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Don't bet your shirt on it...

Mark Mardell | 19:36 UK time, Friday, 12 March 2010

The president's spokesman, Robert Gibbs, appeared in the White House briefing room dressed in a Canadian hockey shirt.

Mr Gibbs.jpg

He was honouring a bet with his Canadian counterpart after the USA lost a match.

Rather unsportingly, I thought, he quickly took it off to reveal an American one underneath.

He'd already twittered the latest news: The president is delaying his long planned trip to Indonesia because of healthcare on Capitol Hill.

He was planning to go next Thursday, now he's not going until Sunday.

He'll spend the extra time talking to reluctant Democrats trying to persuade them to vote for the latest healthcare legislation. There's a lot of them.

Mr Gibbs originally said healthcare reform would go through before the president left. It says something that Mr Obama has to change his dates and plans to make this at least possible.

Will the healthcare bill be through the House by this time next week?

Don't bet your shirt on it!

But if they don't pass something soon, the president will be left looking rather bare. I hate to think what Mr Gibbs, would, or wouldn't wear, to declare such bad news for his team.

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