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Basically... what expressions annoy you?

Host_Ryan - One Show team | 11:11 UK time, Thursday, 27 November 2008

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At the end of the day, basically, literally, what are the expressions that annoy you the most?

For The One Show Kirsten O'Brien has been finding out about the origins of irritating phrases and cliches.

24/7. Know what I mean?

Tell us the expressions that annoy you the most... the best-worst will be read out on the show.

Adrian and Christine like to read out comments that feature your first name and location - so please add this info to your comments. Thank you.


  • 1. At 7:01pm on 27 Nov 2008, rachel2k6 wrote:

    'As it were' is really annoying! lol x

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  • 2. At 7:02pm on 27 Nov 2008, John Dalton wrote:

    How about "That's your forecast".

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  • 3. At 7:02pm on 27 Nov 2008, rossco6901 wrote:

    'I'm not being funny' really annoys me when people say it, usually i respond by sayin, "Yeah, you're right, your not being!"

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  • 4. At 7:03pm on 27 Nov 2008, twoleftfeetforever wrote:

    I sat in a bus full of students in Chicago. Every sentence began with "Oh yeah, well like....."!!!

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  • 5. At 7:03pm on 27 Nov 2008, kermit wrote:

    I hate LIKE!

    As in "He was like..., and then she was like..., and I was like..."

    The word you want is SAID!!!!

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  • 6. At 7:03pm on 27 Nov 2008, GrahamWaller wrote:

    How about we all start "thinking outside the box".....WHAT BOX!!!!
    There's no "I" in TEAM, but there is a "ME" if you look carefully enough........

    Graham, Loughborough

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  • 7. At 7:03pm on 27 Nov 2008, Paul Wilson wrote:

    'Scoring goals for fun' is the latest fad expression that drives me mad. What else are footballers doing it for then ?

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  • 8. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, IanD wrote:

    Ian from Orpington: I'm fed up with reading sentences that say "fed up OF" something!

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  • 9. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, rolph67 wrote:

    Not quite a phrase but annoying...my 11 year old daughter, constantly saying 'like' between every other word of a sentence! Howard, Tadley, Hampshire

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  • 10. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, danwok wrote:

    Im not being funny. Thats annoys me so much because they obviously are and I dont mean in a Funny Haha way.

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  • 11. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, TopWeeble wrote:

    What really gets on my nerves is the overuse of the words, "like" and "went".

    It drives me potty to hear someone say, "and I was, like" or "and I went, and he went"

    and so on and so on. Ever tried talking without using either of those words in their proper context?

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  • 12. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, a_gumby wrote:

    Fortunately i only hear it on programmes like Strictly Come Dancing but the phrase "it's been an amazing journey" always seems to make me grind my teeth. The only time i want to hear the words "amazing journey" is when someone is talking about the Who song.
    Tom, Essex

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  • 13. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, giffordab wrote:

    The end of the day. When is that?, at the end of your shift or a second before mudnight?

    Tony, London.

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  • 14. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, BeccaJR wrote:

    "And then I turned around and said..."

    Becca, Lowestoft

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  • 15. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, gidmanr wrote:

    I have 2:

    "give one hundred and ten per cent..."

    On a sign, "This door is to be kept shut at all times".

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  • 16. At 7:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, BrawScot wrote:

    I can't stand it when people say 'delish' istead of delicious. Its unbelievably pretentious and annoying. I'm getting annoyed about it just thinking about it!!

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  • 17. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, Ray wrote:

    There are two many American expressions entering our language.

    1) Downtown. What on earth does that mean? It's either the city centre or the suburbs!

    2) Gotten. Arrgghh! I hate this one. It's creeping in even amongst BBC presenters. The word is "got" or preferably, acquired.

    3) People replying "absolutely" when they are asked a question to which they agree. But does it means absolutely yes or absolutely no?

    Cheadle Hulme.

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  • 18. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, MasaiMaraMucker wrote:

    "See you tomorrow / later / next time" etc when clearly that is impossible! It is us, the viewers who may see the presenters in due course.

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  • 19. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, vicstange wrote:

    The Obama campaign favourite: "Hit the ground running". Heard that one a few times too many! Viktoria, Geneva

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  • 20. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, Insp_Morse wrote:

    I hate the expression "lessons will be learned" or "lessons will have to be learnt". It is a cowardly way of saying that someone has cocked up really badly. Aaaarrrrggggggg

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  • 21. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, perfectStigand wrote:

    The one that annoys me most is 'basically'. What this says is that the person speaking thinks that you are an idiot.
    A suitable alternative would be 'I will speak slowly in words of one syllable in order that your terminally stupid brain will perhaps be able to absorb a little of the wonderful insights I am about to impart."

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  • 22. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, livylugs wrote:

    I HATE it in the weather forcast when the man says ' the numbers for today' when he means the temperature! It drives me mad!

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  • 23. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, denboyd wrote:

    I get extremely annoyed when members of the BBC staff say nothink. There is no such word .Please set an example to others by using the correct word ie nothing or something.

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  • 24. At 7:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, laughingCarolH wrote:

    "When I was Younger" or "Thanks, you're a star" how annoying!!

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  • 25. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, jackjack2308 wrote:

    I can't stand people beginning sentances with 'Going forward....'. Well of course it's going forward - time generally is.

    Jack, Reading

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  • 26. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, danwok wrote:

    Jog ON! OMG you sad losers

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  • 27. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, worried canary wrote:

    "Back in the day" drives me nuts.
    Carol Norwich

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  • 28. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, Ioiad93 wrote:

    "Most Unique" - Something is either unique or it is not there are not degrees of uniqueness.

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  • 29. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, Nellbore wrote:

    What's Networking all about ?- Whatever happened to "talking to people" ?

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  • 30. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, mhuckstep wrote:

    'to be honest' is REALLY annoying, and slightly unnerving. If people have to announce they're now being honest, doesn't it make you question what they were being before they said that???

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  • 31. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, SeanofCork wrote:

    Hi lads,
    What really annoys me this AMERICAN speak

    e.g. "I was soooo like afraid of writing but is was sooo like easy to do...like easy "

    I also get annoyed with A.Q.I/HRT where everything said is said as a question. Australian Question Intonation or High Right Terminal.....eeeekkss!!

    thanks a million


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  • 32. At 7:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, kevfra wrote:

    Using the word like at the end of every comment, usually dry dull northeners who think they are cool Adrian........

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  • 33. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, jro1708 wrote:

    "To be honest with you" - normally implies what ever follows is a lie.

    Also "I didn't do nothing" meaning the completely opposite of what is actually implied

    Jon, Bedford

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  • 34. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, gidmanr wrote:

    My mother offers two:

    "a lot are" rather than "a lot is".

    Also, footballers, etc., "hitting the floor" rather than "hitting the ground".

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  • 35. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, shergarhorse1 wrote:

    I really hate the new buz phrase of 'going forward' it is so David Brent and when ever you have to go to a meeting this is always used by people who think it makes them look more 'business like'. Sad People!!!!

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  • 36. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, Amazing wrote:

    At this time. It is NOW.

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  • 37. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, peachycapricorn wrote:

    People who add "You know" to every sentence. No I don`t know thats why you are telling me!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 38. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, MrCeep wrote:

    I hate the expression "soz-hard" that kids use today. It's used instead of "sorry", and it just sounds incredibly rude.

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  • 39. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, big T wrote:

    "you know what I mean"

    "Can you lend me some money?"

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  • 40. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, xxxtheoneandonlyxxx wrote:

    no offense. if you have to say this what is the point of saying it at all. if you know you might offend someone then don't.

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  • 41. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, calamitycazz wrote:

    The comment that I find most annoying is " DO YOU GET ME"

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  • 42. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, smartBingo wrote:

    Yeah.....(Basically)...You always know what comes next is un-certainty of any truths...my mother in law uses it all the time...! TREVOR PHARO (Brighton)

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  • 43. At 7:07pm on 27 Nov 2008, nikkistevens wrote:

    no offence is the most annoying phrase as it is invarably followed by an offensive comment!!! nikki south wales

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  • 44. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, DaveD wrote:

    I cannot stand the phrase which is everywhere at the moment "going forward". It seems to be the phrase of the moment.

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  • 45. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, magicfluter wrote:

    What ever happened to "you" and "me". Why is it always "yourself" and "myself"?
    And why are railway stations now train stations?

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  • 46. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, grandshezzy wrote:

    24/7 . random

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  • 47. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, nachojammers wrote:

    Going Forward

    It is superfluous to any sentence, and has invaded all areas, count how many times you hear it on the news. Usually used with "in the future". Going forward in the future, nonsense I tell you.

    I heard my boss use it 7 times in a 5 minute conversation, I had to bite my lip.

    James, Newcastle

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  • 48. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, mhuckstep wrote:

    'to be honest' is REALLY annoying, and slightly unnerving. If people have to announce they're now being honest, doesn't it make you question what they were being before they said that???

    Meg, Maidstone.

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  • 49. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, jovialcountertenor wrote:

    From Barry, Norfolk.

    bear with me.

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  • 50. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, pdfbt40 wrote:

    I don't like expressions, mostly from American speakers, used to replace ONE word. ONE of the worst examples is "At this moment in time" instead of "Now" !


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  • 51. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, blogmoke wrote:

    What's REALLY bad is the use of 'at the minute'. It's NOT 'at the minute', it's 'AT THE MOMENT' Oh how I hate these 'Americanisms' that make their way onto these shores! Like the show - from Mile of Andover, Hampshire.

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  • 52. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, furiousjustme123 wrote:

    when people say "genius" when its not really. Ham and pineapple on a pizza, genius! that sort of thing,

    Also, while I'm here. When people say litarally when its not literally. This happens A LOT on football shows. i.e "Scott Parker literally ran his legs of today" did he? did he really? or "Claude makelele literally sat in front of the defence all day". I doubt he actually sat down on the pitch for 90 mins now did he.

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  • 53. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, SirVicklesMeer wrote:

    People being interviewed who keep saying "You know..."

    If we knew then they wouldn't need to be interviewed.

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  • 54. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, bradders_kesgrave wrote:

    It's got to be "I'll give 110%" How can it be more than 100%? Know what I mean!

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  • 55. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, Beccieholt wrote:


    It is not even a word! It is just an excuse for making noise! Apparently it replaces things like "Oh" and shrugging.

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  • 56. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, memanchris wrote:

    In shops I often wonder where I have to go when I am given change and told "There you go then"!
    Chris from Steyning, West Sussex

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  • 57. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, alphalemonade wrote:

    Micky from Newcastle: "RANDOM!"

    If I have to hear one more person misuse the word random I will scream.

    "OH IT WAS SO RANDOM!" "We had a random night out!" "I'm so RANDOM!"


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  • 58. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, benjonesy wrote:

    Adrian chiles really gets on my nerves, just though it had to be said

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  • 59. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, rachelbar wrote:

    The one that most makes my skin crawl is " lets touch base". Can't stand it. Great show by the way!

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  • 60. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, fedupwithnannynation wrote:

    "Basically, me, myself, personally think...." STOP, STOp, Stop, people...You are not that important to keep talking in circles and clearly have nothing to say..Just don't say anything and listen (now there's a suggestion).

    How about: something/nothing pronounced "SomethinK/nothinK" for added gravatis!!

    Basically, I personally think what a load of rubbish...we "Gotta" do somethinK about it.

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  • 61. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, brijo73 wrote:

    It annoys me intensely when the word basically is over used.
    Also the saying 'I went', when they mean 'I said.

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  • 62. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, thomas1964 wrote:

    People who say 'like' after virtually every word and who always end each sentence with an inflexion to make it sound like a question

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  • 63. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, Purplehaze1949 wrote:

    Blah d blah drives me NUTS

    Hazel in Worle

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  • 64. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, Ray wrote:

    People saying "I thought to myself". Hmmm, who else can you think to?

    And then there are the weather forecasters who refer to "our weather front". It's not ours! We don't own it. Grrgghh!

    And finally, I see this so many times.. "I would of done that". It's would HAVE!

    Cheadle Hulme.

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  • 65. At 7:08pm on 27 Nov 2008, rumneylowe wrote:

    I am ABSOLUTELY fed uo with the use of ABSOLUTELY!!

    Alison (bristol)

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  • 66. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, crawleygat37 wrote:

    The MOST annoying thing now a days is people ending a sentence with an up tone as if a question is being asked
    eg.. ‘I missed my train. So I was late for work.’

    The words 'train' and 'work' are spoken with an up tone.

