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Upper cuts

Betsan Powys | 13:17 UK time, Monday, 16 June 2008

It seems the former Welsh Office Minister, Rod Richards, may have taken the title of my last entry rather literally.

His suggestion is that his former colleague Alun Cairns takes a trip up to Newbridge and gets a photographer to snap away while Joe Calzaghe jabs him playfully on the chin.

Two things: how sure would you need to be that the world champion boxer was in playful mood before you climbed into the ring with him and secondly, who but Rod Richards would come up with the suggestion of a punch-up as a solution?

But better news for Alun Cairns from the red corner. Former Labour leader of Cardiff Council and former chief executive of the capital's chamber of commerce Russell Goodway says the Tories have over-reacted and that Wales needs what he describes as politicians of Alun Cairns' calibre.

So are those senior Labour figures who've called on him to go wrong then? Ah no - that's understandable. They're simply taking the opportunity handed to them on a plate by the Tories.

'Former' maybe but he's still a politician through and through.


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  • 1. At 4:21pm on 16 Jun 2008, ElunedP wrote:

    Where can we get tickets?

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  • 2. At 8:28pm on 16 Jun 2008, osian wrote:

    Tickets? He may be a hih calibre politician but against Calzaghe in the ring - no chance!

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  • 3. At 01:06am on 17 Jun 2008, dennisjunior1 wrote:

    Where can we get the tickets this show?

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  • 4. At 08:02am on 17 Jun 2008, mango- wrote:

    The real crime is that you actually get paid for this drivel. I'm guessing you're part of the £36M overspend

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  • 5. At 09:39am on 17 Jun 2008, BLUESNIK wrote:

    “BBC Top Boss accuses BBC Llandaff of “hiding vital news!”

    Mark Thompson (BBC J-Ross Enterprises) said yesterday that he had been kept in “total ignorance of key Welsh news items by BBC Wales news staff.

    “They didn’t even tell me that Lloyd George was dead, Wales was devolved, Rod and Ron had left the building, and little Alan Cairns was a banker!”

    “I have summoned Menna to an urgent meeting at BBC Mandelson House. She’s gone native….obviously too much uncooked lamb, champagne socialism and seaweed.”

    BBC Wales refused to respond as they were “bunkering down” for a very hard winter of organisational warfare. “It’s going to be just like Bosnia” said Derek the Weatherman.”

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