American ills. Improving their schools, and promoting marriage. Hell, these are all stated republican platforms; and yet, they've never truly articulated this to black people en masse without ascribing blame of these problems squarely on their shoulders.

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  • 37. At 1:06pm on 02 Nov 2008, thegreatobama wrote:

    37. A religious founder has promised paradise with 72 virgins. The Great B. Hussein O. is promising :' Change change change ....' and he may succeed. Will he be a tyrant in governing this country and change everything by his whim? Could he keep his promise without considering the obstacles ahead? Please beaware!

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  • 38. At 1:25pm on 02 Nov 2008, dhimmi wrote:

    So much for following the MCCAIN campaign

    You don't even bother trying to hide your pro-Obama bias and breaking of the BBC charter anymore

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  • 39. At 1:31pm on 02 Nov 2008, AQdeCdeUS wrote:

    so white, working class voters that like nascar are only to be admired if they vote for progressive candidates? but if they display tendencies to vote for a center-right candidate they are just viewed as idiots?

    many so-called "rednecks" always vote democrat because of their populism and anti-free trade rhetoric. that's nothing new


    a fellow redneck

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  • 40. At 1:41pm on 02 Nov 2008, al_ert wrote:

    re: #34, and similar above...

    If I understand the argument, blacks voting for BO are 'racist'. Then whites voting for McC are also racist. So it follows that blacks voting for McCain are not racist, and whites voting for Obama are not racist.
    The way to ensure an Obama victory is for all the non-racists to vote ;)

    Former ex-pat, reconsidering...

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  • 41. At 1:52pm on 02 Nov 2008, laughingfat_steve wrote:

    No. 34

    The general incoherence of your comments tells me that you normally get your news from Fox News, right?
    And you have the front to complain that the BBC is biased?! Like all right wingers you are all for bias and distortion when it comes from your side, but if you detect what you suspect is the same coming from the other side we get this pathetic whining about "the liberal media" bias.

    I actually feel sorry for your ignorance. It must be hell to be that dumb.

    As for this interview: This was a guy approached on the street who expressed his thoughts in his own words. All the BBC have done is report them.
    Try to get your confused mind to explain to me how that is different from what happened with the GOPs favourite son, Joe-the-not-really-a-plumber-but-would-like-to-be-one-day?!

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  • 42. At 2:20pm on 02 Nov 2008, RandyAndrew wrote:

    I thought the interviewee displayed a cool, calm and dignified demeanour under a raft of stereotypes. Sure, the point of the interview was to highlight the chasm between the archetypal 'redneck' and the contemporary reality, but it did make the interviewer look like the pompous liberal that McCain is pushing.

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  • 43. At 2:33pm on 02 Nov 2008, fantasticmysty wrote:

    I have watched your video and tbh i admire you for standing up to what you belive as i agree many americans are still very ignorant when it comes to other people and their race.
    It takes guts to stand up and publicly and announce your views and i am glad you have as maybe this may make other americans and other people in general re-think their views as like you said its about time people decided whats more important their country and way of living or the race of the person/persons running the country.
    I am not racist and belive that everyone whatever nationality or race bleed the same therefore we are the same.
    I know everyone has different views and i dont mean to offend anyone but i am stating mine.

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  • 44. At 2:40pm on 02 Nov 2008, matthewprice_us wrote:

    Sorry about all the problems with the link. Not my fault, but I think it's sorted now (that's what the IT people tell me in London).

    And yes, in answer to some of your queries, I am following the McCain campaign, and we met Jason outside a McCain rally. Which is why I felt we could put him in this blog.

    I don't think putting this interview here "displays BBC bias". It's just an interesting interview. One man's opinions which struck me as a little bit different, and therefore worthy of discussion. Please don't assume you know my personal political opinions.

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  • 45. At 3:47pm on 02 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    I appreciate all the comments. that interview actually got shown to a couple of my friends this morning and they laughed at me which is fine with me that just showed me how ignorant even true friends can be.

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  • 46. At 4:50pm on 02 Nov 2008, Adrienne wrote:

    Way to go Cupcake!