    Say it as one sentence.

    ‘I missed my train so I was late for work.’

    I blame Australian soaps..!!

    Dave Crawley.

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  • 67. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, garypburnett wrote:

    Phrases that really annoys me are

    Can I get a ..........


    Can I get that to go.

    Both imports from across the pond I believe

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  • 68. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, venessa1955 wrote:

    What about

    Im mad me!!!!!!!!!!!


    the mind boggles

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  • 69. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, Espace10 wrote:

    The most irritating phrase ever has to be when a politician says

    "The fact of the matter is..............."

    You just know that what they are about to say is, at best, an evasion and at worst downright untrue.

    Mark Newman


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  • 70. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, adder24 wrote:

    A mate of mine at work keeps coming up to me after I make her laugh with "Ah what ya like?"
    Shes not the only one either. Grrrr.

    Emma Picknell Peterborough.

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  • 71. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, Zapador wrote:

    Our most annoying word is "fragrance". It is even used as a verb "frangrancing the toilet" would you believe. What is wrong with scent, perfume or even aroma ?



    Our most annoying habit is that of flapping hands about like "tic tac men", when reading or presenting the news.

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  • 72. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, andrewjamewilson wrote:

    Saying 'at this moment in time'. Just say 'now'! A lot easier! Andy from Harpenden.

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  • 73. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, lordnevaeva wrote:

    Amazing.!!! Overused adjective describing almost everything from a beefburger to someone dancing on a television programme. That word should be reserved for The Grand Canyon, Great Wall of China and the summit of Everest.
    Paul Farrow from Neath.

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  • 74. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, Tennisball5 wrote:

    It's not so much a saying that I find really annoying but more a grammatical error. It's when people say " I would OF done something or other - the correct grammar is I would HAVE. Unfortunately this phrase has also started appearing in the written word as well in speach.

    West Sussex

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  • 75. At 7:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, chown83 wrote:

    the phrase 'its like taching you grandmother tosuck eggs' really annoys mean and what dies it really mean?

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  • 76. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, haffeniceday wrote:

    Nick Haffenden-Baldwin Eastbourne
    My worst saying is when members of the BBC say "skelington" instead of the correct word "skeleton" this happens very often.

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  • 77. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, baramewe wrote:

    I simply hate it when people say they are 'gutted'. Even well-spoken people and TV presenters seem to be using the word now and I hat hearing children saying iPam Venner -- Pembrey Carmarthenshire

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  • 78. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, littleTokomaru wrote:

    I get very annoyed with people in the media who:

    - say sick-th instead of sixth

    - say drawring instead of drawing

    Even people on the BBC say this



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  • 79. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, hoshinred wrote:

    My Husband just commented how annoying the phrase "does what it says on the tin" is as the show was starting. I thought I'ld just let you know.

    Donna, in Newark.

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  • 80. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, David wrote:

    It always worries and distracts me when people to start a sentence with the expression 'To be honest...' because I always assumed that honesty was the default situation and not the exception! PS Dom just said it in his report on bringing legal action.

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  • 81. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, PhilipLee wrote:

    One phrase my girlfriend keeps saying annoys her is finishing my sentences with 'to be honest'. Its not that i'm lying. I wouldn't dream of doing that!

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  • 82. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, saintreynard wrote:

    NEMESIS - innumerable "smarty" arty types using it to mean sworn enemy. She was the GODDESS of VENGEANCE, exactly the opposite!!! drives me nuts.

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  • 83. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, nachojammers wrote:

    When someone pluralises something for no apprarent reason.

    The "Manchester Uniteds, Arsenals and Chelseas" of this work.


    James, Newcastle

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  • 84. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, rosemaryhelem wrote:

    Really annoying expression by many weather forcasters "old" as in "grey old day", cloudy old day".
    Mispronunciation of several words: DIStribute instead of disTRIBute. CONtribute instead of conTRIBute.
    Putting emphasis on wrong words: "IN the last half hour", "AT the end of the day"
    The list is endless, and at 5 a.m. when I am having breakfast I am shouting at the television virtually every day!

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  • 85. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, SheptonMo wrote:

    I hate the word"sickth" instead of sixth.

    We don't say 'call a tacky' do we?

    "Jensen Button came in sickth" sounds a bit...well... slippery.

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  • 86. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, casanne59 wrote:

    I really hate it when someone is telling you a tale and they say "yadiyadiya".

    The other one that bugs me is when you complain about something and they say "tell me about it". Well I AM!!!!!

    From Carole, Addlestone.

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  • 87. At 7:10pm on 27 Nov 2008, brijo73 wrote:

    The weather lady on NWT who cannot pronounce the 'g' on the end of words. As in mornin, rainin, etc.

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  • 88. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, maccasdad wrote:

    What really annoys me is the incorrect use of the words less and fewer especially by BBC newsreaders, reporters and show hosts. Thew continually say things like less viewers instead of fewer viewers.

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  • 89. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, tilleylyman wrote:

    See you later it drives me mad

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  • 90. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, Kateage_x wrote:

    When some people say 'No Offence' When they clearly mean offence to you. It also annoys me when people talk in abreviations, like LOL (Laugh out loud) or BRB (Be right back).

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  • 91. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, exmoormaid wrote:

    Has anyone noticed the number of things that are "upped" these days.
    I used too work in a bank and customers would phone and ask to "up" their overdraft instead of "increase" or "extend". The term has even crept into national news bulletins now - you listen out for it and see how often it occurs.

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  • 92. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, warybystander wrote:

    Why insert "of" if you are abbreviating.
    Stan Cornwall

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  • 93. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, FartingPajamas wrote:

    I have a particular dislike for vacuous management phrases. Things such as "Blue sky thinking" and "Lets touch base".

    The one that really gets my goat is the replacement for brainstorming, which is "having a thought shower"!

    Richard, Chesterfield.

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  • 94. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, jocularscorpioPeter wrote:

    TV Soap scripts that really annoy... "We've got to talk....."

    South Woodham Ferrers

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  • 95. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, sirgrumps wrote:

    Hate shop assistants of all ages saying "Hiyorightthere?" (Hi, are you alright there?)

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  • 96. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, ChrisPSmith wrote:


    To Be Fair



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  • 97. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, benlakester wrote:

    i had a teacher that would always go basically in every sentance and would keep saying it to anyine who he spoke and even when went to eat something and another teacher that would always say i know its dry work

    from Ben , maidstone

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  • 98. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, witches-broom wrote:

    Please can BBC newsreaders at the end of the main news stop saying:

    Now let's go to the news "where you are".

    Can't they just say "in your region"?

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  • 99. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, chrishug2 wrote:

    I find the expression 'So I turned round and said'...how can you turn round and say - you would be turning your back on the person!

    Christine Hughes
    Templeton Pembrokeshire

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  • 100. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, nachojammers wrote:

    "to be honest" and "to be fair"

    makes me think you are lieing and unfair

    James, Newcastle

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  • 101. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, David wrote:

    David from Nottingham wrote:
    It always worries and distracts me when people to start a sentence with the expression 'To be honest...' because I always assumed that honesty was the default situation and not the exception! PS Dom just said it in his report on bringing legal action

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  • 102. At 7:11pm on 27 Nov 2008, furiousjustme123 wrote:

    oh and another one, when people say "i half expected that to happen". how can you half expect something? you ether expect it or don't.

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  • 103. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, goldenbodicea wrote:

    Why did we change from the kind and gentle description of the forward stroke / to calling it the aggressive slash so we say something like hk law/ slash business.
    Please can we change back to the English word stroke and not the American usage.

    Thank you. Marvellous programme.

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  • 104. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, therenegadewolf wrote:

    Anyone ending a sentence in the word so, or I have to say.

    Barry from Boston Lincs

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  • 105. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, LaraBlog wrote:

    Sayings I hate are:
    Bored of'. It should be 'bored with' or 'bored by'.
    'Handing himself in to the police'. Surely it should be 'Giving himself up'.
    When one is asked how are you - 'I'm Good' sounds awful. I much prefer 'I'm fine'.

    When it comes to spelling, I want to scream every time I read 'petrol blue'. It should be 'petrel blue'.


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  • 106. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, Sharzee wrote:

    The phrase that both me and my husband can't stand is, 'see you later' when some is actually saying Good bye to you. You know you will not see them again that day. Or even worse you are on the phone to them and they 600 miles away!

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  • 107. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, Carolmoto wrote:

    When I hear you can get something 'for free' it makes me mad! You can get something free or free of charge!!
    Carol, free in Dundee!

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  • 108. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, shiveringkeith123 wrote:

    When someone's preparing for a meeting they say, 'to give you a heads up'!!!

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  • 109. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, poppymartina wrote:

    americanisms in the way we say the date
    ie november 7
    we're not american and it should be "the 7th of November!!!!!!!


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  • 110. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, bren401 wrote:

    From work

    Thats like the cat amongst the flowers isn't it

    It's a blue mondeo

    It's the sticky ball theory

    we'll toss that grenade over the fence

    Lets look at it from a badgers perspective

    There are many more from this chap work, Help ME!!!

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  • 111. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, Rationalist wrote:

    1) If you like - so commonplace, so ugly.

    2) One of the only - an impossibility.

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  • 112. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, harryjmoss wrote:

    "shortly" (meaning later)

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  • 113. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, poshsuemay wrote:

    'In this day and age........' In what day and what age??
    This expression irritates me beyond belief!!

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  • 114. At 7:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, Kielder wrote:

    I hate it when people say "at this moment in time". Surely the words "this moment" tells you all you need to know.

    Have you noticed how some people say "as you say" when in fact you have not said anything of the sort!

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  • 115. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, malonemolly wrote:

    The indefinite article should be a short 'a', not the long 'ay' currently used by Adrian, Christine, and all news forecasters, presenters. etc., Really gets my goat. Afterall we don't say,
    Ay cate sate on ay mate! Rassle fassle as Deputy Dawg used to say.

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  • 116. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, AndyMcPocket wrote:

    At the end of the day the knee jerk reaction is for people to keep moving the goal posts thus preventing a level playing field.
    Andy McPocket

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  • 117. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, leenyP wrote:

    How come the most insignificant stuff has suddenly become "ICONIC"?

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  • 118. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, daffytendry wrote:

    Most annoying is 'In terms of' and, you can't watch any property program on any channel without someone saying 'Yes- it ticks all the boxes!' Uggh!

    Daffine, Dorset

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  • 119. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, GratefulGhoul wrote:

    Is there anything worse than hearing someone say "let's TOUCH BASE"

    Neil Hughes

    West Midlands

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  • 120. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, richardtoo wrote:

    lets start a new one and see how long it takes to catch on EVIDENTLY

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  • 121. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, TheMiniCleaver wrote:

    My Dad drives us all crazy!!
    When he talks about people from the telly he always says,

    "Umm... you know..thingamebob...on err...whatjamacallit... who wears that...err..wassitcalled...you know who I mean."

    We get really frustrated with him!!!

    Jamie Cleaver

    Banbury (oxfordshire)

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  • 122. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, Symberta Fannyhammock's Festive Funbags wrote:

    A boring phrase sure to annoy me is Strictly Come Dancing.

    Will it ever come to an end ?

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  • 123. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, malcsatit wrote:

    Why does everyone in the media use the expression TWO TIMES instead of twice?

    I find this annoying please tell me is this another import from America?

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  • 124. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, blogmoke wrote:

    Sorry - it should be MIKE of Andover on the previous comment.

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  • 125. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, wildsue1 wrote:

    The one which annoys me most - " We need to talk".
    from Sue

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  • 126. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, cyberGillian wrote:

    As always the expression that makes me mad is one in which people 'a' is different TO 'b'.

    If you learnt maths you will know that a difference is the number of times you can take something away FROM something else.

    So the expression is 'a' is different FROM 'b'

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  • 127. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, philcarlton wrote:

    Phil from Leeds,

    my most annoying expression is, if a question is asked in a group meeting and it cannot be answered the reply is ......we will RE-VISIT that at a later meeting.

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  • 128. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, vicsan wrote:

    computer and text speak such as 'LOL' people who end every sentence with "LOL" - nothing is THAT FUNNY ALL OF THE TIME!!!!
    "OMG" is another one - see above - If you feel so strongly about it, SAY IT grrrrr....

    As for 'End of the day', say 'Ultimately' , unless you are some dimwit footballer or pundit then you can say it - it goes with the territory, we expect you to be thick.
    vicky, newcastle upon tyne

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  • 129. At 7:13pm on 27 Nov 2008, Daveb125 wrote:

    How about 'Bent as a hatpin'... Huh???

