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7, 11, 24 ...

Betsan Powys | 14:45 UK time, Tuesday, 30 June 2009

keifer.jpgFirst Plaid came up with their "7 4 '07" policies.

Then in 2011 it was Labour's turn to launch their election manifesto (or 'Mamifesto' as one of Leighton Andrews' mates thought it should be called with its pledge to supply extra support for childcare via "mobile mammas") and gave us "11 for 11".

We should, then, not be surprised that tomorrow, two years into the term of the Labour/Plaid government the coalition partners will be launching One Wales 24, a document marking the half-way point in the One Wales programme and a promise of 24 special events happening up and down the country. See what they've done there?

It's not yet online. It will be first thing tomorrow so when you can take a look at it and when we're not up to our eyes trying to make sure a complex story that involves each of the four parties and a lot of money is ready to be broadcast before the end of the week, let's debate it.

In the meantime the sobering thought that when I did run an online search for 24, what came up? Jack Bauer, who else and these adjectives all used in just a few paragraphs to describe his very own 24: "addictive .. acclaimed .. suspenseful .. trend-setting .. compelling .. astonishing .. momentous and shocking".

No pressure then on the script writers of One Wales 24.


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