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How many spoons can you balance on your face?

The One Show Team | 17:12 UK time, Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Send in a photo of you balancing spoons on your face here.

We have a challenge for you. Tonight The One Show is making an attempt on three World Records, and, just for fun, we'd like you to get involved.

At present the World Record for the number of spoons balanced on someone's face stands at 16. Joe Allison, 9, from Devon is the record holder. He hung tablespoons from his forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Can you break Joe's record?

We'd like to see if you can challenge Joe's record. Martyn the cameraman, balancing one spoon on his noseWe're sure talented One Show viewers can balance many spoons on their faces. And even if you can't, please remember it's not the winning, it's the taking part that counts!

Send in a photo of you balancing spoons here.

Balancing spoons on the face is trickier than it looks. We asked One Show cameraman Martyn Porter, pictured right, to attempt the record. He could manage to balance a grand total of one spoon (holding an extra two spoons onto his face doesn't count!). He told us "it's always about the nose" and "breathing on the spoons helps".

Assistant producer Ed was more successful. He managed five Ed with spoons on his facespoons. It was noted that he "has the right shaped ears".

The "rules" and please be careful!

Please note: This is just for fun - we're just curious to see how well you do. Please be careful while balancing the spoons. Please do not place yourself in danger. Inserting spoons into your ears and mouth should not be considered. No glue allowed!

Send in a photo of you balancing spoons of your face here.

How many spoons can you balance on your face? What's the secret? Share your tips here.


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