    Sick as a Parrot Ever seen a sick parrot?

    'Dont get me/Take this wrong They are about to say something you don't like

    'Listen' Ummm, I am listening, otherwise I wouldnt have heard you

    'by close of play' ummm, sorry, I am at work not play!

    'Showed immense bravery' Ummm, no, they were/are ill and carry on living. bravery dont come into it

    Laters .... Aaaargh! That REALLY drives me mad.

    West Mids, (Shropshire) I will do it afters... After WHAT???

    My Kids and Grandkids hate me saying... When I was young... After all, Dads ad Grandads were NEVER young!

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  • 130. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, mog624 wrote:

    What Really annoys me is anyone (Dom) saying hhhhhhhhBOS instead of AITCHBOS and anyone sayinf taking something OFF OF the shelf instead of taking something OFF the shelf.
    From Terry Holden, Congresbury Somerset.

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  • 131. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, pjprowler wrote:

    with regard to regards? you know what I mean, it's sort of so wrong, with regard to regards, it literally drives me up the garden path.
    Rob, France

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  • 132. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, ElburtonNeil wrote:

    When people say "you know" when they are explaining something to you, so nobody knows what anybody is talking about.

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  • 133. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, J-dubya wrote:

    Where do I start!? I've been at my place of work nearly nine years and one of my colleagues causes me so much distress with the plethora of superfluous content that comes out of her mouth! "Actually"/"actual" used several times in the same sentence. "whatever", "doogitwhatsit", "thingamebob", said like I'm supposed to know what it means! Replacing ings with inks, i.e. "anythink", "summink". "I done it", "He done it", "They come over last night". Ending a sentence the same way it was started: "They went into town, they did". "Can I ask a quick question?" well it's not going to be quick is it because you already asked one question. No! I started to create a league table in a spreadsheet to see if that would make the aural torture fun... sadly not.


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  • 134. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, prettycherylanne wrote:

    The phrase that really annoys me is " I hear what you say" Basically, the person is NOT listening and being trite. I want to punch their lights out, figuratively speaking.

    Cheryl Youldon-Hockey, Liverpool

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  • 135. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, nicefaramir wrote:

    WBA fans who say 'well thats football' when they clearly no nothing about football on account of supporting WBA.

    Two sugars and Brenda's phone number.

    Tim from Bath

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  • 136. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, Cobwebsy wrote:

    from Carrie in Worcestershire
    Annoying expressions are nothing new ...... Many years ago, when people first started to pepper their conversation with 'you know,' it irritated my Mother so much that used to shout at the TV, 'No, we don't know!'.

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  • 137. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, davinafrost wrote:

    At this moment in time - why not say 'now' - just a space filler!

    But love the expression - willy waving (usually business men in meetings!!!)

    Davina, Cambridge

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  • 138. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, harryjmoss wrote:

    "Shortly" (As Later )


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  • 139. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, radiantbigmoyesy wrote:

    "Here's Giles Brandreth" is one of the worst expressions commonly used on the One Show. Paul, Dunfermline

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  • 140. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, big T wrote:

    You spend time giving perhaps your best piece of information you have for that day to your nineteen year old son for him to reply: "actually"

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  • 141. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, wildsue1 wrote:

    We need to talk

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  • 142. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, lambofblog wrote:

    "I'm gobsmacked" - and what is it supposed to mean?
    What's wrong with "speechless".

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  • 143. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, LexatYew wrote:

    Why do TV property pundits without exception "rent out" property? Landlords let property, tenants rent it.
    And why are all majorities vast?
    Alex Collinson, Cuxham, Oxfordshire

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  • 144. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, becky0686 wrote:

    "At the end of the day"....(it's night). So annoying!


    "To be fair"


    "A catch 22 situation"


    The list is endless!

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  • 145. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, BobbyChariot999 wrote:

    'Oxymoron' when the user means a contradiction of terms.

    'Prevarication' instead of procrastination.

    'Significant' when it is used in a pseudo-scientific manner and the user fails to support their claim by stating the level of significance they mean.

    'Clearly' when used as an argument.

    'Aggravated' when they mean irritated.

    The list could go on ...

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  • 146. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, revdkelvinwoolmer wrote:

    Phrases that annoy:
    these dont just annoy me they grate on my nerves: - OH MY GOD (even worse when its repeated add nausium)

    Basically, such as:- well basically, i must say that basically at the end of the day, basically its dark.

    You know such as:- you know, well like you know, basically, oh my god, like well, oh my god- you know!

    in point of fact i dont know nor do I care if I even did know.

    Revd Kelvin woolmer

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  • 147. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, Malcolmregistrar wrote:

    "Hello guys" when referring to femails.

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  • 148. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, redcrusader123 wrote:

    Blimey O Riley, That is really annoying. Vernon Kay says it on his Radio 1 show!!

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  • 149. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, phelpsi wrote:

    people saying (a) when the should be saying pardon.

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  • 150. At 7:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, benlakester wrote:

    i work for sainsburys and gets abit annoying having to say are you ok packing and did u need any plastic bags

    Ben, Maidstone

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  • 151. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, GrahamWaller wrote:

    Avoid cliches like the plague - that's what I say
    Graham, Loughborough

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  • 152. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, mikegerry wrote:

    The misuse of the word unique.
    Used all the time, including the BBC.
    It is either unique or not.
    Cannot be fairly unique or any variations of that.

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  • 153. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, janetschatter wrote:

    I hate it when someone says
    'I'll suck it and see' !!!

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  • 154. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, bigmac38 wrote:

    Misuse of grammar. Why do people say 'myself 'instead of me and 'yourself' instead of you?
    Where did they learn grammar?

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  • 155. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, mollydarcey wrote:

    DECIMATED. This means to kill one in ten - NOT everyone. The Romans, to punish a Legion, would have them DECIMATED - executing one in ten to teach them a lesson

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  • 156. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, johnrochdale wrote:

    AT THE END OF THE DAY .. the date changes, it goes dark and that's it nothing else happens !!!!

    this expression started with trade unionists moved onto football managers and then politicians .. last year I heard a vatican official being interviewed on the beeb and guess what he started a sentence with .." AT THE END OF THE DAY " . i couldn't believe it .. now you cant listen to a football phone without every sentence starting with "AT THE END OF THE DAY" .... aaaaarrrrrrrrgh..

    john rochdale

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  • 157. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, littleTokomaru wrote:

    And why do people say "can I get" instead of "may I have or can I have.

    If I was behind a counter and someone said "can I get"? I'd say "yes" and wait to see if they wanted one.



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  • 158. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, stualbionbloke wrote:

    sayings that annoy me. Tony Mobary albion manager- ''i think we played well at times'',

    all TV ads that tell you to hurry while stocks last and all ads that start banging on about boxing day sales two weeks before christmas.

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  • 159. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, ClivverEmmo wrote:

    Basically, the most annoying and overused word, in my opinion, is"absolutely" Why do people, particularly football pundits, say "Absolutely!" when they quite simply mean "Yes!"
    Michael from Northumberland.

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  • 160. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, annaloumakeup wrote:

    "To be honest. " This really gets to me does this mean that they usually tell lies??
    Anna Warwickshire

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  • 161. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, rimarti72 wrote:

    ' Can we just park that issue for a moment?'

    Richie McCrae, Brighton

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  • 162. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, mujoan wrote:


    1 HATCH INSTEAD OF ATCH, we even hear people on the BBC use an H! i.e HATCH D ready
    2 COOL
    3 OH RIGHT
    4 YOU GUYS, even to women and animals

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  • 163. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, therearenoneleft wrote:

    To be honest drives me mad. I used to work for an Estate Agent and the manager used this all the time - the thing is he was the most dishonest person I have ever known.

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  • 164. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, snowPunkie wrote:

    People who keep saying COOL especially older people.

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  • 165. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, Starconwy wrote:

    Dear Christine and Adrian, the worst expression which is constantly repeated is that something "ticks all the boxes". If I hear that expression once more I will lose the will to live.

    Ros, West Yorkshire.

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  • 166. At 7:15pm on 27 Nov 2008, nicemanxie wrote:

    I hear what you are saying...

    I'm taking it on board...

    Leave it with me...

    and on "Weakest link"---
    contestents saying that another contestant got theit QUESTION wrong --- they got their ANSWER wrong!!!

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  • 167. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, missMarilynmonroe wrote:

    'Ask the expect'!
    X is an unknown quantity! and
    'Spurt' is a drip under pressure!!
    Dont you know !!
    there you have it in a nut shell...
    Love Marilyn from Swindon XX

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  • 168. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, agagalam wrote:

    Why has the word "Obviously" become so missused? It seems to be a part of everyday conversation! When someone is asked a question it really irks me when they start the reply with "Obviously". Obviously the answer isn't obvious otherwise the question would not need to be asked! It makes my blood boil!! Mark, Huddersfield.

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  • 169. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, 1godlygirl wrote:

    In theory and Blah Blah Blah really get up my nose! Ann from Leamington

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  • 170. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, Malcolmregistrar wrote:

    "In the fullness of time!"

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  • 171. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, PiscesShirps wrote:

    The term 'kids' - my child is not a baby goat & I am certainly not a nanny goat, nor my husband a billy! Children, teenagers, young people - at least that defined their place in the age group: as with senior citizens or middle aged!

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  • 172. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, padeye wrote:

    always beware of peop0le who start everything wiyh the phrase ( to be honest ) or ( to be perfectly honest ) and then proceed to be economical with the truth and waffle

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  • 173. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, KayleighSOL wrote:

    "And Your Point Is?"
    "D'you no what i mean?"

    Kayleigh Solomon from Whittlesey

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  • 174. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, kazzyschonewille wrote:

    I'm an English woman living in Holland, i hate it when somebody asks me äre you American"AGHHHHHHHHHH!

    Karen Vroomshoop Holland

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  • 175. At 7:16pm on 27 Nov 2008, PiscesShirps wrote:

    The term 'kids' - my child is not a baby goat & I am certainly not a nanny goat, nor my husband a billy! Children, teenagers, young people - at least that defined their place in the age group: as in senior citizens or middle aged.

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  • 176. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, aquaticgeminimike wrote:

    I turn off when I hear a politician say "the truth of the matter is...."

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  • 177. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, Richardfry wrote:

    The commonly used phrases that irritate me totally are "I,m Going to go" and "The reason why". Going to go!!!, The reason why!!!


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  • 178. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, Daveb125 wrote:

    OMG, One that drives me round the bend, winds me up, gets my goat... When you ask senior management the location of something (like car keys) they are always 'on the side' or 'where you left them'

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  • 179. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, thewondershow wrote:

    A commonly used phrase is "The thing is ...."

    What does that mean? What thing is?

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  • 180. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, alisonb66 wrote:

    we find the word HARSH really annoying and really cool
    from emily and alison in selby

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  • 181. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, akaMalteserlover wrote:

    What I hate is


    can't bear it, also


    well people should be I say, does this mean they are always lying unless they say it??

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  • 182. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, furiousbreadbun wrote:

    I hate the phrase "LOL" people use when e-mailing.
    People who end their sentences with "LOL" are frankly liars and are not sitting at their computers "laughing out loud".
    Let's ban this phrase and other acronyms like "ROFL" forever as a simple "tee hee" would be more gratifying.

    Lee, Sunderland

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  • 183. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, funnyChrisKatte wrote:

    Forget sayings its the two presenters that are on every night at 7pm BBC1

    I'm sure they say silly things if only I could understand them.

    Worse saying "welcome to the ONE SHOW"


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  • 184. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, oftengrumpy wrote:

    I hate commentators, experts, pundits, journalists etc. who can't put a sentence together without including
    "you know"
    "I'll tell you what"
    and others who say "went" instead of "Said" and "Turned round" instead of "replied"

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  • 185. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, godfatherk wrote:

    This is really current but also really annoying. Just on the news from Mumbai a released hostage said " we were kind of led from the building".
    Make your mind up either you were or you wern't.

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  • 186. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, blue-eyedbomber wrote:

    at the end of the day niggles me buy anyone saying "and also" infuriates me
    Terry from Ashby De La Zouch

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  • 187. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, 1godlygirl wrote:

    Haitch R instead of Aitch R

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  • 188. At 7:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, s21076 wrote:

    "Oh - You'll be alright"

    It's what people say when they don't actually care.. It's a way of stopping someone from talking.

