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Need to get a message to a loved one? Send in a photo!

The One Show Team | 14:55 UK time, Thursday, 22 October 2009

The postal strike means that there'll be tens of thousands of letters, cards and gifts which will not get to their recipient on time.

Birthday message

Here at The One Show, we want to help in our own small way to deliver your message to your loved ones

  • Update: This call out is now closed. Thanks for all your photos and emails.
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    • 1. At 7:58pm on 22 Oct 2009, bigfishwow wrote:

      what a load of nonsense was that report about fish in restaurants!
      we have owned and operated fishing boats for generations and now export shellfish to France Spain and Italy. there is no reason why monkfish or dover sole should not be on menus in british restaurants. they are not in danger or short supply. that guy actually tried to make us beleive that a fishmonger was "giving away" dover sole - rubbish! the only reason he would be keen to get it away was if it was rotten. if british chefs and consumers gave more commitment to british caught fish then we wouldnt need to export. the europeans go mad for our fresh quality!

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