    Now that's putting your money where your mouth is. Thanks for your courage and humor. People who are from "conservative" cultures who think that Obama will make a good president shouldn't let the newness of it make them afraid to speak out. Thank you for showing the way.

    Someone's got to be first one out on the dance floor!


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  • 47. At 5:04pm on 02 Nov 2008, petelock wrote:

    hey cupCake .. i find ur tolerance of ur friends admirable. They may not agree with you politically but you respect their friendship all the same. Politics is so often divisive in the community. The need to stay unified while we disagree is, I feel, essential.

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  • 48. At 5:16pm on 02 Nov 2008, deeperwell42 wrote:

    Yet again, we find confuse U.S. right-wingers ranting about the "racism" of black voters in supporting Obama. This seems to ignore the fact that, in recent history, black voters have always overwhelmingly backed the Democratic candidate - 88% for Kerry, over 80% for Gore and Clinton (1992 and 1996) - obviously the number is higher for Obama, simply because of voter identification. Military veterans are much more likely than average to support McCain, for example. The sense you get is that there is a profound desire to push against centuries of oppression by putting a black man in the White House, and who can blame them? On the other side of the coin, we know black voters won't just vote for any black candidate, hence the recurrent failure of Alan Keyes.

    robloop - thanks for handing us sane folk the argument on a plate. You claim to be baffled that Obama should be defined as black more than he's defined as white, even though his mother was white. Has it really not occurred to you why this might be the case? The fact is, in a society dominated by a white majority (and please don't try and claim America is not such a society, I might die of laughter), someone who looks black is defined as such. It shouldn't be the case, but there you go. If you can't see that, then I really don't know what world you think you're living in.

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  • 49. At 6:15pm on 02 Nov 2008, Daily_Pundit wrote:

    Matthew, I'm sorry to stereotype you but I can't help wondering which public school you went to and which part of Berkshire you grew up in?

    Ten out of ten for one of the most naive interviews I've ever seen on the BBC.

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  • 50. At 8:36pm on 02 Nov 2008, Whisky04 wrote:

    Hello Cupcake! Good on ya, mate! Unfortunately, I too am inclined to stereotype - now I'll look at my sons' tattoos differently!!! (Um, MAYBE!!)

    I'm a travelling Aussie presently in Bogota watching with great interest the elections "up the road". The world is truly a small and amazing place and we "need" to get on with each other through dialogue, dialogue and more dialogue. Obama's multicultural background and - dare I say it - more "worldliness" - will augur well for the USA's standing on the world stage.

    Best wishes to you, Cupcake! Your friends are lucky to know you. You are welcome to visit Oz any day and help us sort out OUR racial prejudices towards the Aborigines.

    (Matthew, I've followed your blogs with great interest. You've done a terrific job. What would an Aussie do without the good old entertaining BBC?)

    (Vamos, Obama!)

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  • 51. At 8:53pm on 02 Nov 2008, timohio wrote:

    re: 23. robloop:

    Black voters have been voting for white presidential candidates for over a century, because no major party has ever nominated a black candidate.

    There was not a terrific level of support among the African American community for Obama at first during the primaries, because they didn't think he had any chance and he wasn't saying the same things as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. You have to give black voters credit for as much intelligence as white voters; they've listened to Obama, thought about his programs, and are voting out of conviction.

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  • 52. At 9:01pm on 02 Nov 2008, timohio wrote:

    re: 48. deeperwell42:

    I have a neighbor who is a black retired military man, and at first he was favoring McCain. He explained that the military tended to vote Republican because that party favored a strong military. It was sort of a pocketbook issue for them.

    He recently put two Obama signs on his lawn. I haven't talked to him about it, so I don't know why the change of heart. It could be because Obama is black or it could be that he realized that his pocketbook issues have changed now that he's retired. But at any rate, it wasn't a knee-jerk reaction on his part. I'm sure he thought it through; he's that kind of guy.