    It's the worst phrase ever....
    Especially around exam time...

    2 I've got a really hard exam
    1 Oh you'll be alright
    2 Well I'm glad you know because i'm the one studying for it.

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  • 189. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, Malcolmregistrar wrote:

    "At this moment of time"

    Surely the most blatant use of tautology. It means NOW!!!

    Malcolm Leyland Lancashire

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  • 190. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, unbeatableoneshowfan wrote:

    At this moment in time. It should be at the moment and nothing else.
    I love your programme, it is so refreshing!

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  • 191. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, martingt wrote:

    The most irritating is definitely "going forward" but "across the piece" runs it close. I also loathe "at the end of the day" and "preventive" (what's wrong with "preventive"?

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  • 192. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, redjan58 wrote:

    I really hate "I'll tell you for why" - surely the word WHY is all that's needed!
    I also hate "roll it out" when referring to new iniatives being taken up by organisations.

    Jan, Warrington

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  • 193. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, David wrote:

    On the plus side, I found that cliches got me through GCSE & A-level French oral because it added pre-planned padding to discussions and even some familiarity with common language- however ugly it may be.

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  • 194. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, mvoneill wrote:

    addressing the issues......

    in fact over-use of the word 'issues'

    ahead of instead of before

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  • 195. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, mollsmother wrote:

    What annoys, on strictly when 2 have to dance off, and Bruce wishes them both Good Luck, now THAT is stupid

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  • 196. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, superiorMAGGIE wrote:

    No brainer, Whats that mean?
    Innit!!! whats that mean??

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  • 197. At 7:18pm on 27 Nov 2008, bertcapone wrote:

    The inverted commas freaks really annoy me.
    You know, the ones who wiggle two fingers of each hand in the air but, even worse, are those who say "quote, unquote" before all of the quotation!!!
    How stupid!

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  • 198. At 7:19pm on 27 Nov 2008, Gillyches wrote:

    I become incensed when I hear the BBC and politicians continue to use the word "issues".

    Everything seems to be a flipping 'issue' these days!!! Grrr!!!!

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  • 199. At 7:19pm on 27 Nov 2008, Amyalizon wrote:

    At the moment there seems to be a kind of sort of proliferation of kind of sort of annoying sort of, kind of filler words. They're really kind of annyoning!

    The other thing that really irritates me is people saying "I was sat, I was stood" instead of " I was sitting, I was standing" you wouldn't say "I was drove my car" would you!

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  • 200. At 7:19pm on 27 Nov 2008, Matt1982 wrote:

    At the end of the day is the most annoying cliche there is!

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  • 201. At 7:19pm on 27 Nov 2008, leonard-w wrote:

    The missuse of the English language is most annoying, and seems to be championed by the broadcasters of today. Speaking for myself personally; comes to mind. And where the heck is Marlabone? Is it the London area known to us oldies as Marylebone?

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  • 202. At 7:20pm on 27 Nov 2008, woosiobhan wrote:

    when somebody insults someone and then says 'no offence'

    thats annoying.

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  • 203. At 7:20pm on 27 Nov 2008, padeye wrote:

    i noticed when wayne rooney first burst onto the scene he averaged an (erm) every 4 seconds , now its about 10 secs , well done young wayne

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  • 204. At 7:20pm on 27 Nov 2008, Bickbadger wrote:

    Referring to a future event that will happen "in a few minutes/hours time".

    In the context of time, what other sort of minutes or hours are there?

    Almost all BBC presenters do it. It is tautology. Stop it!

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  • 205. At 7:21pm on 27 Nov 2008, Jane wrote:

    I am sick of "its not rocket science" .........no of course its not - it never is

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  • 206. At 7:21pm on 27 Nov 2008, magicmargie wrote:

    "24/7 " - really annoys me. We are not all Americans!!

    "Like" - every other word

    "AbsoLUTELY" - although I am guilty of this one.

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  • 207. At 7:21pm on 27 Nov 2008, SueSwansea wrote:

    I get really irate when I phone a company with a problem, such as being overcharged on my phone bill, and they say "No problem".

    Of course it's a problem!

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  • 208. At 7:21pm on 27 Nov 2008, diannasage wrote:

    When on the telephone the person says

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  • 209. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, charols wrote:

    My pet hates are "it's been a real rollercoaster of a ride" and "I feel like I've been on a journey"

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  • 210. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, ColinWFrance wrote:

    BBC commentators please note, "Up until" is WRONG. "Until" is all that is required, or possibly "up to".

    ALL NEWSREADERS please note, at the end of the news the word is not 'bye-'bye. It's simply "Goodbye". Why can't they say that?

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  • 211. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, saintrobertkay wrote:

    lessons have been learned.

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  • 212. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, mstmale wrote:

    Hi well basically I just wanted to touch base with you all because atually its all six of one and half a dozen of the other!!!! uuuggghh!!

    Touch base has got to be the most annoying and stupid of all

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  • 213. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, magnapeter_f wrote:

    "ME" as the subject of a sentence. Even heard a gov't minister at it on Questiontime last week. Does this reflect how we now expect the world to revolve around us?

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  • 214. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, 1stpeterhall wrote:

    when a politician says,
    "The fact of the matter is...."

    or when he says,
    "What the public really want ......"


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  • 215. At 7:22pm on 27 Nov 2008, poshretired wrote:

    adding "more " to words such as more faster , more quicker etc

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  • 216. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, s21076 wrote:

    or even.....

    "I'm CONCERNED with....."

    It's what's usually said to me just before getting sacked from a job.


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  • 217. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, happyBenRinnes wrote:

    What really annoys me are people who say "you know" at the end of every sentence when they are being interviewed on TV.
    Presenters saying "sawr," "drawr," etc, instead of saw and draw.
    Des O'Connor saying "Okay Dokey" every two minutes on Countdown.

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  • 218. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, kazzyschonewille wrote:

    I don't boil my cabbages twice!!! Who does!!

    Karen from Holland

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  • 219. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, twinElton wrote:

    Tick all boxes
    does what it says on the tin
    At this moment in time
    I know where you are coming from
    Wake up call
    All ducks in a row
    Its my way or the highway
    20/20 foresight
    Wake up and smell the coffee
    Lay out my vision for the future
    Touch base
    Stepping up to the plate
    Run this past you
    It has the wow factor
    Does what it says on the tin
    Think outside the box
    I hear what you say
    Give you a bell when I have a window??



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  • 220. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, redgertie70 wrote:

    It's more a work than a phrase


    It's a 'G' not a 'K'!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr It makes me so mad!! You don't write the word like that so why say it like that???????

    Megan from Hertford

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  • 221. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, 2435kkpw wrote:

    Do I like the One Show? Well, at the end of the day--- What day? This day? That day? What about the afternoon.

    The other one is - "these ones". Aghhh!!!!

    THIS ONE/THESE/THOSE. "These ones" is making a plural out of a singular AgggHHHH!!!

    Uneducated twits!!!

    Don Looe Cornwall

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  • 222. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, Lindsey1948 wrote:

    "You know" and "I just wanted to say" both these I find really annoying.

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  • 223. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, iluvtheoneshow wrote:

    i seriously hate it when you get a text and at the end your friend types pmsl .. what are you pissing your self laughing at .. :S .. god and i also hate lmao .. you cant realy laugh your arse off can you , some of these things are so stupid .

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  • 224. At 7:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, ftoosoo wrote:

    I think innit as a universal question tag is a disgrace

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  • 225. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, hi2london wrote:

    nigel rees says we should be careful how we speak...and opened the interview by saying english is the language of the bible...?

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  • 226. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, David Tee wrote:

    It wasn't until I was living in Japan, working in a company alongside an interpreter, that I realised just how many cliches I was using.

    I remember one meeting where I said "Well, at the end of the day we're going to find an answer to this". It was duly translated and 30 people all looked down at their watches at the same time.

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  • 227. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, addictoneshow wrote:

    Hello, Christine and Adrian,
    our son rings from Australia, saying "just ringing to touch base with you", we hate this saying and I am temted to say, "how many runs have you scored?". But I don't of course. Love the one show, Regards Patricia, from the Isle of Wight.

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  • 228. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, richmags wrote:

    "sort of thing" at the end of a sentance - does this mean that what they are saying isn`t totally correct? - its just using more words for the sake of it!!

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  • 229. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, giffordab wrote:

    Why do people apologise when yhey haven't heard you? "Sorry" instead of "I beg your pardon?" or just "pardon?"

    Tony, London.

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  • 230. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, fatcatsmum wrote:

    the phrase "almost exactly" total contradiction

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  • 231. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, charols wrote:

    I've just thought of another, its sixth being pronounced sicth and also people saying "would of" instead of "would have"

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  • 232. At 7:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, deliasmiff wrote:

    The word congratulations pronounced by some people as CONGRADULATIONS (with a D not T) really annoys me and Carol Vorderman and Phillip Scofield are extremely guilty of putting a D in the word!!!!!!

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  • 233. At 7:25pm on 27 Nov 2008, a_gumby wrote:

    "and i'll tell you why."

    Why do people say something and then go "and i'll tell you why"? Don't tell me you're going to tell me, just get on with it and tell me. It's not even worth waiting for usually anyway.

    Tom, Essex

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  • 234. At 7:25pm on 27 Nov 2008, ReallyBusyMum wrote:

    With all due respect!

    If you are going to be rude to me, be honest about it!

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  • 235. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, Alesup wrote:

    I hate the phrase Train Station shouldn't it be Railway Station?

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  • 236. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, patrick31 wrote:

    my grandaughter always says

    " what was i going to say ?! "

    well how are we supossed to know ?! it drives everyone mad but i think that she cant help it !

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  • 237. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, redjan58 wrote:

    I would just like to add that it really annoys me when people use Latin phrases without first checking them. I would expect that the learned Reverend would know that the phrase is "ad nauseam" and not as he stated.
    Jan, Warrington

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  • 238. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, addictoneshow wrote:

    another one I hate is "bless", I don't mind bless you when you sneeze, but just bless really annoys me. Regards patricia

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  • 239. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, jonny633 wrote:

    Jonny West Swansea When people answer a question with Yeh .........No really winds me up

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  • 240. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, jonxk120 wrote:

    When a lady is looking for some information you have asked about, and she says "bare with me" I'm thinking oh is she just in labour

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  • 241. At 7:26pm on 27 Nov 2008, saintrobertkay wrote:

    lessons have been learned.!

    i hate it..because somebody has usually been hurt in some way before this is said..!

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  • 242. At 7:27pm on 27 Nov 2008, Bickbadger wrote:

    Referring to an event as being due in "a few minutes/hours time" is tautology.

    In the context of time, what other sort of minutes or hours are there?

    Many BBC presenters annoy me with this phrase. Please remove the 'time'. It is unecessary.

    David Thorpe

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  • 243. At 7:28pm on 27 Nov 2008, littleTokomaru wrote:

    Use of the word "was" instead of "were"
    Best illustrated by that master of the english language David Beckham in "them players was tired"

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  • 244. At 7:28pm on 27 Nov 2008, moxoncr wrote:

    Listen to 90% of your guests. At least once within a sentence they will say "ye know". Listen to most peoples conversation and they will repeat "ye know". It seems to be a sub concious expression. I always reply "no I don't bloody well know" It's so infuriating.

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  • 245. At 7:28pm on 27 Nov 2008, minesabaileys wrote:

    I have never loved anyone 'to bits' and can't imagine why I would want to do so!

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  • 246. At 7:29pm on 27 Nov 2008, ginnytonic wrote:

    I cringe in anticipation whenever there is a dreadful event and the clamour for changes to whatever went wrong (such as the law, the rail signals, crash barriers etc,) and the same old lines are trotted out with various minor modifications....e.g ..."so that this never has to happen to anyone again" .... so that no one has to suffer this way again ..." arrgghh !

    Sorry but bad things are still going to happen, just like they have for hundreds of years before we were here. Sad to accept too but we are all going to die in one way shape or another. We may plan and hope to have a peaceful end and a long life, but sometimes life hasn't been given a copy of the script.

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  • 247. At 7:30pm on 27 Nov 2008, fallingChrisda wrote:

    the overuse of beloved. The worst is one I heard today on the BBC radio news was someone saying: "They will have to baste the business"! What does this mean? Is it a 21st century version of oiling the wheels.

