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Get packing

Betsan Powys | 08:32 UK time, Saturday, 14 July 2007

As everyone in the Rhondda (and far, far further afield I'm sure) now know I'm heading off to Tenby today. My colleague Vaughan had kindly offered to print me off a list of Internet Cafes in town - very kind - but these next few weeks are about working on that other coalition of compromises and fantastic twists and turns: the family.

Mind you Derek's promising driving rain and there's Monday's visit to Belfast ... Tuesday's cabinet announcement .. not sure I can get through both days without a quick visit to Caffe 25 on the High Street to see what my fellow bloggers make of it.

The Northern Ireland Political Editor rang yesterday. Mark Devenport is heading off to enjoy the rain in Donegal. Ah if only you'd sorted out that passport for the 3 year old LAST month ... He had the good grace to check how to pronounce Ieuan Wyn Jones' name, though curiously, they'd been told up there to expect a woman minister. Was there a plan to extend the Edwina/Ieuan roadshow?

Newsnight: take note. Last week he was Iuan, a couple of months ago he was Iuean. Isn't there a law that says a dozen monkeys with typewriters will eventually type a proper word? On that basis I suppose Newsnight should eventually manage a proper spelling.

Will Rhodri Glyn Thomas make it safely into the cabinet on Tuesday? Becoming a Plaid Cymru politician wasn't a fantastic career move when he made it but now there are real jobs to be had, it sounds as though he's pretty determined to bag a big one. Yes Minister. No Deputy Minister thank you very much. Can he afford that luxury? And will Ieuan Wyn fight to avoid the Culture brief? Wouldn't it work rather well for Labour to have a Plaid Minister defending 'inadequate' language policies?

Everyone seems agreed that Jocelyn Davies is in - if she wants to be. And how about Alun Ffred Jones? Gruff, yes but experienced and realistic about what running things actually means. In the last week Elin Jones seems to have had the word Deputy attached to her name every time it's mentioned and has that other Jones, Helen Mary, really upset her colleagues as much as some would have you believe? I did spot her getting down on her knees in front of the boss just as he was about to get up in the chamber and deliver his acceptance speech last week ... too little too late?

On with the packing.

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Ieuan meeting with Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley today - interesting!

Was also in Tenby on the weekend having walked the coastal path - beautiful weather and a breathtaking view on my mini-pilgrimage.

Had intended to join the monastery on Caldey Island, but unfortunately missed the boat. Guess I now know how some politicians are feeling at the moment.

(for Betsan)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007
"Oh, I Believe in Yesterday...........!"

So runs the Swan Song of "Yesterday's Men", and another one of these eminent MPs spoke up today, with his extraordinary plea for Welsh to be the second and not the first language of the railway announcements. This time it was Alun Michael who said his piece, using the argument that English is spoken more widely than Welsh in Wales. No matter that Welsh is the natural and native language of the nation, which happens to be Wales and not England, or that Welsh is a living vibrant language which is widely spoken nowadays and which is reputed to have the oldest living literature in Europe. From the tenor of the comments received by phone-in on Radio Wales, it would seem that the majority of people were astonished by the suggestion, and did the Welsh MPs have nothing better to do than to bring up this absurd proposal? What of the urgent and pressing needs of the Valleys, they said? What of the fact that so many live below the poverty line and what of the deprivation of the children of Wales, the real issues which should and must be confronted?
No, the function of the majority of Welsh MPs at Westminster is disfunctional, and they are an irrelevance. It is the Assembly which governs Wales today, and the MPs apparently have nothing better to do than carp on the sidelines of political debate and bring forth inane suggestions.
Like that of Alun Michael, a Man of Yesterday.

Alan in Dyfed

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  • At 04:35 PM on 27 Jul 2007,
  • Richard Harris wrote:

How could they slaughter Shambo (the bull) and miss out Neil Kinnock (er, the bull sh..) ?

I blame the confused values of the Red/Green coalition...AND/OR Edwina's crazed desire for organic burgers on Penarth beach this Sunday. (S.Wales AMs 2007 Barbi ~ "Remember Buddy Holly Weekender")

Then again, Neil would make good OXO stock...although the meat is a bit "chancey". Sorry Glenys.

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  • At 09:05 AM on 02 Aug 2007,
  • Dave Edwards wrote:

Betsan, I was in Tenby yesterday but I didn't see you1

When does normal blogservice resume?

Just seen this post and feel I really do have to comment: Saundersfoot is much nicer than Tenby.
(Saundersfoot County Primary old boy)

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  • At 03:35 PM on 03 Aug 2007,
  • Richard Harris wrote:

C'mon Betsan, where ARE you?

VITAL developments whilst you've been scoffing organic ice cream "dooown Barry"!

There are very strong rumours that Adam Price (Plaid-Gramsci Central) is in secret talks with Teletubbies-Cymru with a view to further extenting the big tent co-alition.

Adam ~ "they already have a big tent, are very green (well one of them is), have captured the "yoof" vote and were against the Iraq War (I think)...AND, got far more votes than Forward Wales...Watch this space over the summer"

Dipsy was unavailable for comment.

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  • At 12:51 PM on 16 Aug 2007,
  • A NON wrote:

we know your not on holiday anymore- i saw you in tescos on the weekend!!!

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