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  • 53. At 9:02pm on 02 Nov 2008, akaTurkish_delight wrote:

    Thank you Mr Price for a refreshing and encouraging interview with Mr Hill aka "cupcake". You have raised the profile the profile of "rednecks" a group of people whom I had previously associated with racism, far-right views and who believed in white supremacy.

    Unfortunately not all rednecks are open-minded like cupcake. As cupcake eloquently said in his interview with you, "Obama has got a good heart and it should not matter if he is black or white".

    McCain supporters please take note.

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  • 54. At 9:28pm on 02 Nov 2008, akaTurkish_delight wrote:

    Dear Mr Jason Hill, akaCupcake,

    Your interview with the BBC correspondent Matthew Price was like a breath of fresh air.
    I must admit that I had a rather stereotypical view of rednecks as a whole before I listened to you being interviewed, but you have opened my eyes. It just goes to show that not all rednecks are racist.

    It also made me realise that stereotypes in themselves are misleading because they make us judge people based on their personal appearance, accent, etc. We all need to learn be far more tolerant and accepting of each other's differences. As Aesop said, "United we stand, divided we fall".

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  • 55. At 9:34pm on 02 Nov 2008, RomeStu wrote:

    #23 robloop wrote:
    "This 'redneck's' white friends who refuse to vote for Obama because he is 'black', are no more racist than blacks who vote for Obama primarily because he is is 'black'"

    Several people beat me to this non-sequitur, but here goes anyway.

    If my understanding is correct most black Americans make less than $250K and will therefore being voting for Obama's inclusive social policies, which will improve their lives. Not just because he is black.
    If Hilary had won the primaries they'd be voting for her.

    If blacks were voting blindly for a right wing black candidate whose policies would hurt them financially, then you would have a point.

    In fact if Cupcake's friends do not vote for Obama simply because he's black then they are racist - unless they make over $250K, in which case they are selfish.

    robloop continues....
    "even though not really 'black' but rather mixed race."

    To the prejudiced people race or colour is in the eye of the beholder. Does Obama only get half the prejudice as he is only half black?

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  • 56. At 9:38pm on 02 Nov 2008, RomeStu wrote:

    Hello Cupcake ( and I'm not in the habit of greeting burly men with tattoos in that way!)

    Thank you for your inspiring views, and as another writer has said, for putting our own redneck prejudices to the test.

    You are brave and principled to make your stand in public, by doing something positive for what you believe in, rather than simply voting.

    If you have caused even one of your friends or neighbours to think about the real issues facing them and your country, then you can be very proud of yourself.


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  • 57. At 10:04pm on 02 Nov 2008, Rod76 wrote:

    If you think this guy speaks, in any way, for Americas ---YOUR DREAMING OR JUST NUTS!!! 98% of blacks are voting for Obama! If this isn"t racism, what is? Is this the kind of person you take political advice from in Britain? Come on, get real! The BBC is so full of crap for Obama it smells all the way here in America. I hope the government looks into your onesided isn't right or fair.


    No it isn't right, it's dead centre. Why would it be unbalanced?

    I'll bet you watch Fox News, don't you?

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  • 58. At 00:06am on 03 Nov 2008, Stephen Derry wrote:

    I hope Gavin manages to unearth a gay black evolutionary biologist handing out bumper stickers for McCain, partly in the interests of balance, and partly because I want to see how quickly the McCain people will get him on stage beside the candidate in a brand new attack ad!

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  • 59. At 00:20am on 03 Nov 2008, arathrael wrote:

    #34, Al Gore got 90% of the black vote. Was that racism too?

    Cupcake, your friends could learn a lot from you. Credit to you for thinking for yourself and standing up for your beliefs.

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  • 60. At 01:38am on 03 Nov 2008, sanjuro wrote:

    Mr. Hill, you spoke sincerely and wisely, and that alone made it a great interview! You're no redneck, you're a fine man. Thank you for your efforts and honesty.

    -- a foreign watcher

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  • 61. At 02:47am on 03 Nov 2008, uebergeek wrote:

    Time to retire Joe the Plumber and make way for Cupcake!