    I have worked in a Government sponsored company dealing with teenagers. I was struck dumb when a piece I wrote was rejected as being of too high a standard for teenagers to understand. Example is: "Thankyou for completing this form. Your co-operation is appreciated". Was changed to "Thanks a lot. It's really good of you". How will children learn words and word power if they don't hear it. Nigel Rees is so right when he says that our language is being completely destroyed by a lack of beauty and appreciation of the words and sentence construction.

    Falling Chrisda

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  • 248. At 7:32pm on 27 Nov 2008, baldcyclist wrote:

    Annoying phrases?

    How about, "Welcome to the One Show."

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  • 249. At 7:32pm on 27 Nov 2008, paulbrian34 wrote:

    Remember the cricket TEAM and football TEAM, what really annoys me the word TEAM has been replaced by the word SQUAD.
    Ever heard of any reference to SQUAD WORK as opposed to TEAMWORK ???

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  • 250. At 7:32pm on 27 Nov 2008, ExasperatedWithTheBBC wrote:

    to "... cut a long story short" .... and it's not!!

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  • 251. At 7:33pm on 27 Nov 2008, fallingChrisda wrote:

    People who pronounce the H when it should be silent. People who no longer use "an" before a vowel. OK, I'm sad. I'm just about learning to give in to people who say "a hotel" instead an "an hotel".
    Falling Chrisda.

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  • 252. At 7:33pm on 27 Nov 2008, pinkforgetmenot wrote:

    At last someone has noticed the fact that our language is deteriorating rapidly. I cannot stand statements in the double negative such as "I don't do nuffin". It also annoys me that people can no longer pronounce words properly, such as "I fink this" - what has happened to our culture?

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  • 253. At 7:35pm on 27 Nov 2008, beautifulberni wrote:

    I really hate it when you are on the telephone, having waited for ages and have been passed from one person to the next (my phone bill going up and up) then asked just bear/ bare with me a minute.

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  • 254. At 7:35pm on 27 Nov 2008, mvoneill wrote:

    the over-use of the Aussie expression 'no worries' used especially by young blokes when using mobile phones

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  • 255. At 7:35pm on 27 Nov 2008, Barnezz wrote:

    'Gunner' instead of
    'going to', used by most TV presenters and especially news readers! This REALLY annoys me!!!

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  • 256. At 7:35pm on 27 Nov 2008, LasCanales wrote:

    from Peter in Aledo, Murcia, Spain.
    You do it, but ITN news is worse. The BBC Spotlight team in Plymouth are best. Why do you all have to say 'bye bye' and not 'good bye'
    You wouldnt say 'night night' would you? Time to change, please.
    Thank you, Peter

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  • 257. At 7:37pm on 27 Nov 2008, StradaUccidare wrote:

    I hate the phrase 'Life's like a box of chocolates' with a vengeance. With a passion, even. It is nothing like a box of chocolates!! Let's be reasonable here. Boxes of chocolates come with labels, and life doesn't. Life has many possible paths, and boxes of chocolates don't. It's a highly unrealistic analogy, and it drives me insane. Why can't people think of their own instead of parroting what is possibly the most ridiculous comparison ever created?

    Abbii, Isle of Wight

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  • 258. At 7:38pm on 27 Nov 2008, peteshome wrote:

    The overspent word of the year!
    If it is news then it must be unprecedented, because it has not happened before!
    There are other words that can be used
    why not use “unique”, “new”, “experimental” or “not understood”

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  • 259. At 7:40pm on 27 Nov 2008, hartlepoolmonkey wrote:

    Things that really annoy me are people using the word 'gotten'. I do understand it is 'olde English' but seems to be more American these days. And 24/7 IS American and it should be banned. Anyone using it should be forced to spend twenty four hours with Dom Littlewood.

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  • 260. At 7:41pm on 27 Nov 2008, dazzlingForester wrote:

    The one I dislike the most is "giving 110%" - or indeed anything over 100%. Really irritating.

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  • 261. At 7:41pm on 27 Nov 2008, jb05nod wrote:

    people on tv, especially weather forcasters saying SCOLAND instead of SCOTLAND. also drawring instead of drawing.

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  • 262. At 7:43pm on 27 Nov 2008, marginaleyes wrote:

    Not exactly a cliche, but how many weeks can a TV show be described as 'new'....? we hear it on TV every night the 'new' series of...Dr Who! Heroes! The Sarah Connor Chronicles. No problem with the first couple of shows, but please!!!!

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  • 263. At 7:44pm on 27 Nov 2008, BobbyChariot999 wrote:

    'Pre-planned' and 'pre-prepared' are particularly irritating. I even heard 'pre-pre-prepared' on one occasion!

    The things were either planned or unplanned, prepared or unprepared.

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  • 264. At 7:44pm on 27 Nov 2008, jontyblueboy wrote:

    The worst expression has got to be:

    " It's like I said"

    Usually included at the start of a sentence, however, the subject matter has never been mentioned before. Grrrrrrr.

    Used a lot by footballers and football managers. Good examples include Steven Gerrard, Harry Redknapp and Wayne Rooney.

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  • 265. At 7:46pm on 27 Nov 2008, Ribena68 wrote:

    Cliches, etc, which get up my nose.(Is that one?)
    1. Television presenters who cannot start a sentence without saying "OKAY".....

    2.People who end a conversation with me by saying "Take care". Why? Do they know something I don't?

    3.(All TV Channels) (at the end of a contribution from someone:- "Thank you very much indeed" Or sometimes "Thank you very-(pause)- much - (longer pause) IN-DEED". What 's wrong with a simple "Thank you"?

    4."There's light at the end of the tunnel, but no-one tells you how long the ........tunnel is!

    Ribena 68, (Cardiff.)

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  • 266. At 7:47pm on 27 Nov 2008, Silverfree wrote:

    I normally see this written rather than hear it. Courtesy of our overseas office who can't seem to make up their minds what should be done to an account - or if they can they want us to work it out all over again. 'DO THE NEEDFUL'. Do they know that we have no idea what they mean?

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  • 267. At 7:47pm on 27 Nov 2008, donsgirl wrote:

    I hate it when people add "very" to emphasize something like "very unique " , either something is unique or it isn't !!!

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  • 268. At 7:48pm on 27 Nov 2008, GrumpyAndrewG wrote:

    The use of the word 'Cool' to describe anything gets my goat. For example how can holiday temperatures in the 30's be described as 'Cool' !

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  • 269. At 7:48pm on 27 Nov 2008, earlgreysian wrote:

    I can't stand "At the end of the day", but even worse is when people use degrees of uniqueness such as "quite unique" or "very unique". Unique is an absolute, there are not degrees of it!!!

    Siân, Worcestershire

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  • 270. At 7:50pm on 27 Nov 2008, GrumpyAndrewG wrote:

    And another expression is 'I feel so stressed...'
    Yuck - Get on with it,that gets my goat,pull your finger out, cheer up and freak out !!!

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  • 271. At 7:52pm on 27 Nov 2008, dereknanne wrote:

    'enjoy' when the person serves you your meal in restaurants, cafe's etc
    not 'I hope you enjoy your meal' Just 'ENJOY' and a quick escape.

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  • 272. At 8:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, judyspain wrote:

    There is an advertisement on the other channel for Somerfield that says, "Love the dress" "Yes, he bought it me".
    It should be "He bought it FOR me".
    If I hear it one more time I will throw something at the television!

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  • 273. At 8:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, ArfurCrown wrote:

    Hello,I'm Jonathan Ross...........uughhh!!

    I have a window of opportunity)

    Thinking outside the box ) Does
    Touch Base ) know what
    they mean?
    Going forward )

    Gave/give 110%........not possible

    and I agree with all the other examples that have already been posted.

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  • 274. At 8:12pm on 27 Nov 2008, wrest1 wrote:

    At Last I have managed to get thopugh ai the sign in procedure.
    I watch the show regularly and had to to post the MOST annoying pharse which is 'YOU KNOW'
    The persosn(s) to whom you are DO NOT KNOW that iwhy they asked the question or invited comment.
    During the Paralympics one commentor was suufering fro the 'YOU KNOW' disease
    wrest1 - Ron

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  • 275. At 8:17pm on 27 Nov 2008, SIMONGL wrote:

    "Going South" meaning falling or decreasing - as in "house prices going south, reported XYZ bank"

    On restaurant menus: "mains" rather than "main courses" or "entrees"

    "Train station" rather than "railway station"

    "There's" when it should be "There are" - There's lots of televison presenters who fail to conjugate their verbs properly!!

    "Between you and I" instead of "between you and me"

    Retford, Notts

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  • 276. At 8:19pm on 27 Nov 2008, jaywhat wrote:

    Not so much a cliche, more a pronunciation annoyance with the letter 'H'
    My post code has two 'Hs' in it and when I say 'aitch' the other person ofter corect it to 'haitch'
    Could you tell the world that aitch does not start with an aitch, PLEASE

    John (with an aitch) from Huddersfield (with an aitch)

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  • 277. At 8:23pm on 27 Nov 2008, contrary_marytoo wrote:

    I hate "Absolutely" as a reply to any remark made by another;
    and why are all heart attacks or strokes "massive"?
    And while I'm at it, I HATE media people calling my Borough "GrEnidge" when everyone who lives here calls it GrInnidge" (for Greenwich of course).

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  • 278. At 8:24pm on 27 Nov 2008, davecham wrote:

    'Blah de blah', 'Blah de blah de blay' is even worse and finally, the ending of every sentence with 'Yeah?' ......Yeah?

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  • 279. At 8:28pm on 27 Nov 2008, SIMONGL wrote:

    "Gotten" is not an Americanism - it's English and was in use in the 16th century. It's there in Psalm 98 in the Book of Common Prayer - Myles Coverdale's tranlation of 1535

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  • 280. At 8:34pm on 27 Nov 2008, architectscott wrote:

    My complaint is not about the use of cliches but about pronunciation,e.g. we seem to have lost the vowel sound 'o'.
    How many times do you hear 'I nigh' or 'I told you sigh'. I suppose this is just an indication of the power of television and modern communication technology in general. It can override all convention over time.
    Let's face it, in 100 years time we will all be coffee coloured and speaking Esperanto, so why fight it.

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  • 281. At 8:40pm on 27 Nov 2008, Silverfree wrote:

    Whatever it is, GOTTEN is not an attractive word - neither is GOT - the odd thing is that there is always an alternative -I was told that at the age of 13 by a teacher who refused to mark essays containg the word GOT. He was right and I still try to avoid using it today.
    Back to written phrases - how about FROM PILLAR TO POST - more commonly seen in its amusing variation of FROM PILLOW TO POST! - imagine it - soft/hard/soft/hard - not quite the original meaning!

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  • 282. At 8:44pm on 27 Nov 2008, rogersnestair wrote:

    The expression which annoys me is "I'm going to give it 110% or even 200%." Don't these people, usually "celebs", realise how difficult this must make it for kids to understand percentages, and for their teachers to teach percentages? Or is it that they themselves never understood that you can't have more that 100% of anything?

    Clive, Cwmbran

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  • 283. At 8:47pm on 27 Nov 2008, hartlepoolmonkey wrote:

    In my previous posting (259) I did say the word "gotten" was 'olde English' so I don't need correcting thank you.

    And, while I am on (another bad thing to say) how about "thanks for the head's up!" - more Americanisms creeping into our language.

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  • 284. At 8:54pm on 27 Nov 2008, thechieflad wrote:

    I hate these:

    PIN number - the N in PIN stands for number, so the expression is: Personal Identification Number Number!!

    Pee - for Pence. This drives me potty. Why can't people say fourpence, sixpence etc instead of four pee or six pee. After all, in pre-decimal days we never said (for example) two ess and six dee (two shillings and sixpence - or two and six). And we certainly still do not say (again for example) four ell or six ell, four £4 and £6.

    To be honest / to tell you the truth. - Why wouldn't you?

    24/7 - A horrible Americanism.

    Not strictly a saying, but the use of the rising intonation, where a statement becomes a question. I blame the soap 'Neighbours' for this.

    Cascade - As in 'we must cascade this information to people'. What is wrong with saying 'we must tell people'?

    'K' - instead of thousand. Why? It's only one sylable shorter.

    At this moment in time - What's wrong with saying 'now' ?

    I probably have a lot more, but I think it would become boring.

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  • 285. At 9:05pm on 27 Nov 2008, nultygoestopartick wrote:

    When you are going on holiday and people say ''Now you remember and enjoy your self'' ' Do they think i will forget
    Oh thank god you reminded me I've been saving up all year for this and I might have forgotten have you got a pen and I'll write it on my head just in case, could you text me everyday just in case I forget.

