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Peace in our time?

Betsan Powys | 17:04 UK time, Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I asked you a few hours ago to read a statement from the Welsh Labour party - and asked you to concentrate on the last few words.

Here's another statement. Again: keep going until the last few words.


The Assembly Government once again reaffirms its commitment to the One Wales agreement in relation to a referendum on Part Four powers.

Both parties recognise the difficulties which would be created for a purposeful and united 'Yes' campaign, if that were attempted to be held during the run up to a General Election.

Both recognise that a successful 'Yes' campaign will rest on mobilising support from all political Parties in Wales, and from those who have no political affiliation.

Otherwise, all options for the timing of a referendum remain open. Nothing has been ruled in or ruled out, including, if it proved practical, a referendum in the autumn.

The mood downstairs amongst Labour Assembly Members? That Rhodri Morgan has had a bad day, one where he was seen to be wriggling even when all wiggle room had gone, one that has ended with a hastily penned statement that essentially says: I didn't really mean it.

Will Peter Hain, who is in Cardiff Bay tomorrow, say the same?


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