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  • 62. At 03:10am on 03 Nov 2008, lycaon wrote:

    32: "McCain for Preident who will walk the walk not talk the talk with empty rhetoric."

    I see that in your world, Drudge52, cliches don't count as empty rhetoric. What a strange child-like world that must be.

    Nothing in your post is substantive or informative:

    "McCain wants to create wealth." Implies that Obama doesn't. You've given no grounds for us to believe you. Although a nice line in repeating McCain. Very smart.

    "McCain is for lower taxes." Okay, but what are the consequences? You speak as if taxes are wrong absolutely. Can you justify this argument?

    "McCain is for smaller Government." So what? Will he be able to achieve it? Will the consequences be better for us?

    "McCain wants our troops to return with victory and Honor." Will he be able to achieve that? At what cost?

    In other words, you picked your moniker well.

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  • 63. At 03:21am on 03 Nov 2008, BigTblogger wrote:

    Well im an average white american that just cant figure out why you would interview a gay redneck with a streetname of cupcake.I am his uncle and brother and even I cant figure out why hes voting for osama, oh excuse me obama.cupcake is right ,hes the only redneck voting for him the rest of us know better.We think he needs his tattoos burned off.Hes a disgrace to all rednecks world wide.

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  • 64. At 03:46am on 03 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    Uncle Tim that just shows your ignorance as well......toothless wonder

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  • 65. At 03:59am on 03 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    See even my own family cant look past his skin color. By the way I am a n ironworker ......Joe The Plumber vs Cupcake The Ironworker lol

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  • 66. At 04:09am on 03 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    I do appreciate all of your comments even the criticism thats what makes democracy great beacause everyone gets to give and get....It's all what you make it.

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  • 67. At 06:06am on 03 Nov 2008, OldSouth wrote:

    Very interesting interview! And, ya'll should lay off our boy Matthew for conducting it and posting it.

    Hi, there, Cupcake--and good on you for sticking your nose in. Bet you would be great fun to go bass fishing with!

    Actually, Cupcake had to point it out, since everyone else was too busy vilifying each other to notice: Notice the union logo on his T-shirt!

    I'm a union member as well, since the late 1970's. I've watched the industry covered by my union disintegrate, and a life I had every reason to believe was attainable via that industry and union melted away with it.
    No self-pity is wonderful under my roof, far beyond my original dreams.

    But my union, like all the others I've encountered, refused to acknowledge a few fundamental facts:

    1. Businesses have to make profits in order to keep the doors open, and make use of our talents. When our activities impede that process, those businesses will either move production elsewhere, or shut their doors.

    2. We have to always look down the road at a changing culture and economy. My union didn't, and the membership has greyed and declined significantly. I made serious efforts early on to point this out to our national leadership, and was absolutely stonewalled.
    All my dire predictions came true, ahead of schedule.

    3. No presidential candidate can help, if we don't pay attention to numbers 1 and 2. As my autoworker friends repeat--if their employers at GM and Ford aren't making money, they won't either. An increased tax burden on business won't help them a bit.

    4. If a business's management are too stupid to take good care of their skilled workforce, they're doomed to failure, and deserve it.
    The best way to hasten their demise is to allow competition, to give you a number of opportunities to sell your services where you are best treated. The best way to create that atmosphere of competition is to lower direct taxes, and reduce the indirect taxation of over-regulation and inflation from government over-spending.

    Now, people (of any color) who cast their vote based upon a candidate's skin color can't be accurately described and pass BBC's moderation. So, again, Cupcake, good on you. You're one of the good guys on that point.

    I just wish I could get you to think it through just a bit more, if you haven't voted already, my fellow union member.

    You're one of the good guys, and show the world why America is the great place it is.

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  • 68. At 09:42am on 03 Nov 2008, mooview wrote:

    I am neither Republican or Democrat or even a citizen of the USA. I live in the UK but neither am I a citizen of the UK. I am a Chilean national that has lived and grown up in the UK since I was 5 years old because my parents were refugees after Pinochet's military coup.