    Another is when you are leaving the company of a friend or family member
    And they say ''you take care now''
    What do they think I was going to before they said it........... To night I'm not taking care, I'm going throw my self down the first flight of stairs that I see, then I'll get up and jam my finger in the boot of the car, drop the keys down a drain and when I get home I will make chips and set the house on fire.

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  • 286. At 9:09pm on 27 Nov 2008, Bert Arter wrote:

    This is not about cliches but I am incensed by those crayon sketches of the accused during the BBC news accounts of court proceedings. They never look anything like those they are meant to represent and usually photos of the same poeple have already been shown so why? They are jsut a waste of money or are you a charity for out of work bad artists?

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  • 287. At 9:14pm on 27 Nov 2008, Merlin_TheYoung wrote:

    It's true, cliches are a strange occurance of our everyday life eg. 'see you later' we say to complete strangers, when the odds are we'll never see that person again...so what does that mean?! It's not literal, yet we say it as a form of good gesture and manners. The person recieving our see you later is attune with this too, they know we're not literally saying 'see you later'...it's this mutual understanding of the cliche that makes me appreciate its place in our language.

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  • 288. At 9:28pm on 27 Nov 2008, mrsloops wrote:

    The phrase I find really annoying is "very much so"

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  • 289. At 9:34pm on 27 Nov 2008, 2erindoors wrote:

    More importantly!!

    This grammatically wrong and is used by many people in the media and other areas and irritates me
    What is wrong with more important.
    I suspect it is used wrongly so often that it has been incorporated into the English language?
    I am not a scholar but I was taught to speak "proper".

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  • 290. At 9:37pm on 27 Nov 2008, meyogime wrote:

    Why do Newscasters or anybody on Television say "See you tomorrow"? The can't see me. I might see them tomorrow if I want to.
    And "Give it up", for however. Give what up

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  • 291. At 9:40pm on 27 Nov 2008, 2erindoors wrote:

    I agree with most of the comments but particularly with " at this moment in time" which just means "now"

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  • 292. At 10:04pm on 27 Nov 2008, mdgslade wrote:

    One of my pet hates is when you receive a sales call and they open with 'How are you today' - then regardless of the answer they respond with GOOD GOOD.....aghhhh!

    I also find extremely annoying when people respond to your well thought through and valid point of view with.. I HEAR WHAT YOU SAY ...when they evidently havent

    South Yorkshire

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  • 293. At 10:27pm on 27 Nov 2008, sandVincentW wrote:

    What I find annoying is the expression
    "Here-on-in" This seems to have come from the States and was used by some presenters on radio and TV from a few years ago. Fortunately not so often these days

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  • 294. At 10:30pm on 27 Nov 2008, ellenaitch wrote:

    "Myself and David" (or whoever). The rules of grammar say "David and I" or "me and David" depending on the sentence. The other one is "Yourself." Everyone seems to be saying this now. It's WRONG!
    Myself and Yourself are reflective pronouns and shouldn't be used instead of I and You.
    It makes me soooooooooo mad!

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  • 295. At 10:55pm on 27 Nov 2008, tigershelbyc wrote:

    Hi my pet hates are,
    unfortuately .... bad news or something which can't be done for me or no help- not allowed, one call I received repeated it several times. Unfortuately we don't process black and white films after the assistant had taken it from me to process, at boots a day earlier.
    no news is good news, (which usually means bad news is on the way or haven't got that job i went to the interview for years ago)
    a no brainer - not having to think about something
    and more recently is uba cool. It seems uba something has crept in somewhere.
    or aksing - please say it properly.
    these are to name a few.

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  • 296. At 11:06pm on 27 Nov 2008, Rosymac wrote:

    It doesn't tick the right boxes ,


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  • 297. At 11:51pm on 27 Nov 2008, giantdoydie wrote:

    I've left this rather late, I did watch the show and I see there have been an awful lot of 'annoyancies' advised....I haven't read them all so mine may have already been mentioned......I just hate the senior person in perhaps an office, who asks for suggestions and replies with....."I hear what you say".... in a voice that implies that
    it will not even be considered !!...grrrr!

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  • 298. At 01:04am on 28 Nov 2008, haffeniceday wrote:

    Nick again.
    What about "20 years of age" we dont say 12 stone of weight or 6 foot of height so why oh why do they say that

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  • 299. At 01:05am on 28 Nov 2008, haffeniceday wrote:

    Nick yet again.
    I hate "reverse back, or reduced down"

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  • 300. At 07:46am on 28 Nov 2008, littlestewmac wrote:

    I get flummoxed when shop assistants,cashiers or other people say 'at all' after each sentence. i.e. is there anything else 'at all' .What does it mean? I once replied 'no thank you''at all' and the person looked at me as though I was the idiot!To me it has no meaning or relevance.

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  • 301. At 07:55am on 28 Nov 2008, Henrianna wrote:

    It annoys me when people say 'see you later' when you know that it is very unlikely that you will see them again that day.

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  • 302. At 08:52am on 28 Nov 2008, Yuchner wrote:

    Often unclear , heard as "shortie"

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  • 303. At 09:42am on 28 Nov 2008, Riverman wrote:

    My stress level is raised by News readers constantly responding to a correspondent's report with "Thank you very much .. indeed". What's wrong with "Thank you"?

    Other contributors to my stress score are ..

    "At the end of the day"
    "Twenty four seven"
    "At this moment in time"
    "I should OF"
    "To be quite honest with you"
    "Minging" and "Minger"
    "Par for the course"
    "Pushing the envelope" (What the hell does that mean?)
    "Thinking outside the box"
    "Blue sky thinking"
    "Community leaders" (Who elected them?)
    "Helping the Police with their enquiries"
    "The VAST majority"
    "With great respect" (before saying something disrespectful)
    "It affects you and I" (Try taking out the words 'you and' - then see how it sounds! Should be "It affects you and me")

    All aspects of "text speak".

    Finally I am irritated by fanatical pedants like me.

    Lionel - North Yorkshire

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  • 304. At 09:44am on 28 Nov 2008, fantasticoldbanker wrote:

    I find the use of the word "scary" annoying. Whatever happened to "frightening". Also the repetition of "very" to cover for the lack of a suitable adjective - as in "it was a very, very, very interesting programme.......".

    John of Uxbridge

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  • 305. At 09:47am on 28 Nov 2008, smilingLynnSim wrote:

    Everything these days is 'iconic'. I wish I had a tenner for every time this word is used by the media - I'd be rich!! The One-Show is just as guilty!!

    Lynn Simmons

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  • 306. At 09:51am on 28 Nov 2008, gigaGoldilocks wrote:

    Why does everyone on TV have to be not merely thanked or even thanked very much but thanked very much I N D E E D

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  • 307. At 10:05am on 28 Nov 2008, cornishtess wrote:

    At the end of the day
    Do you get where I'm coming from?
    If you can understand what I mean
    Overuse of words such as fabulous and fantastic
    Anything over 100%
    When people say "pacific" instead of "specific", and "heighth" instead of "height"
    Have a nice day
    "Your call is important to us"
    Pushing the envelope. What envelope?
    "Absolutely" as a reply to anything I say
    My all-time favourite... "No, you can't have a payrise." Something my boss says with monotonous regularity!

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  • 308. At 10:23am on 28 Nov 2008, altyrobin wrote:

    get really annoyed when people talking about drawing insist on saying drawring.
    Also filling out forms is not possible. We fill IN a form, just like children color in a picture.

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  • 309. At 10:29am on 28 Nov 2008, altyrobin wrote:

    get really annoyed when people talking about drawing insist on saying drawring.
    Also filling out forms is not possible. We fill IN a form, just like children colour in a picture.

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  • 310. At 10:48am on 28 Nov 2008, bugsofdorset wrote:

    Top of my list is the use of 'take' as in 'What is your take on the matter.
    Peter white on the radio said 'Phone me your takes on the subject'

    Others include:
    Think outside of the box
    On my radar
    Has it got legs
    Run it up the flagpole
    Mind set

    and all of the others already mentioned.

    Why not a One Show with all of them banned, with a fine for every one mentioned
    (to charity)

    Brian of Dorset

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  • 311. At 12:16pm on 28 Nov 2008, gingervamp wrote:

    I transcribe interviews, and there are so many English people who are so very irritating these days. I'm transcribing one at the moment who starts nearly every sentence with, "I mean, I think, I kind of like..." How ridiculous!

    Another last week, "And I turned round and said to him... And he turned round and said to me..." over a three hour interview. I could have 'turned round' and smacked him by the end of those two days' typing!

    Americans are far more fluent. I would say that speaks volumes about English education!

    Last night, at the end of the six o'clock news, the weather man said, "It does what it says on the tin." That sounds like the BBC is now helping to advertise Ronseal!

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  • 312. At 1:04pm on 28 Nov 2008, louloudavis wrote:

    Being in the service industry I have two comments that I really really hate.

    "no problem" & "enjoy" - I forbid my team to use these expressions when they are talking to customers.

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  • 313. At 1:51pm on 28 Nov 2008, BatchelorsButton wrote:

    Two irritancies: "...is required by close of play today". I don't come to my work to play! "by close of business" is correct. Secondly to top slice the budget. What on Earth does that mean? To use some of the budget for work it is not meant to finance? Or to retain some as a contingency? Or what?

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  • 314. At 2:02pm on 28 Nov 2008, Christophmerh wrote:

    'Good times' really annoys me. You can never really tell when someone is being sarcastic when they say that.

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  • 315. At 2:36pm on 28 Nov 2008, OokiBoosh wrote:

    What really grinds my gears is when people say ... she/he is great because 'what you see is what you get!' ... infuriating

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  • 316. At 3:03pm on 28 Nov 2008, purplecowbum wrote:

    When I have just told somebody something, they say 'tell me about it', to which I say 'I just have'.
    At this moment in time instead of 'now'.
    Pee instead of pence eg:- 50pee instead of 50pence.

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  • 317. At 3:17pm on 28 Nov 2008, DiddydavidfromD wrote:

    This phrase annoys me-when you have been talking to someone/explaining something,they turn around and come out with these words of wisdom " I HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING".

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  • 318. At 3:30pm on 28 Nov 2008, Tintuck wrote:

    I hate rubbish being thrown from car window.

    The use of 'init'.

    'Your call is important to us' and
    'Bear with me'.

    I hate most all 24/7
    Please return to 7th July
    The worst offenders are the BBC!

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  • 319. At 3:48pm on 28 Nov 2008, Phantomdoll wrote:

    Haitch instead of aitch

    Bored of instead of bored with

    Any poor pronunciation, especially by newsreaders and presenters. Presumably, most of these people employed have some sort of degree in journalism or, at the very least, English - what a terrible example they set to the impressionably young!

    See message no 106 - Sharzee, the phrase is NOT me and my husband - it's my husband and I

    I also agree with nearly all the 318 comments so far!

    Jeanne, Southampton

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  • 320. At 3:53pm on 28 Nov 2008, tigeragnetha wrote:

    See you later is the annoying phrase for me, you feel like saying oh are you popping back or come around (to the house).

    Also, good girl is another one that I don't like.

    Thank you love or sweetheart

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  • 321. At 3:56pm on 28 Nov 2008, Meg1964 wrote:

    'Get this ....... for free'

    'The bottom line is....'

    'Touch base'

    Things being described as 'stunning'

    And the worst one around at the moment must be 'Can I get.....' Aaaaaargh!!!

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  • 322. At 3:57pm on 28 Nov 2008, Gradders wrote:

    People who only have one adjective


    NO IT'S NOT!

    Oh and 'West Brom'... really annoying!


    'Jeremy Clarkson'

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  • 323. At 4:10pm on 28 Nov 2008, electronicEscapee wrote:

    Watcha mate......one man's annoying phrase is another man's flowery language. What do you want everyone to speak middle English or worst of all cockney? Live and let live if you don't like the way people speak don't talk to them....you'll be the looser.

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  • 324. At 4:42pm on 28 Nov 2008, bubblingstelstar wrote:

    The worst response ever which drives me mad is "tell me about it"

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  • 325. At 4:45pm on 28 Nov 2008, DaiGriffiths wrote:

    Hmm - are you sitting comfortably? - then I'll begin:

    "Credit crunch" - Arrggh!

    "I think" - mentioned over 78 times the other morning on the Today programme on Radio 4

    "Moving forward" - from His Tonyness

    "Sheer weight of traffic" - c'mon, who's weighing it?

