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Gadget show: A visual assault

Maggie Shiels | 09:51 UK time, Friday, 7 January 2011

The Superbowl of gadgets has officially opened in Las Vegas and it is not for the faint hearted.

The Consumer Electronics show is a challenge for everyone attending. Day one and your feet are guaranteed to hurt, so is your back and your senses are completely overloaded to the point where you need to lie down in a dark room. By the end of the day it feels like you are trapped inside 100 nightclubs all raging at once.

One thing I will say for CES is the designers of the booths are pure geniuses. High end and full of impact. My photos don't do justice, but here they are for a taster of some of what can be found over the 1.6million square feet of floor space.

Last year 3DTV was all the rage at the show, and despite only selling 1.1 million in the US, they continued this year to take up a lot of floor space. Panasonic made heavy play with their offerings:

Panasonic 3DTV

LG offered a more modest display, but you still need those infernal glasses:

3D glasses and LG 3DTV

Toshiba were also showing off a 3DTV but this one didn't need glasses:

Toshiba 3DTV

Still banging on about 3DTV but this time Sharp is boasting about having the world's largest full HD 3D LED TV:

Sharp 3DTV

And back to LG and their massive display of sets just rocked:

LG 3DTVs on display

OK enough about TV's. Connected cars are also grabbing a lot of attention and ink this week, but this Audi chrome is the P Diddy of them all. It was inspired by the movie Tron Legacy:

Audi chrome

Despite the mobility theme, this is one phone that will build the biceps:


In a further homage to the booth designers, I couldn't resist this camera that I spied:


I wish I could say the photo of the abandoned toilet was some existential joke, but it's not. It is meant to suggest that you can find the paper you need from discarded books which have become surplus to requirement because of e-readers:


And finally, bearing no relation to what has gone before, a picture of moi as a piece of "smart art". Well that is what it said on the label:



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