    My family suffered a lot because of the USA's covert action in Chile so I believe I have a reason to comment on the US election because it affects the rest of the world.

    I just find it great that a redneck can express his point of view despite ridicule and antagonism from his own kind. This sort of thing would have got people killed in the dark days of the Pinochet regime.

    Things in the world have changed so much since then, my country is now a democracy, it's great to see democracy in action like this in the US. Freedom of speech and belief is sacred.

    So is forgiveness and unity.

    I really hope that after this election is over all the deep divisions that have been exposed in US society can be overcome and won't be derailed by a bunch of sore losers, whichever camp that is.

    The US is too important to the world to disfuction by division.

    Please unite and move the world forward positively after this contest - the world depends on you.

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  • 69. At 4:33pm on 03 Nov 2008, CurdledandBroke wrote:

    I like what cupcakes says, but i am voting Nader.The reason why is because of Clinton.In my opininioin, Clinton was a dangerous president because he talked liberal but turned at to be a centrist rrepublican. Obamma's financial people are Clinton's old ones from his term.These are the people that deregulated..................forget it.It just does not matter.Obama's contibutions from wall street are larger than mcCain"s Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum.Obama wins, goes out in four because of the wars.Hello Police state in 2012.This country needs to get away from this fake two party crap and open the elections and debates.let the league of women voters run the debates again.

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  • 70. At 5:40pm on 03 Nov 2008, Lloyd wrote:

    So that's what you call being "with the McCain campaign"?

    "Hey i'm following the McCain campaign, but all I can find are Obama supporters!"

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  • 71. At 8:22pm on 03 Nov 2008, fierce_teapot wrote:


    "McCain for Preident who will walk the walk not talk the talk with empty rhetoric."

    I cant stand comments like this. Your comment is downright agenda based misinformation. If it was an advert it would be banned for being inaccurate. Are you the same type of person who accuses the BBC of being biased? Go look up that word in a dictionary, you are living it!

    Finally, can I ask, what exactly is wrong with spreading the wealth? Don't the top 10% earn more than the bottom 90% put together? Are you in the top 10% - probably not.

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  • 72. At 10:52pm on 03 Nov 2008, LAshutterbug wrote:

    Cupcake, you would be a huge hit out here in California. Hope you enjoy the bit of fame that has been bestowed upon really is funny how a moderate redneck from Florida can have his face plastered around the world by a British media outlet, huh?

    Maybe the BBC can sponsor Cupcake on a goodwill tour of the UK? What about it, Matthew?

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  • 73. At 11:09pm on 03 Nov 2008, thecommonsview wrote:

    Totally true - Obama too liberal, too untested as Gavin Hewitt has asked?


    This man rather than Joe the Plumber sums up how this the result will go unless I am very wrong. As undecided voters go to the polls McCain is going to find it difficult to shake the message of change Obama has spread, shake the polls and shake that connection to Bush, his latest endorsee Cheney, and shake the idea that he is a risk. Obama landslide? Could well be!

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  • 74. At 11:50pm on 03 Nov 2008, jzelouise wrote:

    50 years ago as a schoolgirl in Alabama I watched people marching for change. Last night I spent 3 1/2 hours in line in Cincinnati with over 27,000 people waiting to see something I bet neither of us thought we'd see in our lifetimes. A black man running for president of the United States. I'm voting for Obama because he's the right person for this country. This rally was made of the real Americans, young and old, black, white, red, brown and yellow. People brought their kids and the old folks.
    Thank you for thinking America first.
    Louise Johnston

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  • 75. At 00:52am on 04 Nov 2008, kickie19 wrote:

    Wow cupcake I sure am proud of you. Your dad and I have done a good job I see. I also agree with you it should not matter what color anyone is as long as they can do the job they have, and I think OBAMA will be a great President. Love ya, Mom

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  • 76. At 01:08am on 04 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    Lashutterbug would love too see cali. I would love toosee uk as well how bout it matthew?