    "team" - (add your own suffix) - since Xerox coined this term, just about everyone misuses it

    "Spells" - (from the weather reporters) - before Harry Splotter came on the scene, it was always "periods"

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  • 326. At 4:53pm on 28 Nov 2008, OBAH42 wrote:

    When someone replies "I'm glad you asked that" you know they are struggling for an answer and they are just playing for time.


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  • 327. At 4:58pm on 28 Nov 2008, auldtroot wrote:

    Used by brain dead sloganeers everywhere .....
    'Simply The Best'
    Plumbers, Double Glazing, Bathroom Fitters.

    Also........ 'Solutions'.
    also used everywhere, by the unimaginitive.

    Run a mile from any company that uses either.

    Nanny Weather Forcasters.
    " .. so, be sure to wrap-up warm" also ".... so, take great care if you out there driving"

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  • 328. At 5:10pm on 28 Nov 2008, borgesgomes wrote:

    It wasn't to be the ONE but what the "nation" thinks... The nation?! You guys are NOT a nation. You are a collection of nations. Nothing wrong with that, but your presenter , Irish, if Northern, Kirsten O'Brien, should know better...

    Actually my irritating expression was going to be "challenge", "challenges"... When did all the problems, difficulties, obstacles, competitions, opposition, etc, become "CHALLENGES"???


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  • 329. At 5:18pm on 28 Nov 2008, KernowKeith wrote:

    This blog has carried on from the 'Posh' blog. It proves that so many of us are so concerned about how our wonderful language is being degraded.
    I hate 'take a left' instead of 'turn left'.
    'Next up' instead of 'next'. (Michael Parkinson was always guilty of this!)
    'Me personally'.
    'Do you know where I'm coming from?'
    (No! But I know where I'd like to send you!)
    'Huge enormous'. - two words together that mean exactly the same.
    Some of our 'bloggers' have written some bad ones.
    106 mentioned 'me and my husband' instead of 'my husband and I'.
    'Really winds me up' and 'makes me mad' are two examples. They make you angry, not mad - or maybe they have!
    Many of these blogs have been written without capital letters or correct punctuation.
    I know they are not meant to be really serious but if one is writing about bad English one should write correctly. Do you know where I'm coming from?
    Anne Robinson says, 'thousant'.
    I dislike it when someone is quoting and puts their hands up and wiggles two fingers of each hand!
    I must say that most of my hates have been mentioned. 'At this moment in time' is one of my favourite hates.
    Many people cannot distinguish between 'bought' and 'brought'. I can't understand why.
    Unfortunately, this blog has been filled with opinions of people who are concerned about the English language and will not be read by the ones who NEED to read it!
    Ah well! That's the way the cookie crumbles!



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  • 330. At 5:36pm on 28 Nov 2008, Rightho wrote:

    AWESOME tops my hate list, followed by almost all those mentioned above.

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  • 331. At 7:01pm on 28 Nov 2008, mealyworm wrote:

    I can't stand it when newsreaders/reporters, in fact anyone says "haitch" when surely the letter "H" is pronounced "aitch".

    I also can't stand the expression "Fed up OF" or "Bored OF". Shouldn't it be "Fed up WITH" or "Bored WITH"

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  • 332. At 7:04pm on 28 Nov 2008, DavidKingsley wrote:

    Ever since the introduction of email addresses I have been annoyed by presenters using the words"forward slash". If a direction is needed it should be 'backward'.
    If you try to write the "stroke" in normal handwriting and in rhythm it has to be written right to left. i.e. backwards. If it is written forwards it will appear at a much more acute angle and not as the "oblique" which I was taught in shorthand and typing lessons some sixty years ago. I also do not like the inference of the word 'slash' especially when used by the attractive and intelligent ladies like Christineas well as some of your male colleagues. I notice that a few presenters, some on the 'Today' programme do now use the word "stroke". How about a campaign to use other than ;"forward slash", I would accept "stroke"

    Dave, Swindon

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  • 333. At 7:10pm on 28 Nov 2008, juicyjessie23 wrote:

    Double negatives really annoy me.
    eg. Karen Mathews said in court today - "I didn't have nothing to do with it"

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  • 334. At 7:13pm on 28 Nov 2008, juicyjessie23 wrote:

    Double negatives really annoy me.
    eg. Karen Mathews said in court today - "I didn't have nothing to do with it"
    From Pauline Cook - Dewsbury

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  • 335. At 8:12pm on 28 Nov 2008, metalsarahb wrote:

    "i wonder"- its not a question, dont answer it

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  • 336. At 9:10pm on 28 Nov 2008, trabazon wrote:

    This is not an annoying phrase but a very annoying habit - so many people, even in The Times say 'I was sat' 'I was stood' INSTEAD OF I was sitting, I was standing!


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  • 337. At 10:06pm on 28 Nov 2008, Frankstarvin wrote:

    The silly expression "Really really", gets on my nerves, what's wrong with "very" ?
    Saying someone is "On the floor" when the subject is out of doors, it's the ground. Floors are indoors !
    It's not a Train station...It's a Railway station .
    While my all time non favourite is Haich for the letter H. It's aitch, look it up in a dictionary under A ! As my old Granny used to say, " Don't put your haitches where there haren't none"
    Herne Bay

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  • 338. At 08:11am on 29 Nov 2008, KernowKeith wrote:

    I have just heard another annoyance on the radio.
    The only way I can describe it is to give an example. 'It was so not right'.
    Even worse is 'It was like so not right.'
    Even worse is 'Basically it was like so not right.! A real mixture of horrors!
    Where on earth do these expressions come from?
    How about 'I was kyna gonna'?



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  • 339. At 11:15am on 29 Nov 2008, justanniemac wrote:

    I have several sayings that I don't care for.

    1. As you do.

    2. Gutted

    3. 'yeah' after every two or three words. and the same with 'like'.

    4. Bear with me.

    I could go on and on but won't bore you!

    justanniemac. Southport.

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  • 340. At 12:33pm on 29 Nov 2008, voiceofbedford wrote:

    One thing that makes me really want to self-combust is the current propensity to use the phrase "I'm liking" instead "I like". It's as if its usage automatically gains you entry to an exclusive club for the desperately smug. Makes my flesh creep, it really does.

    Also, I really hate 'cool'. Generally, people who say cool a lot seem to think its usage will make them cool, when in actual fact all that it means is they are really lame at self-expression.

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  • 341. At 01:44am on 30 Nov 2008, bexiehop wrote:

    "Whatever!!!" as if someone is being a real rebel :/ cringe

    When people say "no offence" either they obviously want to cause offence or there is no need for it

    Also " to be honest" why do people feel the need to point out they are telling the truth :S

    becky hopkins,

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  • 342. At 11:26am on 30 Nov 2008, stupendousbuilderjon wrote:

    Dear One-Show, and indeed all British broadcasters as a whole: The following cliches are quite appalling, and wind people up beyond description.

    When making a link to another item or correspondent, why are we to "Catch-up" with them? Why oh why can you not just say "Over to.....", or "now let us hear from...." etc.
    This "catching-up" must stop. I am sitting in a chair when I watch a programme. I am NOT moving. I therefore cannot "catch-up" with anything, or anybody, and neither at that moment do I wish to.

    Please stop this ludicrous cliche and just use normal English.

    AND, while we are about it, if you wish to accentuate the immediate, the word is NOW. Nothing more is necessary, as the immediate moment, is NOW. It is either "Now", or it isn't. To insert the additional word "Right" is so totally not necessary! I suspect it is no more than an attempt to be "flash" and pretend to be "trendy" and to introduce an element of "Americanism" into speech. It is either now, or it isnt so any further word is tortologous.

    PLEASE, lets just say "....our correspondent is outside the Whith House NOW" Not "Right now" , just NOW is enough, thank you.

    Oh, and finally, the word schedule does NOT have a "K" in it. Not unless you are an American/Canadian etc etc. Please, no more "K" in schedule, please....

    Thank you

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  • 343. At 5:07pm on 30 Nov 2008, mrdondon wrote:

    I think this is the most irritating and completely meaningless part of many peoples way of talking today - the constant and persistent use of the words 'kind of' or 'kinda' in practically every sentence, usually mixed in with a smattering of 'I guess' to add impact.
    What absolutely amazes me is the number of apparently well-educated individuals that seem to feel the need to speak in this ridiculous fashion (newsreaders, TV presenters, Strictly Come Dancing contestants, Australian soap characters etc.).

    Please, please let's start speaking English again, and not try to speak 1940s American.

    This thing's spreading like a virus!!

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  • 344. At 5:44pm on 30 Nov 2008, lcorp124 wrote:

    Hi One Show and all,
    it becomes very,very annoying when people on the TV keep peppering their comment's with "you know".Have a listen to the box and it won't take long before you come across someone who 'you know' uses the term.It will drive you mad!!!
    Another annoying term is "becuss" instead of "because".It too is regularly heard on TV.
    Ah, that's better becuss - you know - i've got that off my chest!!!!!

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  • 345. At 10:03am on 01 Dec 2008, KernowKeith wrote:

    Well. Good morning 'fellow bloggers'. If no-one else beats me to it this will be blog no. 345.
    It's been fascinating reading people's annoyances, not only in this blog but also in the one about talking 'posh'.
    During my scanning I have come across 1 or 2 expressions I have never heard before.
    315, OokiBoosh (brilliant!) wrote 'grinds my gears'. I quite like that one - until it is over-used of course!
    I agree (I nearly wrote 'totally agree'!) with 316 purplecowbum (fantastic - how on earth did you come to think of THAT one! - Compared with yours mine is positively boring!!) about people saying 'pee' instead of 'pence' - AND 1 pence instead of 1 penny!
    Unfortunately 323 electronicEscapee got his loser and looser mixed up.
    325 DaiGriffiths wrote about 'Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.' The first time I heard that one was on 'Listen with Mother' on the Light Programme at, I think, 1.45 or 2.45pm. in the 50's.
    I loved 340 voiceofbedford's 'self combust' so, you see, not everyone's hate is another one's too!
    'The fact of the matter is' (yuk!) I don't like 'slash' either. I'd much rather hear 'stroke' or 'oblique'.
    And where on earth did 'logistics' come from? It one time it was 'warehousing' or 'storage'.
    My girlfriend picks me up on one expression I am guilty of using which is 'little tiny'. Why not just 'little' or 'tiny'? I don't know. It's just one I have used for years.
    And why do people say 'et' instead of 'ate'? It seems wrong to me.
    As I have said before, unfortunately most of these blogs will have been read and written by people who are already concerned about the English language and not those who need to relearn it. However I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the comments and being part of it all.
    Maybe someone has the time and expertise to start up a website for correcting annoying grammar. I would certainly join in.



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  • 346. At 3:07pm on 01 Dec 2008, cornishtess wrote:

    Hear hear Keith (from not so far away!)

    Also well done stupendousbuilderbob for pointing out my pet hate of inserting a "k" in schedule. As you say, it's American, and we are English.

    Can we also get into the habit of saying "to whom" instead of who to?

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  • 347. At 3:15pm on 01 Dec 2008, bike_chick wrote:

    As a lecturer in further education I come across numerous phrases/expressions that really annoy me! Examples are:

    I would of/they could of ... (instead of have)
    It's early doors but ... ????!!!!
    It's kinda ...
    I writ it ... (instead of wrote) - this one seems to be fairly common in Suffolk!
    Basically ...
    At the upcoming ... (surely they mean forthcoming!)

    Oh - and Giles - it is really painful to see words with apostrophes omitted or placed incorrectly! I just want to get the good old (teacher's) red pen out!!! How much easier it is to say "It's John's pen" rather than "The pen of John" as they say in French!

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  • 348. At 5:25pm on 01 Dec 2008, MuddyMeldrew wrote:

    'At the top of the programme'.

    And one that seems to have arrived with New Labour, the unnecesary and repetitive use of 'clearly'. Just listen next time a politician gives a reply.

    And what about those people who ask you how you are and when you say 'fine' or similar they reply 'goodgood'?

    And lately some weather forecasters have taken to describing rain as spotting, skipping or jostling. Are they auditioning for Play School?

    Can't go on. My head's just burst and I've fallen off my soap box.

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  • 349. At 5:30pm on 01 Dec 2008, MuddyMeldrew wrote:

    Oh, I forgot one more. 'Obviously' seems to be a favourite of football managers and players.