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  • 77. At 01:11am on 04 Nov 2008, BigTblogger wrote:

    lets vote for change heck yea.change to mcCain from bush.We love our gun rights and we need a president whos been in the trenches as and with the troops!where has osama served,lunch at mcdonalds! cmon folks lets do it right and lets give the man McCain a chance.

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  • 78. At 03:39am on 04 Nov 2008, rl wrote:


    "98% of blacks are voting for Obama! If this isn"t racism, what is?"

    Yes but of that 98%, what percentage do you think voted Democrat last election?

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  • 79. At 04:02am on 04 Nov 2008, brandocomando wrote:

    Hello everyone. I am glad to see to see a fellow redneck who has woken up to the truth. I thought the same as Cupcakes friends for a long time until I joined the Marine Corps. and actually met some black people. I found they were just like me. Later on I attended college and began reading more books written by diverse groups of people and by opening up and befriending people who were not white like me. You might say I became educated. Through education the most important thing I learned is right there on our coinage. "Out of many we are one." If we can unite and forget about our differences we can love and grow together. We can help each other rather than hate each other. Thanks Cupcake and God bless.

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  • 80. At 04:23am on 04 Nov 2008, futuregeneration wrote:

    First off I just want to say to Cupcake: Thank you for giving me hope. I grew up in a redneck family from a fairly redneck state myself...and I too am voting for what I know is right (Obama in case you are curious!).

    I just wanted to react to Post 63 and point out: you're not a redneck, you're an ignorant fool. Don't paint all "redneck's" with the same brush...I wear my redneck label proudly, but I am also capable of thinking and making INFORMED choices. Redneck does NOT equal ignorant or stupid, in fact the 2 really don't have to have anything to do with each other. It's about time stereotypes start getting broken down!

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  • 81. At 04:49am on 04 Nov 2008, Cowboylove wrote:

    This is so encouraging. I am so hopeful for the new America that is emerging. I pray Obama wins tomorrow because a victory for Obama is a huge victory for the world.

    Thanks Cupcake. You are a real inspiration to us all.

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  • 82. At 08:43am on 04 Nov 2008, Tim in Marlow wrote:

    Hey Cupcake - you've single-handedly restored my faith that there may be some hope for the future of America! Way to go, big fella!

    There is no question that Obama has won this campaign by every metric one can think of - except the one that counts, and hopefully that will follow at the ballot box today. If it doesn't, then the world will know that McCain has won because when push comes to shove, Americans cannot see past the colour of a man's skin. How desperately sad that would be for the future of your nation and the world.

    More power to your elbow, Cupcake!

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  • 83. At 08:48am on 04 Nov 2008, ToretheThai wrote:

    Cupcake, is BigTBlogger really your uncle Tim?

    If so, I feel so sorry for you to have such ignorant family and friends. (BigT - calling BO 'Osama' really just sums up the level of your unfounded prejudice and labels you, probably rightly, as an uneducated, ignorant fool)

    At least you can be happy in the knowledge that Obama will win this election and take the US in the right direction. And that an overwhelming majority of the world population agree with you (see the Economist informal 'world vote'). []

    Good on you for using your brains!

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  • 84. At 09:13am on 04 Nov 2008, chunkylimey wrote:

    Despite the poorly informed "ignorant" comments of the usual clueless Republican voter who thanks to faith based education can barely do the Math to understand why taxation and redistribution have economic value in a Market economy,

    Despite Obama voters who often appear to be a little to much believer rather than supporter,

    Despite all of this the US election has come down to 2 choices.

    Voting for Hope and the American Dream (Obama)


    Voting for hatred, blinkered stubborn conviction and the politics of division and bigotry
    (McCain - although sadly the Man is not the problem it's the supporters that are voting for him).

    America has changed political parties before it would be nice to see this as the end of the sick cancer that GOP has become since it was poisoned by Reagan and his cronies.

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  • 85. At 3:50pm on 04 Nov 2008, CupcakeFla wrote:

    yes that really is my uncle and yes he does have some issues but hes gonna need some tissues when Obama wins tonight. ROFLMAO (rolling on floor laughing my ass off);-)

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