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  • 350. At 7:17pm on 01 Dec 2008, GeneralRhod wrote:

    The way all TV presenters add ziz to Wales, eg Walesziz. ie Walesziz Rugby Team, Walesziz weather for today is.. . It's Wales for God's sake. Wales Rugby Team, or The Welsh Rugby Team. The weather for Wales, or the Welsh weather today will be.. . Get it right, we pay far too much for the TV license as it is. Perhaps some of it could be used to provide presenters with speech lessons.

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  • 351. At 9:41pm on 01 Dec 2008, prettydaggers wrote:

    people who don't speak properly. eg. free instead of three, fanks instead of thanks,I fink,instead of I think. I have heard some so called highly educated people speaking like this. It drives me mad.

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  • 352. At 9:42pm on 01 Dec 2008, OldIronBaz wrote:

    SORRY god I hate this dam word more than any thing

    Why well since my major accident three years back and I am in wheelchair when those who walk into my wheelchair and say sorry I did not see you GOD!!!!!!!!!

    When I am looking for something in supermarket and those who got no time or patience bang into me and you get sorry O GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    Then the best one try and go into a disabled toilet and out comes a abled bodied person who looks at you and says

    YES --------------SORRY

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  • 353. At 10:11pm on 01 Dec 2008, tickedjaycee wrote:

    Everything already mentioned plus:

    Do you see what I did there?

    Team GB (or team anything else)

    The use of "designer" to justify overcharging for mass produced tat. Anything man-made has been designed.

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  • 354. At 10:37pm on 01 Dec 2008, Birtannia wrote:

    'It's not for the money, I just want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else'.

    AND.....people who cannot differentiate between bought & brought.

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  • 355. At 02:35am on 02 Dec 2008, kflockhart wrote:

    I really dislike it when people use the word "gobsmacked".
    Also when TV presenters say "You lot out there"
    I think it just sounds so disrespectful

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  • 356. At 02:40am on 02 Dec 2008, kflockhart wrote:

    Back again........... another that really annoys me is when TV presenters say..........
    The word is property!

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  • 357. At 7:29pm on 02 Dec 2008, mooshie1709 wrote:

    the worst has to be...'It's always in the last place you look' after finding a set of keys or something!

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  • 358. At 7:47pm on 02 Dec 2008, SwanageSunrise wrote:

    'It does what it says on the tin'
    'To be honest'
    'I'd love to be like you' (you wouldn't)
    'At the end of the day'
    ' shouldn't 'ave'
    'What 'r' you like'
    'Ta ta or tarrah'
    'See ya later'

    The horrible thing about this is I've found myself saying some of these!!

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  • 359. At 8:09pm on 02 Dec 2008, MuddyMeldrew wrote:

    Me again.

    Did anyone hear this evening the BBC 6 o’clock news weather forecaster refer to a ‘disruptive snow event’ instead of ‘heavy snow’?

    What next? A ‘horizontal wet event’ maybe instead of ‘wet and windy? ‘A reduced visibility event’ instead of ‘fog’? ‘An ongoing evaporative situation’ for ‘drought’?

    Lastly ‘secertary’. There really is no 'secert' to broadcasting correct English. Narmeen?

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  • 360. At 8:16pm on 02 Dec 2008, MuddyMeldrew wrote:

    I also hate it when inverted commas are changed to question marks after you have hit the post comment box and cannot edit them.

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  • 361. At 9:45pm on 02 Dec 2008, stupendousbuilderjon wrote:

    Please, PLEASE dear journalists, think up some worthwhile links to the next correspondent, without having to "Catch-up" with them..... it just sounds SO phoney!!!.....catch-up,....oh YUK!!



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  • 362. At 11:49am on 03 Dec 2008, cornishtess wrote:

    Local BBC weather forecast last night....
    "Weather stats".
    That would be STATISTICS I suppose? Is it really that much of an effort to say a complete word as opposed to abbreviating everything?
    Personally, I cannot stand the word "telly" either.

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  • 363. At 12:42pm on 03 Dec 2008, Feewee60 wrote:

    I couldn't get online in time to let you know my PET HATE.


    Horror of horrors, even educated experts on R4 Today's programme use these words! Ugh!

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  • 364. At 1:10pm on 03 Dec 2008, mistyloopieloo wrote:

    Don't get me started! It infuriates me when people say "I should of" instead of "I should have". They do not seem to teach grammar at school nowadays or is it that most of the youth of today are completely thick! (In HI
    hindsight, it is probably the latter!)

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  • 365. At 1:11pm on 03 Dec 2008, mistyloopieloo wrote:

    Don't get me started! It infuriates me when people say "I should of" instead of "I should have". They do not seem to teach grammar at school nowadays or is it that most of the youth of today are completely thick! (In
    hindsight, it is probably the latter!)

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  • 366. At 6:44pm on 03 Dec 2008, KernowKeith wrote:

    Message for OldIronBaz.
    Can't you express yourself better than having to blaspheme all the time?

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  • 367. At 08:50am on 05 Dec 2008, philstamford wrote:

    With all due respect... Means I do not give a monkeys.

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  • 368. At 08:53am on 05 Dec 2008, philstamford wrote:

    Phil of Stamford. Wtih all due respect......Meaning I dont give a monkeys

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  • 369. At 10:51pm on 05 Dec 2008, stupendousbuilderjon wrote:

    The next time you have some dreadful polititian on who is trying to convince us that some discredited policy is going to allow us to "Move forward", I swear I shall destroy the TV and withold my licence fee.

    Any journalist who allows "communities", and
    "minorities", and that we must be more:
    "inclusive", and that we should be less:
    "judgemental", and,
    well, any word ending in "-ism" [you know, the "R"-word etc]

    ....then that journalist should be subject to INSTANT dismissal, please, do not just Ross-them for a couple of months;

    .......you know, the SACK!!!

    Have a good day.


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  • 370. At 4:43pm on 07 Dec 2008, RoseisleDave wrote:

    One phrase that does really get to me is when you hear a footballer or sports pundit say something like, 'Well we need to get a result here today.'
    DOH! Of course you are going to get a result: You are either going to win, lose or draw!

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  • 371. At 2:28pm on 08 Dec 2008, blondehighlight wrote:

    I dont know nothing. Which really means you do know something.

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  • 372. At 8:05pm on 08 Dec 2008, Svenmanassas wrote:

    Youth speak:
    an answer to a question. Where were you last Friday?:
    "I was at home and stuff, doin' things like family."

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  • 373. At 7:12pm on 09 Dec 2008, dukehorse wrote:

    I cannot stand the way "th" has become "v" as in "bover" and "whever" also, when did congratulations gain a "d" and become congradulations aaagh

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  • 374. At 12:41pm on 10 Dec 2008, catseyes62 wrote:


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  • 375. At 7:02pm on 11 Dec 2008, moviemanlo wrote:

    i am going to give 110 per cent . thats a mathmatical imposibility . it annoys me so much i want to throw something at my tv

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  • 376. At 7:13pm on 11 Dec 2008, moviemanlo wrote:

    what about the infinitly long pauses presenters add before giving the winners name ie strictly come dancing next time count the elephants , you will be , one elephant , amazed

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  • 377. At 9:37pm on 11 Dec 2008, mightygingergirl wrote:

    "It's amazing!" "It's amazing!" I hear this when people are admiring something; a view, some fantastic architechture or what someone has done to promote the expression "It's amazing!"..... There are plenty of other impressive words to use other than "It's amazing!"

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  • 378. At 7:52pm on 13 Dec 2008, trududoll wrote:

    when people give THEIR opinion about something and end it by saying 'and if anyone says otherwise they're lying', or words to that effect.

    I just think this is arrogant and a bit narrowminded that they believe everyone has the same opinions and/or moral values as they do.

    I also can't stand - or understand - the phrase 'pushing the envelope'. What on earth does this mean anyway?? :}

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  • 379. At 05:45am on 15 Dec 2008, marvellousconcorde wrote:

    ' I hear what you say'.
    Which normally means I'm not interested in what you've just said and is usually followed by a But...

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  • 380. At 07:10am on 15 Dec 2008, johnthebike wrote:

    the level playing field

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  • 381. At 07:17am on 15 Dec 2008, johnthebike wrote:

    the window of opportunity

    Where I live, windows are opportunities for only one kind of person.

    The rest of us use the door.

    And some of us knock first.

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  • 382. At 07:21am on 15 Dec 2008, johnthebike wrote:

    the jury's out

    So many juries out these days....

    So few of us left....


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  • 383. At 07:45am on 15 Dec 2008, johnthebike wrote:

    bear with me

    big white fellow.

    looks kinda friendly.

    got his hand in the honey pot again.

    lovely eyes.

    bit smelly tho'.

    wish he'd move over a bit.

    give a guy room to think.

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  • 384. At 8:28pm on 16 Dec 2008, Repo136 wrote:

    As has already been mentioned, I second the bad usage of the English language when someone writes, 'would of' or 'could of' instead of 'would have' or 'could have'.

    This rapid deterioration of our great language saddens me especally in a time when there are so many other languages being used in this country nowadays.

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  • 385. At 10:33pm on 17 Dec 2008, Deep_Think_3 wrote:

    the phrases that drive me round the bend is.... "Yer wot?" and "ya know like...."

    Love the show

    Blaise Harman

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  • 386. At 10:34pm on 17 Dec 2008, Deep_Think_3 wrote:

    sorry bad grammar... "is" should have been "are"

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  • 387. At 8:07pm on 19 Dec 2008, Firstladytraveller wrote:

    My two hates are "you know" (if I do know why are you telling me?) and "like".
    Both repeated even more than the other words in the conversation!

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  • 388. At 01:14am on 23 Dec 2008, ironearthmum wrote:

    Pet hates:

    "Lessons will be learned" (they never are)


    "At the end of the day"

    "When you get right down to it"

    "Like" - used inappropriately

    "In jeopardy", "In earnest" (where are these places?!! :) )

    "You know what I mean"



    "Texting language abbreviations" (use proper English)

    The peculiar new pronunciations used by Television presenters and newsreaders.

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  • 389. At 01:42am on 23 Dec 2008, ironearthmum wrote:


    "Global Warming"

    "Climate Change"

    "Fiscal responsibilities"

    "New guidelines have been issued"

    Interminable Telephone Answering machines with choices, when you just want to speak to a human being, and then a voice with a strong accent answering which you cannot understand.

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  • 390. At 10:00pm on 23 Dec 2008, Library Lil wrote:

    Absolutely (why can't people just say Yes?)

    Mist and Murk

    A 'raft' of measures/new legislation

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  • 391. At 1:55pm on 12 Jan 2009, eileenhelen wrote:

    I get teased for being pedantic about language so it's reassuring to know I'm not alone. So many of my bugbears have already been listed! - "I was sat/stood"; "Haitch"; "Congradulations" - but no mention that I could see of "Floor" when what is meant is "Ground", as in football commentaries where the players fall "on the floor". I've always understood a floor to be an indoor construction, and the ground is outside. Decking might be debatable, but a football pitch is definitely ground.

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  • 392. At 10:53pm on 12 Jan 2009, janfiftynine wrote:

    The phrase,
    'I have to say....'
    really annoys me.
    I just shout at the TV...
    'No!!! You don't HAVE to say. You can keep it to yourself'

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  • 393. At 10:54pm on 12 Jan 2009, janfiftynine wrote:

    PLEASE can someone teach Anne Robinson to say THOUSAND instead of THOUSANT

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  • 394. At 5:26pm on 13 Jan 2009, lordPeBe wrote:

    People say "in actual fact". Is there a "non actual fact"

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  • 395. At 3:24pm on 04 Oct 2009, digitalBigyin wrote:

    Can't stand the word "Chillax"....it has to be easier to say, "I'm going to relax now"....rather than "I'm going to Chillax now"

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  • 396. At 2:40pm on 05 Oct 2009, Johnfrum wrote:

    I just think thirty years to live
    I'm busy
    People are like that /not perfect/worse off than yourself
    Lighten up
    Just get on with your life
    Just make the most of the rest of your life.
    I put things behind me.
    Firm up
    It's what we all have to face in life I'm afraid.
    The way you're talking you need more medication
    I try not to/don't dwell on things
    Life is what you make of it.
    Pot pourri

    The above are terms and words I cannot stand.

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  • 397. At 4:24pm on 05 Oct 2009, Johnfrum wrote:

    I am not keen on life is too short.

    Brevity of life is irrelevant. If something neeeds to be dealt with it needs to be dealt with, that is why we are alive. It wastes more time dodging things than dealing with them.

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